80+ Most Popular Polish Names for Girls

In the vibrant mosaic of Polish culture, names are more than mere identifiers; they are symbols of tradition, heritage, and identity. As we embark on a journey to explore the most beloved and cherished names bestowed upon Polish girls, we are drawn into a world where each name tells a story and carries a legacy. From timeless classics rooted in folklore to modern appellations resonating with contemporary charm, Polish names for girls encapsulate a rich tapestry of femininity. Join us as we unravel the enchanting allure of the most popular Polish names for girls, where tradition meets modernity in a symphony of syllables.

80+ Most Popular Polish Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Anna Grace
2 Maria Wished-for child, rebellion
3 Katarzyna Pure
4 Joanna God is gracious
5 Magdalena From Magdala
6 Agnieszka Pure, chaste
7 Monika Advisor
8 Dorota Gift of God
9 Marta Lady, mistress
10 Aleksandra Defender of mankind
11 Ewa Life
12 Karolina Free man
13 Beata Blessed, happy
14 Małgorzata Pearl
15 Natalia Birthday, Christmas
16 Kinga Brave, valiant
17 Barbara Foreign woman
18 Justyna Fair, righteous
19 Wiktoria Victor
20 Izabela God is my oath
21 Patrycja Noble, patrician
22 Julia Youthful
23 Zuzanna Lily
24 Kamila Attendant
25 Oliwia Olive tree
26 Emilia Industrious
27 Dominika Belonging to the Lord
28 Sandra Defender of mankind
29 Adrianna From Hadria
30 Paulina Small
31 Aneta Grace
32 Gabriela God is my strength
33 Hanna Gracious
34 Agata Good, kind
35 Klaudia Lame, limping
36 Marlena Sea, bitter
37 Angelika Angelic
38 Urszula Little bear
39 Elżbieta God is satisfaction
40 Renata Reborn
41 Alicja Noble, exalted
42 Bogna God’s gift
43 Dagmara Day’s maiden
44 Danuta God is my judge
45 Ewelina Desired
46 Sylwia Forest
47 Martyna Lady, mistress
48 Weronika True image
49 Kornelia Horn
50 Marcelina Young warrior
51 Jagoda Berry
52 Zofia Wisdom
53 Milena Gracious
54 Anastazja Resurrection
55 Blanka White, fair
56 Celina Heavenly
57 Dobrawa Good peace
58 Elżbieta God is satisfaction
59 Felicja Lucky, fortunate
60 Grażyna Beautiful, charming
61 Halina Heir, heiress
62 Iga Fiery
63 Jolanta Violet flower
64 Kalina Viburnum
65 Lucyna Light
66 Marika Bitter, sea
67 Olga Holy, blessed
68 Rozalia Rose
69 Stanisława Glory to the family
70 Teresa Harvester
71 Violetta Violet
72 Wanda Wanderer
73 Xenia Hospitable
74 Karina Pure
75 Izabella God is my oath
76 Lidia From Lydia
77 Elwira Elf, true
78 Malwina Soft, tender
79 Otylia Rich
80 Sławomira Glory and peace
81 Żaneta God is gracious
82 Ada Noble, serene
83 Bianka White, fair
84 Daria Upholder of the good
85 Eliza God is my oath
86 Iwona Archer’s bow
87 Marcela Young warrior
88 Sabina Sabine

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Polish names for girls, we are reminded of the profound cultural significance embedded within each name. Throughout this journey, we have witnessed a tapestry of tradition, heritage, and identity woven into the fabric of Polish femininity. From timeless classics steeped in history to contemporary favorites reflecting modern trends, Polish names for girls serve as a reflection of the nation’s rich heritage and evolving society.

In bidding farewell to this exploration, let us carry with us a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity encapsulated within Polish names. Each name holds a story, a legacy, and a sense of belonging, echoing through generations and shaping the identity of Polish girls around the world.

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