100+ Most Popular Austrian Girl Names

In Austria, the naming of baby girls is a cherished tradition steeped in history and culture. From elegant classics to contemporary favorites, Austrian girl names offer a glimpse into the country’s rich heritage. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover over 100 of the most popular Austrian girl names, each with its own unique charm and significance, reflecting the beauty and diversity of Austrian culture.

100+ Most Popular Austrian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Anna Grace
2 Sophie Wisdom
3 Emma Whole, universal
4 Julia Youthful
5 Lena Light
6 Maria Wished for child
7 Laura Laurel
8 Sarah Princess
9 Emily Industrious, striving
10 Johanna God is gracious
11 Eva Life
12 Marie Wished for child
13 Clara Bright, clear
14 Sophia Wisdom
15 Hannah Grace
16 Katharina Pure
17 Lea Weary
18 Lina Tender
19 Isabel God is my oath
20 Amelie Hardworking
21 Mia Mine
22 Victoria Victory
23 Nina Little girl
24 Emilia Industrious, striving
25 Magdalena From Magdala (place name)
26 Paulina Small
27 Elisa God is my oath
28 Antonia Priceless
29 Valentina Brave, strong
30 Theresa Harvester
31 Alina Noble
32 Sandra Defender of mankind
33 Fiona Fair, white
34 Leonie Lioness
35 Lara Cheerful
36 Vanessa Butterfly
37 Selina Moon
38 Melanie Dark, black
39 Nicole Victory of the people
40 Isabella Devoted to God
41 Viktoria Victory
42 Lisa God’s promise
43 Carina Beloved
44 Olivia Olive tree
45 Elena Shining light
46 Angelina Messenger of God
47 Sabrina Princess
48 Rosa Rose
49 Rebecca To tie, to bind
50 Verena Truth
51 Annabelle Beautiful
52 Miriam Wished for child
53 Karina Pure
54 Chiara Bright, clear
55 Stella Star
56 Ingrid Beautiful
57 Amalia Industrious, striving
58 Eveline Light
59 Ines Pure, holy
60 Giselle Pledge
61 Bianca White
62 Martina Warlike
63 Cornelia Horn
64 Adriana Dark
65 Jasmin Jasmine flower
66 Leonora Light
67 Marlene Bitter, sea
68 Petra Rock, stone
69 Franziska Free man
70 Larissa Cheerful
71 Thea Gift of God
72 Ariana Very holy
73 Beatrice Bringer of joy
74 Dorothea Gift of God
75 Helena Light, torch
76 Lucia Light
77 Rosalie Rose
78 Tabitha Gazelle
79 Yvonne Yew wood
80 Isadora Gift of Isis
81 Silvia From the forest
82 Tatiana Unknown meaning
83 Eleonora Light
84 Camilla Young ceremonial attendant
85 Claudia Lame
86 Daria Wealthy
87 Flora Flower
88 Gabriela God is my strength
89 Irene Peace
90 Juliana Youthful
91 Lorena Crowned with laurel
92 Matilda Battle-mighty
93 Noemi Pleasant
94 Odette Wealthy
95 Serena Tranquil
96 Amira Princess
97 Leona Lioness
98 Anneliese Gracious, consecrated to God
99 Elvira True, white
100 Greta Pearl
101 Heidi Of noble birth
102 Milena Gracious
103 Ramona Protecting hands
104 Simone He who hears
105 Anika Grace
106 Bianka White
107 Cosima Universe
108 Danica Morning star
109 Erika Ruler
110 Gabrielle God is my strength
111 Helene Torch
112 Ilse Noble kind
113 Jana God is gracious
114 Karolina Free man
115 Liliana Lily
116 Marina Of the sea
117 Nadia Hope
118 Oksana Praise be to God
119 Romina From Rome
120 Saskia Saxon
121 Tanja Fairy queen
122 Ursula Little bear
123 Veronika True image
124 Wilhelmina Resolute protector
125 Xenia Hospitable
126 Zara Princess
127 Alisa Noble kind
128 Belinda Beautiful serpent
129 Celine Heaven
130 Delia Delight
131 Elke Noble
132 Felicia Lucky
133 Georgina Farmer
134 Janine God is gracious
135 Katja Pure
136 Manuela God is with us
137 Nadine Hope

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In conclusion,

Our exploration of the most popular Austrian girl names has revealed a tapestry rich in tradition, elegance, and cultural significance. From timeless classics that echo Austria’s historical roots to modern names reflecting contemporary trends, each name holds a special place in the hearts of parents and reflects the beauty of Austrian culture. Whether inspired by nature, mythology, or historical figures, these names carry stories and meanings that resonate with families across generations. As parents continue to embrace these beloved names for their daughters, they honor Austria’s heritage and celebrate the enduring charm of its girl names.

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