100+ Most Popular Swiss Girl Names

In Switzerland, a country known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultural tapestry, the realm of girl names is equally diverse and captivating. From timeless classics steeped in tradition to modern gems with cosmopolitan flair, Swiss girl names reflect the nation’s rich linguistic and cultural heritage. Join us on a journey to explore the most popular Swiss girl names, each carrying its own unique charm and story, providing inspiration for parents seeking the perfect name for their daughters.

100+ Most Popular Swiss Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Mia Mine
2 Emma Whole or universal
3 Sofia Wisdom
4 Lara Cheerful
5 Emilia To strive or excel
6 Lina Tender
7 Elena Bright, shining
8 Lea Weary or meadow
9 Anna Gracious
10 Nora Honor or light
11 Sara Princess
12 Laura Laurel tree
13 Alina Bright, beautiful
14 Elina Torch
15 Mila Gracious
16 Olivia Olive tree
17 Ella Beautiful fairy
18 Hannah Favor or grace
19 Zoe Life
20 Maya Water
21 Lia Weary or weary one
22 Amelie Hardworking
23 Selina Moon
24 Julia Youthful
25 Nina Little girl
26 Chiara Bright, clear
27 Valentina Strong or healthy
28 Leonie Lioness
29 Sophie Wisdom
30 Alessia Defender of mankind
31 Livia Blue
32 Jasmine Jasmine flower
33 Charlotte Free man
34 Noemi Pleasantness
35 Sina God is gracious
36 Johanna God is gracious
37 Maria Wished for child
38 Eva Life
39 Lucia Light
40 Amina Trustworthy
41 Stella Star
42 Carla Free woman
43 Ruby Red gemstone
44 Flora Flower
45 Milena Gracious
46 Malia Bitter
47 Clara Bright, clear
48 Amira Princess
49 Zara Princess
50 Jana God is gracious
51 Elisa God is my oath
52 Isabella Devoted to God
53 Fiona Fair or pale
54 Selena Moon
55 Aria Air, melody
56 Hanna Grace
57 Leona Lioness
58 Alisa Noble, kind
59 Lena Light
60 Liv Protection
61 Matilda Battle-mighty
62 Emely Industrious
63 Amalia Hardworking
64 Mira Admirable
65 Alessa Defender of mankind
66 Maja Splendid
67 Nelly Shining light
68 Ela Earth
69 Annabelle Gracious
70 Liana To bind
71 Louisa Famous warrior
72 Janine God is gracious
73 Luciana Light
74 Zuri Beautiful
75 Laila Night
76 Elin Torch
77 Milana Gentle
78 Jolina Youthful
79 Malina Tower
80 Noelle Christmas
81 Marlene Combination of Maria and Magdalene
82 Melina Honey
83 Sabrina Princess
84 Celeste Heavenly
85 Thea Goddess
86 Aisha Alive
87 Ines Chaste, pure
88 Freya Noble woman
89 Valeria Strong, healthy
90 Ayla Moonlight
91 Siena From Siena, Italy
92 Anja Gracious
93 Thalia Blooming
94 Anouk Grace
95 Jolie Pretty
96 Nala Gift
97 Anika Gracious
98 Selene Moon
99 Katja Pure
100 Elvira Truth
101 Alva Elf
102 Salome Peace
103 Mina Love
104 Milou Gentle
105 Elodie Marsh flower
106 Isla Island
107 Zola Earth
108 Juna Moonlight
109 Malou Dark-skinned
110 Adela Noble
111 Anisa Companion, friend
112 Kiara Bright, clear
113 Elora God gives light
114 Talia Morning dew
115 Sari Princess
116 Annika Grace
117 Marla Bitterness
118 Anahi Sweetness
119 Alena Bright, shining
120 Lilia Lily
121 Malin Little strong fighter
122 Pia Pious, devout
123 Elise God is my oath
124 Marit Pearl
125 Jara Slavic goddess
126 Lavinia Purity
127 Noa Movement
128 Miriam Wished for child
129 Elara Bright, shining

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Swiss girl names, we’re reminded of the rich tapestry of culture and tradition that defines Switzerland. From timeless classics like Emma and Sofia to modern favorites like Mia and Lara, these names reflect the diverse influences that have shaped Swiss society over the years. Whether rooted in Swiss German, French, or Italian, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. May this compilation serve as a source of inspiration for parents embarking on the joyful journey of choosing a name for their daughters, celebrating the beauty and diversity of Swiss nomenclature.

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