100+ Most Popular Canadian Boy Names

Canada, a land of diversity and rich cultural heritage, offers a treasure trove of names for baby boys that reflect its vibrant mosaic of identities. From coast to coast, Canadian parents draw inspiration from their heritage, nature, and contemporary trends to bestow names upon their sons that are both timeless and modern. In this compilation, we present over 100 of the most beloved and popular Canadian boy names, each carrying its own unique charm and significance. Whether you seek a name steeped in tradition or one that resonates with the spirit of the Great White North, you’re sure to find inspiration among these quintessentially Canadian monikers.

100+ Most Popular Canadian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Liam Strong-willed warrior
2 Ethan Strong, firm, enduring
3 Noah Rest, peace
4 Benjamin Son of the right hand
5 Lucas Light, shining
6 Oliver Olive tree, symbol of peace
7 William Strong-willed warrior, protector
8 Jacob Supplanter, to follow, to replace
9 Alexander Defender of the people, protector
10 Jack God is gracious
11 Owen Well-born, young warrior
12 James Supplanter, one who follows
13 Mason Worker in stone, brick, or clay
14 Carter Cart driver, transporter of goods
15 Logan Little hollow, small meadow
16 Henry Ruler of the household
17 Jackson Son of Jack
18 Samuel Name of God, heard by God
19 Daniel God is my judge
20 Gabriel God is my strength, God’s able-bodied one
21 Matthew Gift of God
22 Nathan Given, gift of God
23 Ryan Little king, descendant of the king
24 Isaac He will laugh, laughter
25 Dylan Son of the sea
26 Andrew Manly, brave
27 Max Greatest, the best
28 David Beloved, friend
29 Thomas Twin
30 Aiden Fiery one, little fire
31 Caleb Dog, faithful
32 Elijah Yahweh is God, Jehovah is God
33 Luke Light-giving, illuminated
34 Nicholas Victory of the people
35 Connor Lover of hounds, wolf lover
36 Adam Man, earth, to be red
37 Joseph He will add, God will increase
38 Sebastian From Sebastia, revered
39 Wyatt Brave in war
40 Leo Lion, brave, bold
41 Michael Who is like God?
42 Anthony Priceless, flourishing
43 Hunter One who hunts, huntsman
44 Tyler Maker of tiles, roof tiler
45 Zachary Remembered by God, God has remembered
46 Xavier New house, bright, splendid
47 Jayden God has heard
48 Evan Young warrior, God is gracious
49 Joshua God is salvation
50 Cameron Crooked nose, bent nose
51 Brandon Beacon hill, hill covered with broom
52 Tristan Tumult, outcry
53 Cole Charcoal, coal-black
54 Riley Courageous, valiant
55 Patrick Nobleman, patrician
56 Dominic Belonging to the Lord
57 Adrian From Hadria, dark one
58 Finn Fair, white, bright
59 Cooper Barrel maker
60 Carson Son of the marsh-dwellers
61 Julian Youthful, downy-bearded
62 Devin Poet, divine
63 Kai Sea, ocean
64 Brody Ditch, muddy place
65 Brayden Broad hill
66 Landon Long hill, ridge
67 Sawyer One who saws wood
68 Levi Joined, attached
69 Jasper Treasurer, bringer of treasure
70 Grayson Son of the steward, son of the grey-haired man
71 Nolan Descendant of a chariot fighter
72 Maxwell Great stream
73 Beckett Beehive, little brook
74 Roman Citizen of Rome
75 Declan Man of prayer, full of goodness
76 Parker Park keeper
77 Elliott Jehovah is God
78 Felix Happy, fortunate
79 Theodore Gift of God
80 Hudson Son of Hud, son of the hooded man
81 Lincoln Town by the pool
82 Chase Hunter, pursuer
83 Kingston King’s settlement
84 August Revered, exalted
85 Bennett Blessed
86 Phoenix Mythical bird that rises from the ashes
87 Malcolm Disciple of Saint Columba, devotee of St. Colomba
88 Griffin Hooked nose, chief, lord
89 Wesley From the west meadow
90 Preston Priest’s estate
91 Archer Bowman, one who shoots arrows
92 Simon He who hears
93 Jude Praised
94 Victor Conqueror
95 Oscar Divine spear
96 Micah Who is like the Lord?
97 Dallas Meadow dwelling
98 Calvin Bald
99 Jaxon Son of Jack
100 Kieran Dark-haired, little dark one
101 River Stream of water
102 Morgan Sea-born, bright or white sea dweller
103 Trevor From the big village
104 Marcus Warlike, dedicated to Mars
105 Gage Pledge, money lender’s or money changer’s pledge
106 Axel Father of peace
107 Kyle Strait, narrow channel
108 Remington From the raven farmstead
109 Sterling High quality, excellent
110 Zane God is gracious
111 Diego Supplanter
112 Dustin Thor’s stone, brave warrior
113 Emerson Son of Emery
114 Vaughn Little
115 Spencer Keeper of provisions
116 Maximus Greatest
117 Easton East-facing place
118 Keegan Descendant of Aodhagan, son of Aodh
119 Grant Great, large
120 Austin Majestic, venerable
121 Clark Clerk, scribe
122 Reed Red-haired
123 Bruce From the brushwood thicket
124 Tyson Son of a German
125 Jett Jet-black
126 Rafael God has healed
127 Orlando Famous throughout the land
128 Lawson Son of Lawrence
129 Hayes From the hedged area
130 Byron From the cottage
131 Desmond From South Munster
132 Orion Rising in the sky
133 Graham From the gray home
134 Dalton From the valley town
135 Abram High father

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In conclusion,

These 100+ popular Canadian boy names serve as a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of Canada. From classic names that have stood the test of time to modern appellations influenced by global trends, Canadian parents have an abundance of options when it comes to naming their sons. Whether you’re drawn to names inspired by nature, rooted in indigenous traditions, or reflective of Canada’s multicultural society, there’s a name on this list for every preference and taste. As parents embark on the journey of choosing the perfect name for their little ones, may they find inspiration and joy in the diverse array of names that Canada has to offer, celebrating the unique heritage and spirit of this vast and welcoming nation.

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