100+ Most Popular Polish Names for Boys

In the colorful tapestry of Polish culture, names are not just labels but reflections of heritage and tradition. As we delve into the realm of Polish masculinity, we embark on a journey to unveil the most beloved and cherished names bestowed upon Polish boys. Each name carries with it a story, a history, and a sense of identity deeply rooted in the rich soil of Poland. From timeless classics steeped in folklore to modern favorites echoing the spirit of the times, join us in exploring the allure of the most popular Polish names for boys.

100+ Most Popular Polish Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Jakub Supplanter
2 Kacper Treasure
3 Szymon He who hears
4 Mateusz Gift of God
5 Michał Who is like God?
6 Wojciech Warrior’s joy
7 Jan God is gracious
8 Bartosz Son of Talmai
9 Filip Lover of horses
10 Adam Man, earth
11 Paweł Small
12 Adrian From Hadria
13 Piotr Rock, stone
14 Dominik Belonging to the Lord
15 Mikołaj Victory of the people
16 Damian To tame, subdue
17 Łukasz From Lucania
18 Aleksander Defender of mankind
19 Daniel God is my judge
20 Marcel Young warrior
21 Dawid Beloved
22 Patryk Noble, patrician
23 Alan Handsome, cheerful
24 Krzysztof Christ-bearer
25 Maciej Gift of God
26 Oskar Spear of the gods
27 Igor Warrior, archer
28 Tomasz Twin
29 Robert Bright fame
30 Sebastian Revered
31 Grzegorz Watchful, alert
32 Rafał God has healed
33 Artur Bear man
34 Hubert Bright mind
35 Tymoteusz Honoring God
36 Kamil Perfect
37 Bartłomiej Son of the furrow
38 Konrad Bold advisor
39 Miłosz Merciful
40 Jacek Hyacinth
41 Karol Free man
42 Arkadiusz Courageous
43 Marcin Warlike
44 Wiktor Conqueror
45 Janusz God is gracious
46 Ryszard Rich, powerful ruler
47 Juliusz Downy-bearded
48 Dariusz Possessor of good
49 Zbigniew To dispel, to drive away
50 Radosław Happy with glory
51 Wojtek Warrior’s joy
52 Krystian Follower of Christ
53 Tadeusz Praise, confession
54 Cezary Hairy, long-haired
55 Jarosław Fierce, spirited
56 Konstanty Steadfast
57 Lech A Lendian, a Pole
58 Zygmunt Victory, protection
59 Seweryn Severe, strict
60 Ignacy Fiery, ardent
61 Leszek To listen, to hear
62 Józef He will add
63 Maksymilian Greatest
64 Bogdan Given by God
65 Waldemar Rule of the forest
66 Przemysław Care, thought
67 Zygfryd Victory, peace
68 Kazimierz Peaceful, destroyer of peace
69 Ireneusz Peace
70 Ludwik Famous warrior
71 Emil Industrious
72 Eugeniusz Well-born
73 Władysław Rule with glory
74 Wiesław Great glory
75 Lesław To listen, to hear
76 Stanisław To become glorious
77 Jerzy Farmer
78 Olgierd To inherit glory
79 Bronisław Glorious defender
80 Henryk Ruler of the home
81 Edmund Prosperous protector
82 Feliks Lucky, fortunate
83 Norbert Bright north
84 Sławomir Glory and peace
85 Tymon To honor
86 Dobromir Good peace
87 Włodzimierz Great ruler
88 Wincenty Conqueror
89 Zdzisław To take glory
90 Cyprian From Cyprus
91 Bartek Son of the furrow
92 Borys Fighter, warrior
93 Leon Lion
94 Marek Warlike
95 Mieczysław Sword, glory
96 Wiktoria Victory
97 Witold Ruler of the woods
98 Aleksy Defender
99 Anatol Sunrise
100 Antoni Worthy of praise
101 Benedykt Blessed
102 Bogumił Gracious God
103 Bogusław Glory of God
104 Czesław Honour and glory
105 Dobiesław Good glory
106 Felicjan Happy, fortunate
107 Gabriel God is my strength
108 Gustaw Staff of the Goths
109 Irek Peace
110 Iwan God is gracious
111 Kajetan From Gaeta
112 Lucjan Light
113 Marian Of the sea
114 Mirosław Peace and glory
115 Nikodem Victory of the people
116 Sławek Glory and honor
117 Tomisław To honor and praise
118 Wawrzyniec Laurel

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In conclusion,

In concluding our exploration of the most popular Polish names for boys, we find ourselves immersed in the rich tapestry of Polish culture and tradition. Each name we’ve encountered carries with it a sense of history and identity, reflecting the values and aspirations of Polish society. From the timeless elegance of classic names to the contemporary charm of modern appellations, Polish names for boys epitomize a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Through this journey, we’ve glimpsed into the diverse and vibrant landscape of Polish masculinity, where names serve as a testament to individuality and collective heritage. Whether inspired by mythology, history, or familial ties, each name holds a story waiting to be told, a legacy waiting to be embraced.

As we bid farewell to this exploration, let us carry with us a deeper appreciation for the cultural richness encapsulated within Polish names, celebrating the beauty of diversity and the enduring power of tradition in shaping our sense of self and belonging.

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