100+ Most Popular Ukrainian Boy Names

In Ukraine, a country rich in history and culture, the tradition of naming children holds deep significance. Ukrainian boy names often reflect the nation’s heritage, blending Slavic roots with religious influences and modern trends. From timeless classics to unique gems, the names favored by Ukrainian parents offer a glimpse into the country’s linguistic diversity and cultural tapestry. Let’s explore the most popular Ukrainian boy names that have stood the test of time and continue to resonate with families across this vibrant land.

100+ Most Popular Ukrainian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Andriy Manly
2 Bohdan Given by God
3 Dmytro Dedicated to Demeter, goddess of agriculture
4 Ivan God is gracious
5 Kyrylo Lordly
6 Mykhailo Who is like God?
7 Oleksandr Defender of the people
8 Pavlo Small
9 Serhiy Attendant
10 Taras From Taranto (an Italian city)
11 Vasyl Kingly
12 Volodymyr Ruling with peace
13 Yaroslav Bright and glorious
14 Anatoliy Sunrise
15 Oleh Holy
16 Viktor Conqueror
17 Yevhen Well-born
18 Hryhoriy Watchful
19 Ihor Warrior
20 Maksym The greatest
21 Nazar Vision
22 Denys Devotee of Dionysos (the Greek god of wine)
23 Roman Citizen of Rome
24 Yuriy Farmer
25 Oleksiy Defender
26 Ruslan Lion
27 Stepan Crown
28 Fedir Peaceful ruler
29 Yaromir Great and famous
30 Vitaliy Full of life
31 Volodya Ruler
32 Yosyp God will add
33 Kostya Constant
34 Misha Who is like God? (Diminutive of Mykhailo)
35 Anatoli Sunrise
36 Bogdan Given by God
37 Orest Mountain dweller
38 Petro Rock
39 Rostyslav Glory of the growth
40 Svyatoslav Holy glory
41 Anatol Sunrise
42 Gennadiy Noble
43 Kolya Victory of the people
44 Miron Peace
45 Nestor Traveler
46 Stanislav Glory of the camp
47 Zinoviy Life of Zeus
48 Andriyko Manly
49 Danylo God is my judge
50 Ihnat God is gracious
51 Kuzma Cosmas (Orderly, well-arranged)
52 Luka Light
53 Marko Warlike
54 Nikita Victory of the people
55 Radoslav Happy glory
56 Serhiyko Attendant
57 Tymofiy Fear of God
58 Vadym Knowing
59 Volodymyrko Ruling with peace
60 Yevhenko Well-born
61 Zakhariy God remembers
62 Andriyusha Manly
63 Borys Battle
64 Dariy Wealthy ruler
65 Hryhorii Watchful
66 Ivanushka God is gracious
67 Kostiantyn Constant
68 Levko Lion
69 Mykola Victory of the people
70 Oleksander Defender of the people
71 Rodion Rosy
72 Slavko Glory
73 Tarasenko From Taranto (an Italian city)
74 Zenko Gift of Zeus
75 Anatolii Sunrise
76 Bohuslav God’s glory
77 Iliya Jehovah is God
78 Kostyantyn Constant
79 Maksymilian The greatest
80 Pavlusha Small
81 Tykhon God-fearing
82 Vasya Kingly
83 Yaroslavko Bright and glorious
84 Zakhar God remembers
85 Andriusha Manly
86 Bohumir Great and peaceful
87 Dmytryk Dedicated to Demeter, goddess of agriculture (Diminutive of Dmytro)
88 Ihorushka Warrior
89 Lysenko From the forest
90 Mykhailyk Who is like God? (Diminutive of Mykhailo)
91 Oleksandrushka Defender of the people (Diminutive of Oleksandr)
92 Pavlushko Small (Diminutive of Pavlo)
93 Rurik Famous ruler
94 Serhii Attendant
95 Tymish Quiet
96 Vasylko Kingly (Diminutive of Vasyl)
97 Yarema God will provide
98 Zenon Zeus’s gift
99 Anatoliyko Sunrise
100 Bohdanushka Given by God (Diminutive of Bohdan)
101 Danylushka God is my judge (Diminutive of Danylo)
102 Ihnatko God is gracious (Diminutive of Ihnat)
103 Kuzmich Cosmas (Diminutive of Kuzma)
104 Lyubomyr Lover of peace
105 Mykolaiko Victory of the people (Diminutive of Mykola)
106 Olehko Holy (Diminutive of Oleh)
107 Panteleimon All-compassionate
108 Ruslanchyk Little lion (Diminutive of Ruslan)
109 Sviatoslavko Holy glory (Diminutive of Sviatoslav)
110 Tadey Courageous
111 Viktorushka Conqueror (Diminutive of Viktor)
112 Volodymyrushka Ruling with peace (Diminutive of Volodymyr)
113 Yaroslavushka Bright and glorious (Diminutive of Yaroslav)
114 Zinoviychyk Life of Zeus (Diminutive of Zinoviy)
115 Bohuslavko God’s glory (Diminutive of Bohuslav)
116 Dobrynya Good, kind
117 Ihorok Warrior (Diminutive of Ihor)
118 Kostiantynko Constant (Diminutive of Kostiantyn)
119 Maksymko The greatest (Diminutive of Maksym)
120 Oleksiyko Defender (Diminutive of Oleksiy)
121 Rostyk Glory of the growth
122 Stanislavko Glory of the camp (Diminutive of Stanislav)
123 Vasylchik Kingly (Diminutive of Vasyl)
124 Yaromirko Great and famous (Diminutive of Yaromir)
125 Zakharko God remembers (Diminutive of Zakhariy)
126 Ivanenko God is gracious (Son of Ivan)

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Ukrainian boy names, it’s clear that these names serve as more than mere labels; they are reflections of Ukrainian heritage, culture, and identity. From the timeless elegance of classics like Ivan and Oleksandr to the charming appeal of modern favorites like Artem and Bohdan, each name carries a piece of Ukraine’s rich history and linguistic tapestry. Whether rooted in Slavic traditions, inspired by religious figures, or influenced by global trends, these names continue to shape the identities of countless Ukrainian boys, connecting them to their roots and uniting them with a sense of pride in their heritage. As we celebrate the enduring popularity of these names, we also celebrate the resilience and spirit of Ukraine itself, a nation defined by its vibrant culture and unwavering strength.

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