90+ Most Popular Ukrainian Girl Names

In the heart of Eastern Europe, Ukraine boasts a rich tapestry of traditions and customs, including the cherished practice of naming newborns. Ukrainian girl names, steeped in history and folklore, reflect the nation’s diverse heritage and cultural influences. From elegant classics to enchanting variations, these names hold a special place in the hearts of Ukrainian families, resonating with a sense of identity and tradition. Join us on a journey through the most beloved Ukrainian girl names, each carrying its own unique story and significance within this captivating country.

90+ Most Popular Ukrainian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Anastasia Resurrection
2 Maria Bitter, beloved
3 Sofia Wisdom
4 Yulia Youthful
5 Anna Grace
6 Olga Holy
7 Kateryna Pure
8 Natalia Born on Christmas Day
9 Yana God is gracious
10 Olena Light
11 Viktoria Victory
12 Daria Wealthy, possess well
13 Iryna Peace
14 Valeria Strong, healthy
15 Polina Small
16 Alina Noble
17 Kristina Follower of Christ
18 Marina Of the sea
19 Veronika True image
20 Anastasiya Resurrection
21 Yaroslava Bright and glorious
22 Ksenia Hospitality
23 Angelina Messenger of God
24 Tetiana Saint’s name
25 Diana Divine
26 Liliya Lily
27 Yuliya Youthful
28 Larysa Cheerful, happy
29 Anastasiia Resurrection
30 Lilia Lily
31 Nadiya Hope
32 Tetyana Saint’s name
33 Oksana Praise be to God
34 Taisiya Resurrection
35 Yevheniya Noble, well-born
36 Galina Calm
37 Alla Foreign
38 Lyudmyla Beloved
39 Zlata Golden
40 Ivanna God is gracious
41 Mariya Bitter, beloved
42 Marta Lady
43 Yelyzaveta God is my oath
44 Yeva Life
45 Zoya Life
46 Yelizaveta God is my oath
47 Roksolana Dawn
48 Myroslava Peace
49 Bohdana God’s gift
50 Yarina Peaceful
51 Viktoriya Victory
52 Milana Gracious, dear
53 Lyubov Love
54 Zoryana Dawn
55 Mariana Bitter, beloved
56 Mariyka Bitter, beloved
57 Ivona Archer’s bow
58 Oleksandra Defender of mankind
59 Raisa Easy
60 Solomiya Peace
61 Zenovia Life of Zeus
62 Khrystyna Follower of Christ
63 Olesya Holy
64 Svitlana Light
65 Ruslana Lioness
66 Zinaida Life of Zeus
67 Zorya Morning star, dawn
68 Lyuba Love
69 Milena Gracious, dear
70 Ulyana Youthful
71 Inna Strong
72 Vira Faith
73 Vlada Rule, ruler
74 Nadia Hope
75 Zina Guest, stranger
76 Anzhelika Messenger of God
77 Yuliana Youthful
78 Valeriya Strong, healthy
79 Daryna Gift
80 Miroslava Peace
81 Yevdokiya Good reputation, well received
82 Marianna Bitter, beloved
83 Yelena Bright, shining light
84 Karina Pure
85 Vasilisa Queen
86 Nastia Resurrection
87 Mila Gracious, dear
88 Valentina Strength, health
89 Marietta Bitter, beloved
90 Sofiya Wisdom
91 Yaryna Peaceful
92 Roksana Dawn
93 Maksyma The greatest
94 Nataliya Born on Christmas Day
95 Marharyta Pearl
96 Nataliia Born on Christmas Day
97 Inessa Pure

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, our exploration of the most popular Ukrainian girl names reveals not only a rich linguistic tradition but also a deep cultural heritage. These names, ranging from timeless classics like Anastasia and Kateryna to more modern choices like Sofiya and Milana, serve as symbols of Ukrainian identity and pride. Each name carries with it a story, a connection to the country’s history, folklore, and religious roots. As Ukrainian families continue to embrace these names for their daughters, they honor their past while also embracing the present and looking towards the future. Through these beloved names, Ukrainian girls carry on a legacy of strength, resilience, and beauty, embodying the spirit of their nation with grace and dignity.

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