80+ Most Popular Czech Republic Girl Names

In the heart of Central Europe lies the Czech Republic, a land rich in history, culture, and tradition. One of the most fascinating aspects of this vibrant nation is its plethora of beautiful names, each carrying its own unique charm and significance. From the timeless classics to the trendy modern choices, Czech girl names encompass a wide spectrum of meanings and origins. Join us on a journey as we explore the enchanting world of the most popular Czech Republic girl names, where tradition meets innovation and heritage intertwines with modernity.

80+ Most Popular Czech Republic Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Tereza Harvester
2 Anna Grace
3 Barbora Stranger, foreigner
4 Lucie Light
5 Eliška God is my oath
6 Adéla Noble
7 Karolína Strong, free
8 Kateřina Pure
9 Veronika True image
10 Kristýna Christian
11 Markéta Pearl
12 Michaela Who is like God
13 Petra Rock
14 Šárka Falcon
15 Jana God is gracious
16 Nikola Victory of the people
17 Klára Bright, clear
18 Gabriela God is my strength
19 Zuzana Lily
20 Lenka Torch
21 Alžběta God is my oath
22 Iveta Yew
23 Denisa Devotee of Dionysus
24 Simona He has heard
25 Dominika Belonging to the Lord
26 Natálie Birthday
27 Vendula To praise, to thank
28 Hana Grace
29 Monika Advisor
30 Magdaléna Of Magdala
31 Věra Faith
32 Martina Warlike
33 Soňa Wisdom
34 Žaneta God is gracious
35 Ivana God is gracious
36 Pavla Small
37 Dagmar Day’s glory
38 Kamila Perfect
39 Helena Torch
40 Marie Bitter
41 Renáta Rebirth
42 Ivona Yew
43 Linda Pretty
44 Žofie Wisdom
45 Lada Harmony
46 Božena Divine
47 Vlasta Rule
48 Karin Pure
49 Zdenka To guard, to protect
50 Blanka White, fair
51 Alena Bright, shining
52 Andrea Brave, manly
53 Renata Reborn
54 Táňa Praiseworthy
55 Milena Gracious
56 Marcela Young warrior
57 Radka Care, joy
58 Magdalena From Magdala
59 Štěpánka Crowned
60 Kristina Follower of Christ
61 Daniela God is my judge
62 Viktorie Victor
63 Jitka To fight, to struggle
64 Karla Free woman
65 Marta Lady, mistress
66 Milada Gracious, dear
67 Miloslava Gracious, dear
68 Patricie Noble, patrician
69 Sára Princess
70 Silvie From the forest
71 Stanislava Glory of the camp
72 Ilona Shining light
73 Miluše Gracious
74 Zita Little girl
75 Zora Dawn
76 Romana From Rome
77 Vlastimila Rule, love
78 Zdeňka To guard, to protect
79 Jarmila Soldier, warrior
80 Květa Blossom
81 Libuše Lover of peace
82 Ludmila Beloved
83 Marcelina Young warrior
84 Miroslava Peaceful glory
85 Nela Horn
86 Růžena Rose
87 Šarlota Free woman
88 Valentina Strong, vigorous

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Czech Republic girl names, it becomes evident that these names hold a special place in the cultural tapestry of the nation. From the elegance of “Eva” to the grace of “Anna” and the charm of “Tereza,” each name reflects not only the beauty of the Czech language but also the rich history and heritage of the country. Whether you’re drawn to traditional names rooted in centuries-old customs or modern choices influenced by contemporary trends, the Czech Republic offers a wealth of options for parents seeking a name with meaning and character. As we celebrate the diversity and timelessness of these names, let us embrace the uniqueness of each, honoring the past while welcoming the future with open arms.

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