90+ Most Popular Latvian Names for Girls

In the enchanting realm of Latvian culture, names hold a special significance, echoing the country’s rich heritage and traditions. Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the most beloved names bestowed upon Latvian girls. From the timeless elegance of Anna to the ethereal beauty of Alise, each name carries a story, a legacy, and a sense of pride deeply rooted in Latvia’s cultural tapestry. Let us unravel the charm and allure of the most popular Latvian names for girls, each one a testament to the enduring spirit and grace of the Baltic nation.

90+ Most Popular Latvian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Anna Grace
2 Līva Life
3 Emīlija Rival
4 Elīza God is my oath
5 Katrīna Pure
6 Viktorija Victory
7 Alise Noble
8 Laura Laurel
9 Madara A gift from God
10 Marta Lady
11 Paula Small
12 Rebeka Captivating
13 Zane God’s gracious gift
14 Elza Joyful
15 Evija Life
16 Ieva Life
17 Liene Light
18 Linda Pretty
19 Santa Holy
20 Agnese Pure
21 Dārta Gift
22 Elīna Torch
23 Evelīna Light
24 Guna War
25 Inese Pure
26 Inta Pure
27 Krista Christian
28 Māra Bitter
29 Sanita Health
30 Signe New victory
31 Simona He has heard
32 Una One
33 Veronika True image
34 Vita Life
35 Zuzanna Lily
36 Alīna Noble
37 Anastasija Resurrection
38 Anete Grace
39 Daiga Morning
40 Ilze Noble
41 Maija May (the month)
42 Daina Song
43 Anda Breath
44 Laima Luck
45 Liga League
46 Mara Sea
47 Aija Joy
48 Baiba Gift
49 Dace Good
50 Gunta War
51 Ilona Light
52 Inga Protected
53 Iveta Yew
54 Kristine Christian
55 Līga League
56 Milda Mild
57 Renāte Reborn
58 Sarmīte Loveable
59 Silvija Silver
60 Vineta Vineyard
61 Zinta Sparkling
62 Zofija Wisdom
63 Līvija Life
64 Gita Song
65 Rūta Rue
66 Austra Dawn
67 Aina Joy
68 Aelita Winged
69 Iluta Deer
70 Alda Rich
71 Edīte Wealth
72 Dagne Daybreak
73 Ināra Illuminated
74 Laine Wave
75 Lilita Lily
76 Antra Second
77 Brigita Exalted
78 Dzintra Sunlight
79 Erika Ruler
80 Evita Living
81 Ingrīda Guarded
82 Kalēja Blacksmith
83 Līna Lime tree
84 Velta Wave
85 Ilga Long
86 Rasa Dew
87 Elvīra Elf ruler
88 Arta Bear
89 Ance Grace
90 Liāna Flaxen
91 Ina Pure
92 Dzidra Clear
93 Aldona Noble
94 Ilma Air
95 Ineta Sunbeam

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In conslution,

In the mosaic of Latvian culture, names are not just labels; they are reflections of tradition, heritage, and identity. As we conclude our journey through the most popular Latvian names for girls, we are reminded of the beauty and depth encapsulated within each name. From the graceful elegance of Anna to the serene charm of Laura, these names weave a tapestry of Latvian history and pride. They serve as timeless symbols of love, strength, and resilience, passed down through generations and cherished by all who bear them. As Latvian girls embrace these names, they carry forward a legacy of dignity, honor, and grace, embodying the spirit of their nation with every syllable spoken.

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