100+ Most Popular English Names for Girls

Choosing a name for your little one is a momentous decision, as it sets the tone for a lifetime of identity and individuality. In the vast landscape of names, certain ones stand out as timeless and beloved. Today, let’s delve into the enchanting world of the most popular English names for girls. From classics that have graced generations to contemporary gems that reflect modern trends, the realm of girl names is as diverse as it is beautiful. Join me as we explore the charm, significance, and enduring appeal of the names that have captured hearts and adorned birth certificates across the English-speaking world.

100+ Most Popular English Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Universal
2 Olivia Olive tree
3 Ava Life
4 Isabella Devoted to God
5 Sophia Wisdom
6 Mia Mine
7 Amelia Work
8 Harper Harp player
9 Evelyn Desired, Life
10 Abigail Father’s joy
11 Emily Industrious
12 Ella Light
13 Scarlett Red
14 Grace Graceful
15 Lily Lily flower
16 Chloe Blooming
17 Aria Air, Melody
18 Riley Courageous
19 Zoey Life
20 Penelope Weaver
21 Layla Dark beauty
22 Aurora Dawn
23 Hannah Grace
24 Aaliyah Exalted
25 Addison Son of Adam
26 Aubrey Elf ruler
27 Stella Star
28 Natalie Christmas Day
29 Maya Illusion
30 Savannah Flat grassland
31 Lucy Light
32 Elizabeth God is my oath
33 Paisley Church
34 Brooklyn Water, Stream
35 Claire Clear, Bright
36 Victoria Victory
37 Eleanor Bright, Shining
38 Skylar Sheltered
39 Nora Honor
40 Leah Weary
41 Hazel Hazelnut tree
42 Violet Purple
43 Nova New
44 Luna Moon
45 Ruby Red gemstone
46 Isla Island
47 Lila Lilac
48 Madeline High tower
49 Caroline Free man
50 Alice Noble
51 Autumn Fall season
52 Cora Maiden
53 Piper Pipe player
54 Serenity Peaceful
55 Naomi Pleasant
56 Jade Precious stone
57 Taylor Tailor
58 Lydia Beautiful one
59 Eliana God has answered
60 Quinn Wise
61 Peyton Noble, Estate
62 Sophie Wisdom
63 Genesis Beginning
64 Willow Graceful, Slender
65 Ariana Very holy
66 Eva Life
67 Bella Beautiful
68 Clara Bright, Clear
69 Ariella Lion of God
70 Annabelle Lovable
71 Kennedy Helmeted chief
72 Madelyn High tower
73 Gabriella God is my strength
74 Adeline Noble
75 Mila Gracious
76 Kinsley King’s meadow
77 Josephine God will add
78 Delilah Delicate, Weak
79 Haley Hero
80 Mackenzie Son of Coinneach
81 Raelynn Ewe, Lamb
82 Elise Pledged to God
83 Adalyn Noble
84 Gracie Grace
85 Ivy Ivy plant
86 Juliette Youthful
87 Kelsey Ship’s victory
88 Daniela God is my judge
89 Genevieve Tribe woman
90 Melody Song
91 Alaina Fair one
92 Isabelle God is my oath
93 Alivia Olive tree
94 Fiona White, Fair
95 Vanessa Butterfly
96 Summer Summer
97 Harmony Unity
98 Giselle Pledge
99 Daisy Day’s eye
100 Morgan Sea-born
101 Ariel Lion of God
102 Reese Enthusiastic
103 Alana Fair, Beautiful
104 Olive Olive tree
105 Juliet Youthful
106 Brooke Small stream
107 Hope Optimistic
108 June Young
109 Paige Young servant
110 Faith Trust, Belief
111 Alayna Precious
112 Eliza Pledged to God
113 Jasmine Jasmine flower
114 Mariah Bitter, Beloved
115 Cecilia Blind
116 Lillian Lily
117 Amaya Night rain
118 Rosalie Rose
119 Valerie Strong, Valiant
120 Mallory Unfortunate
121 Sierra Mountain range
122 Marley Meadow near the lake
123 Cheyenne Unintelligible speakers
124 Esme Beloved
125 Haven Safe place
126 Kendra Wisdom
127 Eden Paradise
128 Shelby Willow farm
129 Mckenzie Son of Coinneach
130 Crystal Clear, Bright
131 Alexia Defender of the people
132 Athena Goddess of wisdom
133 Tessa Harvest
134 Elaina Shining light
135 Marissa Of the sea
136 Mira Admirable
137 Zara Princess

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In conclusion,

In the tapestry of names, the journey through the most popular English names for girls unveils a kaleidoscope of traditions, trends, and timeless elegance. From the poetic grace of names like Grace and Lily to the strength exuded by Olivia and Emma, each name carries its own story and resonates with a unique charm. As we conclude our exploration, it’s evident that these names aren’t merely words; they are vessels of heritage, aspirations, and the enduring spirit of femininity. Whether you’re drawn to the classics or embrace the contemporary, the beauty of these names lies in their ability to shape and reflect the essence of the individuals who bear them. As new names emerge and others gracefully stand the test of time, the spectrum of possibilities continues to enrich the ever-evolving landscape of girl names, ensuring that each child receives a name as special and remarkable as she is.

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