100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Boys

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a meaningful decision. Korean names, rich in culture and history, offer a unique blend of beauty and strength. In this article, we explore over 100 of the most popular Korean names for boys, each with its own distinctive charm and deep-rooted meaning, to help you find the ideal name for your little one.

100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Boys

No. Name Korean Equivalent Meaning
1 Min-jun 민준 Clever and talented
2 Seo-jun 서준 Auspicious and talented
3 Ji-ho 지호 Wisdom and greatness
4 Joo-won 주원 Circumference and origin
5 Do-yoon 도윤 Path and consent
6 Ha-joon 하준 Grand and talented
7 Joon-seo 준서 Talented and auspicious
8 Si-woo 시우 Beginning and rain
9 Hyun-woo 현우 Virtuous and house
10 Ye-jun 예준 Artistic and talented
11 Eun-woo 은우 Kindness and house
12 Min-woo 민우 Clever and house
13 Ji-hoon 지훈 Wisdom and rank
14 Tae-yang 태양 Great sun
15 Jae-woo 재우 Talent and house
16 Joon-woo 준우 Talented and house
17 Woo-jin 우진 House and treasure
18 Seung-ho 승호 Success and greatness
19 Dong-hyun 동현 East and virtuous
20 Jung-hoon 정훈 Right and rank
21 Gun-woo 건우 Establish and house
22 Hyeon-jun 현준 Virtuous and talented
23 Young-ho 영호 Eternal and greatness
24 Kyung-ho 경호 Respect and greatness
25 Joon-young 준영 Talented and eternal
26 Min-soo 민수 Clever and water
27 Sang-hoon 상훈 High and rank
28 Jin-woo 진우 Truth and house
29 Min-jae 민재 Clever and talent
30 Dong-woo 동우 East and house
31 Chan-woo 찬우 Bright and house
32 Hwan-woo 환우 Bright and house
33 Joon-ho 준호 Talented and greatness
34 Sung-min 성민 Success and clever
35 Jae-ho 재호 Talent and greatness
36 Tae-ho 태호 Greatness and greatness
37 Dong-jun 동준 East and talented
38 Hyeon-woo 현우 Virtuous and house
39 Ji-yong 지용 Wisdom and dragon
40 Won-jun 원준 Origin and talented
41 Woo-young 우영 House and eternal
42 Jung-woo 정우 Right and house
43 Tae-jun 태준 Greatness and talented
44 Hoon Rank
45 Ji-seok 지석 Wisdom and stone
46 Sung-hoon 성훈 Success and rank
47 Min-hyuk 민혁 Clever and radiant
48 Ji-woo 지우 Wisdom and house
49 Seok-jin 석진 Stone and treasure
50 Hyun-sik 현식 Virtuous and pattern
51 Young-min 영민 Eternal and clever
52 Jae-sung 재성 Talent and success
53 Dong-ho 동호 East and greatness
54 Seong-jin 성진 Success and treasure
55 Kyung-min 경민 Respect and clever
56 Jun-seok 준석 Talented and stone
57 Min-kyu 민규 Clever and standard
58 Ho-jin 호진 Greatness and treasure
59 Ji-sung 지성 Wisdom and success
60 Woo-seok 우석 House and stone
61 Joon-hyuk 준혁 Talented and radiant
62 Hyun-jin 현진 Virtuous and treasure
63 Do-hyun 도현 Path and virtuous
64 Sung-jin 성진 Success and treasure
65 Tae-min 태민 Greatness and clever
66 In-woo 인우 Benevolence and house
67 Chan-ho 찬호 Bright and greatness
68 Seung-woo 승우 Success and house
69 Jae-hyun 재현 Talent and virtuous
70 Jin-ho 진호 Truth and greatness
71 Hyun-joon 현준 Virtuous and talented
72 Woo-sung 우성 House and success
73 Min-sung 민성 Clever and success
74 Tae-seok 태석 Greatness and stone
75 Ji-hwan 지환 Wisdom and bright
76 Sung-hyun 성현 Success and virtuous
77 Seong-hoon 성훈 Success and rank
78 Jae-hoon 재훈 Talent and rank
79 Woo-jung 우정 House and right
80 Hyun-seok 현석 Virtuous and stone
81 Jun-hyung 준형 Talented and pattern
82 Do-joon 도준 Path and talented
83 Dong-min 동민 East and clever
84 Hwan-seok 환석 Bright and stone
85 Ji-hyeok 지혁 Wisdom and radiant
86 Joon-hwan 준환 Talented and bright
87 Kyung-soo 경수 Respect and water
88 Young-hoon 영훈 Eternal and rank
89 Woo-taek 우택 House and virtuous
90 Sung-woo 성우 Success and house
91 Tae-jin 태진 Greatness and treasure
92 Joon-tae 준태 Talented and greatness
93 In-hwan 인환 Benevolence and bright
94 Woo-min 우민 House and clever
95 Kyung-joon 경준 Respect and talented
96 Joon-gi 준기 Talented and standard
97 Min-jong 민종 Clever and species
98 Ji-min 지민 Wisdom and clever
99 Seung-joon 승준 Success and talented
100 Hyeon-tae 현태 Virtuous and greatness
101 Tae-kyung 태경 Greatness and respect
102 Dong-yoon 동윤 East and consent
103 Ji-young 지영 Wisdom and eternal
104 Woo-bin 우빈 House and bright
105 Hyun-sung 현성 Virtuous and success
106 Seong-min 성민 Success and clever
107 Joon-won 준원 Talented and origin
108 Min-jin 민진 Clever and treasure
109 Ji-man 지만 Wisdom and full
110 Kyung-hoon 경훈 Respect and rank
111 Joon-gyu 준규 Talented and standard
112 Do-woo 도우 Path and house
113 Hyun-kyu 현규 Virtuous and standard
114 Seong-woo 성우 Success and house
115 Jin-hwan 진환 Truth and bright
116 Ji-gon 지곤 Wisdom and strong
117 Woo-seung 우승 House and success
118 Sung-kyu 성규 Success and standard
119 Tae-gyu 태규 Greatness and standard
120 Dong-gyu 동규 East and standard
121 Hyun-jong 현종 Virtuous and species
122 Joon-ki 준기 Talented and standard
123 Min-chul 민철 Clever and iron
124 Ji-yoon 지윤 Wisdom and consent
125 Woo-hyun 우현 House and virtuous
126 Tae-young 태영 Greatness and eternal
127 Sung-tae 성태 Success and greatness
128 Hyeon-joon 현준 Virtuous and talented
129 Ji-hyun 지현 Wisdom and virtuous
130 Kyung-tae 경태 Respect and greatness
131 Min-hwan 민환 Clever and bright
132 Woo-chul 우철 House and iron
133 Ji-hyuk 지혁 Wisdom and radiant
134 Seong-hyun 성현 Success and virtuous
135 Hyun-jung 현정 Virtuous and right
136 Woo-sik 우식 House and pattern
137 Min-sik 민식 Clever and pattern
138 Kyung-woo 경우 Respect and house
139 Woo-gon 우곤 House and strong
140 Hyun-do 현도 Virtuous and path
141 Ji-sik 지식 Wisdom and knowledge
142 Min-gi 민기 Clever and standard
143 Joon-hwa 준화 Talented and harmonious

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Selecting a name for your baby boy is a significant and personal decision. Korean names provide a wealth of options, each imbued with cultural heritage and profound meanings. We hope this list of over 100 popular Korean names for boys has inspired you and provided valuable insights. Whether you choose a traditional name or a modern one, the perfect name for your child is out there, waiting to be discovered.

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