100+ Most Popular Canadian Girl Names

In the vibrant tapestry of Canadian culture, the naming of daughters reflects a rich blend of tradition, innovation, and multicultural influences. From the majestic mountains of the west to the serene lakes of the east, Canadian parents draw inspiration from their surroundings, heritage, and aspirations when choosing names for their baby girls. In this compilation, we present over 100 of the most beloved and popular Canadian girl names, each carrying its own unique charm and significance. Whether you seek a name rooted in timeless elegance or one that resonates with the spirit of modern Canada, you’re sure to find inspiration among these quintessentially Canadian monikers.

100+ Most Popular Canadian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Olivia Olive tree, symbol of peace
2 Emma Whole or universal
3 Ava Life, living one
4 Sophia Wisdom, skill
5 Amelia Work, industrious
6 Isabella God is my oath, devoted to God
7 Mia Mine, bitter
8 Charlotte Free man, petite and feminine
9 Emily To strive or excel or rival
10 Abigail Father’s joy, source of joy
11 Harper Harp player
12 Ella Torch, bright light
13 Lily Lily flower
14 Chloe Green shoot, blooming
15 Avery Elf ruler, ruler of the elves
16 Grace Grace, favor
17 Scarlett Red, a type of cloth dye
18 Zoe Life, vitality
19 Hannah Grace, favor
20 Sofia Wisdom, skill
21 Madison Son of Maud, Matthew’s son
22 Aria Melody, song
23 Evelyn Desired, wished for
24 Victoria Victory, conqueror
25 Nora Honor, light
26 Layla Night
27 Ellie Shining light, bright one
28 Ruby Deep red precious stone
29 Aurora Dawn, morning light
30 Penelope Weaver
31 Maya Illusion, dream
32 Nova New, young
33 Mila Gracious, dear
34 Sadie Princess, noblewoman
35 Piper Pipe player
36 Clara Bright, clear
37 Lucy Light
38 Aubrey Noble ruler
39 Stella Star
40 Willow Willow tree
41 Leah Weary, tired
42 Sarah Princess, lady
43 Paisley Church, cemetery
44 Ariana Most holy
45 Isla Island
46 Eva Life, living one
47 Alice Noble, kind
48 Quinn Descendant of Conn
49 Caroline Free man
50 Hailey Hay meadow
51 Brooklyn Water, stream
52 Samantha Listener
53 Eliana God has answered
54 Isabelle God is my oath, devoted to God
55 Anna Gracious, full of grace
56 Emery Brave, powerful
57 Natalie Christmas Day
58 Reagan Little ruler
59 Jasmine Jasmine flower
60 Lillian Lily flower
61 Mackenzie Son of Kenneth
62 Rose Rose flower
63 Arianna Most holy
64 Evangeline Bringer of good news
65 Gabriella God is my strength, God’s able-bodied one
66 Peyton Fighting man’s estate
67 Delilah Delicate, weak
68 Lyla Night
69 Vivian Alive, lively
70 Alexandra Defender of the people, protector
71 Madeline Woman from Magdala, tower
72 Emilia Rival, eager
73 Olive Olive tree
74 Elise God is my oath, devoted to God
75 Naomi Pleasant, delightful
76 Georgia Farmer, earthworker
77 Jade Green gemstone
78 Valerie Strength, health
79 Cecilia Blind
80 Tessa Harvest
81 Adelaide Noble, kind
82 Maeve Intoxicating
83 Autumn Season of harvest
84 Marina Of the sea
85 Luna Moon
86 Fiona Fair, white
87 Josephine God will increase
88 Serenity Peaceful
89 Eliza God is my oath, devoted to God
90 Genevieve Tribe woman, white wave
91 Dalton From the valley town
92 Kellan Slim, fair
93 Kade Round, lumpy
94 Lucian Light
95 Colton From the coal or dark town
96 Jasper Treasurer, bringer of treasure
97 Maxwell Great stream
98 Kai Sea, ocean
99 Finnegan Fair
100 Tobias God is good
101 Daxton From Dax
102 Maddox Son of Maddock
103 Barrett Bear strength
104 Rylan Island meadow
105 Lionel Lion-like
106 Colby Coal town
107 Finley Fair warrior
108 Sullivan Dark eyes
109 Marshall Horse servant
110 Sterling Little star
111 Vaughn Small
112 Orlando Famous throughout the land
113 Hendrix Son of Hendrick
114 Dorian Of the sea
115 Byron From the cottage
116 Rory Red-haired
117 Ewan Born of the yew tree
118 Lennon Dear one, small cloak
119 Briggs Dweller by the bridge
120 Kyler Narrow strait
121 Griffin Hooked nose, chief, lord
122 Lawson Son of Lawrence
123 Beckett Bee cottage
124 Arlo Barberry tree
125 Thaddeus Heart
126 Tristen Tumult, outcry
127 Zeke God strengthens
128 Forrest Dweller near the woods
129 Bishop Overseer, guardian
130 Creed Belief, faith
131 Soren Stern
132 Lachlan Land of lakes
133 Caspian From the Caspian Sea
134 Magnus Great
135 Ronan Little seal

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In conclusion,

In closing, these 100+ popular Canadian girl names reflect the diverse and vibrant mosaic of Canadian culture. From names inspired by nature’s beauty to those honoring indigenous heritage and global influences, Canadian parents have a wealth of options to choose from when naming their daughters. As they embark on the journey of selecting the perfect name for their little ones, may they find joy and inspiration in the rich tapestry of names that Canada has to offer, celebrating the unique heritage and spirit of this vast and welcoming nation.

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