80+ Most Popular Latvian Names for Boys

In the vibrant tapestry of Latvian culture, names carry a profound significance, reflecting the rich history and traditions of this Baltic nation. As we delve into the exploration of the most popular Latvian names for boys, we embark on a journey through linguistic nuances, cultural influences, and the timeless allure of names that have resonated through generations. From the steadfast classics to the more contemporary choices, each name holds a unique story, a narrative woven into the fabric of Latvian identity. Join us as we unveil the charm and diversity encapsulated in the “Most Popular Latvian Names for Boys,” offering a glimpse into the naming traditions that continue to shape the identity of Latvian families.

80+ Most Popular Latvian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Aleksandrs Defender of the people
2 Jānis God is gracious
3 Roberts Bright fame
4 Mārtiņš Dedicated to Mars
5 Artūrs Noble, bear-like
6 Kristaps Christian
7 Rihards Brave ruler
8 Edgars Wealthy spearman
9 Matīss Gift of God
10 Renārs Rule of the army
11 Emīls Industrious, eager
12 Daniels God is my judge
13 Andris Manly, brave
14 Kaspars Treasure bearer
15 Niklāvs Victory of the people
16 Ernests Serious, determined
17 Ēriks Eternal ruler
18 Alberts Noble, bright
19 Gustavs Staff of the gods
20 Oskars Divine spear
21 Valters Powerful ruler
22 Rūdolfs Famous wolf
23 Kārlis Strong, free man
24 Toms Twin
25 Armands Army man
26 Reinis Counselor, advisor
27 Jēkabs Supplanter
28 Raivo Eager, impulsive
29 Uldis Prosperity, good fortune
30 Atis Fatherly
31 Aigars Bright, clear
32 Krišjānis Follower of Christ
33 Rainers Wise army
34 Dāvis Beloved
35 Ansis God’s gift
36 Didzis Large, great
37 Emīlijs Rival, eager
38 Aivars Archer, warrior
39 Jorģis Farmer
40 Juris Farmer, earthworker
41 Kristians Follower of Christ
42 Valdis Ruler, reign
43 Harijs Army ruler, home ruler
44 Ralfs Wise wolf
45 Aivis Archer, warrior
46 Arvīds Eagle tree
47 Guntis Warrior, battle
48 Jākobs Supplanter
49 Edvards Wealthy guard
50 Rudolfs Famous wolf
51 Rolands Famous throughout the land
52 Zigmārs Famous spear
53 Dainis Wise, prudent
54 Uvis Bird, song
55 Zigurds Victory protection
56 Ziedonis Flower gift
57 Mikelis Who is like God?
58 Ainars Eagle
59 Āris Like a lion
60 Eriks Eternal ruler
61 Verner Defender
62 Valērijs Strong, healthy
63 Krišs Follower of Christ
64 Maris Of the sea
65 Vairis Hero, warrior
66 Uģis Fearless, bold
67 Elmārs Man from the Elm tree
68 Raimonds Wise protector
69 Intars Strong, firm
70 Aldis Battle-seasoned
71 Laimonis Lucky, fortunate
72 Gundars Battle, war
73 Dzintars Amber
74 Ivars Archer
75 Elvijs Elf, supernatural being
76 Edvīns Rich friend
77 Artis Bear
78 Māris Male
79 Miks Who is like God?
80 Zigmunds Victorious protector
81 Artjoms Bear
82 Zane God is gracious
83 Imants Beloved
84 Nauris Cheerful, happy
85 Zigfrīds Victory, peace
86 Edvarts Wealthy guardian
87 Jorens Farmer
88 Vilis Desiring peace

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In conslution,

In the tapestry of Latvian nomenclature, our journey through the “Most Popular Latvian Names for Boys” has unveiled a spectrum of timeless choices, each name carrying a piece of the nation’s cultural heritage. From the enduring echoes of historical figures to the contemporary resonance of modern preferences, these names not only shape individual identities but also contribute to the collective narrative of Latvian society. As we conclude our exploration, we witness the fusion of tradition and innovation, a testament to the enduring significance of names in reflecting the spirit of a nation. In the diversity of Latvian names, we find a celebration of heritage, a connection to the past, and an ever-evolving expression of cultural identity that transcends generations.

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