100+ Most Popular Austrian Boy Names

Austria, known for its rich history and diverse culture, also boasts a fascinating array of boy names that reflect its heritage. From names rooted in Austrian tradition to those influenced by global trends, the naming of a newborn boy in Austria is a cherished tradition. Join us as we delve into the world of Austrian boy names, exploring over 100 of the most popular choices that capture the essence of Austrian culture and history.

100+ Most Popular Austrian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Alexander Defender of mankind
2 Maximilian Greatest
3 Lukas Light
4 Felix Happy, fortunate
5 Matthias Gift of God
6 Tobias God is good
7 Julian Youthful
8 Sebastian Revered
9 Dominic Belonging to the Lord
10 Adrian From Hadria (Northern Italy)
11 Philipp Lover of horses
12 David Beloved
13 Fabian Bean grower
14 Leon Lion
15 Simon Listener
16 Daniel God is my judge
17 Gabriel God is my strength
18 Michael Who is like God?
19 Stefan Crown
20 Markus Warlike
21 Christian Follower of Christ
22 Thomas Twin
23 Jakob Supplanter
24 Oliver Olive tree
25 Andreas Manly
26 Paul Small
27 Vincent Conqueror
28 Raphael God has healed
29 Christopher Christ-bearer
30 Noah Rest, comfort
31 Emanuel God is with us
32 Martin Warlike
33 Niklas Victory of the people
34 Patrick Nobleman
35 Florian Flowering, flourishing
36 Benjamin Son of the right hand
37 Anton Invaluable
38 Emil Industrious, striving
39 Jonathan God has given
40 Elias Jehovah is God
41 Manuel God is with us
42 Marco Warlike
43 Kevin Handsome, beloved
44 Moritz Dark-skinned
45 Benedikt Blessed
46 Fabio Bean grower
47 Peter Rock, stone
48 Kilian Blind
49 Gregor Vigilant, watchful
50 Hannes God is gracious
51 Wolfgang Wolf path
52 Valentin Strong, healthy
53 Lorenz Laurel wreath
54 Marcel Young warrior
55 Fabrizio Craftsman
56 Nikolas Victory of the people
57 Alwin Noble friend
58 Helmut Courageous, helmet
59 Reinhard Brave, hardy
60 Rainer Wise army
61 Ferdinand Brave journey
62 Leopold Brave people
63 Roman Citizen of Rome
64 Kaspar Treasurer
65 Georg Farmer
66 Ignaz Fiery, ardent
67 Karl Free man
68 Hermann Army man
69 Xaver New house
70 Hubert Bright mind
71 Wendel Wanderer
72 Emiliano Rival
73 Alfred Elf counsel
74 Erwin Friend of the army
75 August Great, venerable
76 Johann God is gracious
77 Leander Lion man
78 Artur Bear man
79 Theodor Gift of God
80 Alban White, fair
81 Rudolf Famous wolf
82 Engelbert Bright angel
83 Gotthard God’s peace
84 Rupert Bright fame
85 Hugo Bright in mind
86 Armin Whole, universal
87 Arno Eagle
88 Eugen Well-born, noble
89 Bernhard Brave as a bear
90 Oswald Divine power
91 Siegfried Victory, peace
92 Gerhard Brave spear
93 Ulrich Noble ruler
94 Gustav Staff of the Goths
95 Heinrich Ruler of the home
96 Ewald Powerful in law
97 Siegmund Victorious protector
98 Manfred Man of peace
99 Dietrich Ruler of the people
100 Norbert Bright north
101 Albrecht Noble, bright
102 Erich Eternal ruler
103 Gunther Warrior
104 Kasimir Peacemaker
105 Konrad Brave advisor
106 Dietmar Famous people
107 Gottfried God’s peace
108 Hartmut Courageous mind
109 Melchior King
110 Hadrian From Hadria (Northern Italy)
111 Alaric Ruler of all
112 Friedrich Peaceful ruler
113 Henrik Ruler of the home
114 Caspar Treasurer
115 Anselm Divine protection
116 Karlheinz Free man’s home
117 Otto Wealth, fortune
118 Ruprecht Bright fame
119 Wendelin Wanderer
120 Alphonse Noble, ready
121 Gottlieb Beloved of God
122 Hartmann Strong, brave man
123 Konstantin Steadfast, constant
124 Leonard Brave lion
125 Sepp God will add
126 Wenzel More glory
127 Wilfried Peaceful will

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In conclusion,

Our exploration of the most popular Austrian boy names has revealed a captivating blend of tradition, history, and cultural diversity. From classic names with deep roots in Austrian folklore to modern choices inspired by contemporary trends, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. Whether you seek a name that honors Austrian heritage or one that resonates with modern sensibilities, the plethora of options available reflects the rich tapestry of Austrian culture. As parents continue to bestow these timeless names upon their sons, they uphold a cherished tradition that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Austrian identity.

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