100+ Most Popular American Names for Girls

In the colorful spectrum of American culture, the naming of baby girls reflects a rich tapestry of tradition, innovation, and cultural significance. From timeless classics that evoke images of elegance and grace to modern innovations that embody strength and resilience, the landscape of American girl names is as diverse as the nation itself. Join us as we embark on a journey through the most popular American names for girls, exploring their origins, meanings, and enduring appeal in shaping the identities of generations to come.

100+ Most Popular American Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Whole or universal
2 Olivia Olive tree
3 Ava Bird
4 Sophia Wisdom
5 Isabella Devoted to God
6 Mia Mine or bitter
7 Charlotte Free man
8 Amelia Work
9 Harper Harp player
10 Evelyn Desired or wished for child
11 Abigail Father’s joy
12 Emily Industrious, striving
13 Elizabeth God is my oath
14 Avery Ruler of the elves
15 Sofia Wisdom
16 Ella Light
17 Madison Son of a mighty warrior
18 Scarlett Red
19 Grace God’s favor
20 Chloe Young green shoot
21 Victoria Victory
22 Riley Courageous
23 Lily Lily flower
24 Aria Air, melody
25 Layla Night
26 Zoey Life
27 Nora Honor
28 Penelope Weaver
29 Lillian Lily
30 Addison Son of Adam
31 Aubrey Elf ruler
32 Natalie Christmas Day
33 Hannah Grace
34 Brooklyn Water stream
35 Samantha Listener
36 Zoë Life
37 Leah Weary
38 Audrey Noble strength
39 Stella Star
40 Ellie Bright shining one
41 Paisley Church
42 Skylar Sheltering
43 Violet Purple
44 Claire Clear, bright
45 Aurora Dawn
46 Lucy Light
47 Anna Gracious
48 Savannah Treeless plain
49 Naomi Pleasantness
50 Caroline Free man
51 Maya Water
52 Ivy Faithfulness
53 Madeline Woman from Magdala
54 Sarah Princess
55 Julia Youthful
56 Eleanor Light
57 Gabriella God is my strength
58 Ruby Red gemstone
59 Isla Island
60 Katherine Pure
61 Alice Noble
62 Autumn Season of harvest
63 Clara Bright, clear
64 Sadie Princess
65 Eva Life
66 Quinn Descendant of Conn
67 Hazel Hazel tree
68 Ariana Most holy
69 Serenity Peaceful
70 Peyton Fighting man’s estate
71 Mackenzie Son of Coinneach
72 Jasmine Jasmine flower
73 Annabelle Gracious
74 Gianna God is gracious
75 Lydia From Lydia
76 Eliana My God has answered
77 Jade Green gemstone
78 Willow Willow tree
79 Sydney Wide island
80 Reagan Little ruler
81 Hadley Heather field
82 Delilah Delicate
83 Josephine God will increase
84 Anastasia Resurrection
85 Faith Trust, belief
86 Alexa Defender of mankind
87 Emery Brave, powerful
88 Vivian Alive
89 Brooke Small stream
90 Piper Flute player
91 Summer Summer season
92 Taylor Cutter of cloth
93 Gabrielle God is my strength
94 Kennedy Helmeted chief
95 Isabel God is my oath
96 Morgan Sea warrior
97 Paige Young servant
98 Reese Enthusiasm
99 Ariel Lion of God
100 Harmony Agreement, peace
101 Juliana Youthful
102 Trinity Triad, threefold
103 Vanessa Butterfly
104 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
105 Destiny Fate
106 Mary Bitter
107 Arianna Most holy
108 Hope Hope
109 Olive Olive tree
110 Valerie Strong, healthy
111 Athena Goddess of wisdom
112 Amber Fossilized tree resin
113 Diana Divine
114 Alana Beautiful
115 April To open
116 Melody Song
117 Veronica True image
118 Molly Bitter
119 Karen Pure
120 Michelle Who is like God?
121 Fiona Fair
122 Alexis Defender

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular American names for girls, it’s evident that these names are more than just labels; they are reflections of cultural heritage, familial legacies, and individual identity. From timeless classics like Emily and Elizabeth to contemporary favorites like Ava and Sophia, each name carries its own story and significance. As parents, we imbue these names with hopes, dreams, and aspirations for our daughters’ futures. Whether drawn to tradition or innovation, may you find the perfect name that resonates with your heart and soul, enriching your family’s story for generations to come.

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