100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Girls

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is an important decision. Korean names are rich in culture and history, offering beautiful and meaningful options. In this article, we explore over 100 of the most popular Korean names for girls, each with its own unique charm and significance, to help you find the ideal name for your little one.

100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Girls

No. Name Korean Equivalent Meaning
1 Seo-yeon 서연 Auspicious and graceful
2 Ji-woo 지우 Wisdom and house
3 Ha-yoon 하윤 Summer and lotus
4 Ha-eun 하은 Summer and grace
5 Ji-yoo 지유 Wisdom and will
6 Seo-ah 서아 Auspicious and beautiful
7 Soo-ah 수아 Excellence and beautiful
8 Ji-ah 지아 Wisdom and beauty
9 Eun-woo 은우 Silver and house
10 Ye-seo 예서 Art and auspicious
11 Da-eun 다은 Abundance and grace
12 Si-woo 시우 Poem and house
13 Ye-jin 예진 Art and truth
14 Ah-rin 아린 Elegant and pure
15 Ye-eun 예은 Art and grace
16 Soo-jin 수진 Excellence and truth
17 Seo-hee 서희 Auspicious and pleasure
18 Na-eun 나은 Beautiful and grace
19 Hyeon-seo 현서 Wise and auspicious
20 Ye-ji 예지 Art and wisdom
21 Min-seo 민서 Clever and auspicious
22 Eun-seo 은서 Silver and auspicious
23 Ji-yeon 지연 Wisdom and connection
24 Chae-won 채원 Collect and origin
25 Ha-rin 하린 Summer and pure
26 Joo-eun 주은 Jewel and grace
27 Ji-min 지민 Wisdom and clever
28 Ye-rin 예린 Art and pure
29 Yoo-jin 유진 Will and truth
30 Su-bin 수빈 Excellence and refined
31 Seul-gi 슬기 Wisdom
32 Eun-ji 은지 Silver and wisdom
33 Soo-yeon 수연 Excellence and connection
34 Hye-won 혜원 Wisdom and origin
35 Joo-hee 주희 Jewel and pleasure
36 Seo-jin 서진 Auspicious and truth
37 Min-ji 민지 Clever and wisdom
38 Soo-min 수민 Excellence and clever
39 Ji-soo 지수 Wisdom and excellence
40 Bo-ram 보람 Treasure and beautiful
41 Na-young 나영 Beautiful and eternal
42 Ha-young 하영 Summer and eternal
43 Seon-woo 선우 Good and house
44 Hyeon-joo 현주 Wise and jewel
45 Jae-hee 재희 Talent and pleasure
46 Yu-mi 유미 Will and beauty
47 Ji-won 지원 Wisdom and origin
48 Eun-young 은영 Silver and eternal
49 Soo-kyung 수경 Excellence and respect
50 Na-ri 나리 Lily
51 Mi-na 미나 Beauty and elegant
52 Hae-won 해원 Ocean and origin
53 Ae-ri 애리 Love and gain
54 Ga-eun 가은 Beautiful and grace
55 In-na 인나 Graceful and beautiful
56 Ji-na 지나 Wisdom and beautiful
57 So-hee 소희 Bright and pleasure
58 Bo-young 보영 Treasure and eternal
59 Hyun-jin 현진 Wise and truth
60 Hyo-rin 효린 Filial and pure
61 Yu-ri 유리 Will and reason
62 Jae-eun 재은 Talent and grace
63 Na-ra 나라 Country
64 Eun-kyung 은경 Silver and respect
65 Min-young 민영 Clever and eternal
66 Seon-jin 선진 Good and truth
67 Ji-hye 지혜 Wisdom and grace
68 Ah-young 아영 Elegant and eternal
69 Seon-hee 선희 Good and pleasure
70 Soo-ji 수지 Excellence and wisdom
71 Ha-neul 하늘 Sky
72 Chae-rin 채린 Collect and pure
73 Ji-yun 지윤 Wisdom and consent
74 Sun-hee 선희 Good and pleasure
75 Min-jeong 민정 Clever and right
76 Hyo-jin 효진 Filial and truth
77 Bo-kyung 보경 Treasure and respect
78 Sa-rang 사랑 Love
79 Mi-jin 미진 Beauty and truth
80 Soo-rin 수린 Excellence and pure
81 Yeon-woo 연우 Connection and house
82 Hee-jin 희진 Pleasure and truth
83 Yoon-seo 윤서 Soft and auspicious
84 Eun-ha 은하 Silver and river
85 Yeon-jin 연진 Connection and truth
86 Mi-ra 미라 Beauty and treasure
87 Joo-won 주원 Jewel and origin
88 Da-hye 다혜 Abundance and grace
89 Ha-na 하나 One
90 Hyun-ji 현지 Wise and ground
91 Soo-jung 수정 Excellence and crystal
92 Yu-jeong 유정 Will and right
93 Bo-ah 보아 Treasure and beautiful
94 Min-ah 민아 Clever and beautiful
95 Kyung-hee 경희 Respect and pleasure
96 Ji-eun 지은 Wisdom and grace
97 Hye-soo 혜수 Wisdom and excellence
98 So-young 소영 Bright and eternal
99 Mi-yeon 미연 Beauty and connection
100 Eun-bin 은빈 Silver and refined
101 Ah-jin 아진 Elegant and truth
102 Hee-young 희영 Pleasure and eternal
103 Yun-ah 윤아 Soft and beautiful
104 Chae-young 채영 Collect and eternal
105 Seung-ah 승아 Victory

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Finding the right name for your baby girl is a meaningful journey. Korean names offer a blend of cultural richness and beauty, each with its own unique significance. We hope this list of over 100 popular Korean names for girls has provided inspiration and guidance, helping you choose the perfect name for your little one.

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