100+ Most Popular Norwegian Names for Girls

Embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of Norwegian baby girl names. From timeless classics steeped in Norse mythology to modern favorites, explore the rich tapestry of Norwegian naming traditions. Dive into the significance and beauty of each name, reflecting the strength, grace, and cultural heritage of Norway’s daughters.

100+ Most Popular Norwegian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Whole, universal
2 Nora Honor
3 Sofie Wisdom
4 Ella Beautiful fairy woman
5 Olivia Olive tree
6 Emilie Rival, laborious, eager
7 Ingrid Beautiful, fair
8 Sara Princess
9 Thea Goddess
10 Maja Great
11 Marie Bitter, sea of bitterness
12 Leah Weary
13 Amalie Hardworking, industrious
14 Aurora Dawn
15 Isabella Devoted to God
16 Ida Prosperous, hardworking
17 Linnea Lime tree
18 Julie Youthful
19 Anna Gracious
20 Sofia Wisdom
21 Mathea Gift of God
22 Hedda Contention, fight
23 Malin Little warrior
24 Selma Helmet of will
25 Elise Consecrated to God
26 Vilde Will, desire
27 Astrid Beautiful, loved
28 Mia Bitter
29 Hannah Grace
30 Ane Grace
31 Live Defense, protection
32 Martine Warlike
33 Andrea Manly
34 Oda Fortune, fate
35 Tuva The God Thor
36 Victoria Victory
37 Frida Peace
38 Sigrid Beautiful victory
39 Pernille Rock
40 Eline Torch, sun
41 Synne Sun, grace
42 Mari Wished-for child
43 Mina Love
44 Alma Nourishing
45 Linn Waterfall
46 Hanne God’s grace
47 Sandra Defender of man
48 Marit Pearl
49 Lise God is abundance
50 Ingeborg Protected by Ing
51 Ingebjørg Protected by Ing
52 Kristine Christian
53 Synnøve Sun, gift
54 Solveig Sun, house, strength
55 Benedikte Blessed
56 Guro God’s secret counsel
57 Marianne Bitter grace
58 Randi Shield, rim
59 Tone Tone, melody
60 Marthe Lady, mistress
61 Ronja God’s joyful song
62 Linnéa Twinflower
63 Anja Gracious
64 Siri Beautiful victory
65 Inger Protected by Ing
66 Ragnhild Battle counsel
67 Inga Guarded by Ing
68 Trine Pure
69 Johanne God is gracious
70 Lene Light, torch
71 Pia Pious, devout
72 Karen Pure, clear
73 Hilde Battle
74 Line Linen, flaxen
75 Linda Pretty
76 Tove Beautiful, Thor’s voice
77 Elin Light
78 Berit Splendid, bright
79 Lærke Lark
80 Maren Pearl
81 Ellen Bright, shining light
82 Jorunn Stallion love, secret love
83 Gerd Spear
84 Gunhild Battle, fight
85 Aslaug God’s strength
86 Unn To love
87 Åse God is abundance
88 Kristin Christian
89 Anne Gracious
90 Ingunn God is gracious
91 Rikke Power, ruler
92 Liv Defense, protection
93 Kari Pure, chaste
94 Helene Torch, sun
95 Elisabeth God is abundance
96 Guri God is mercy
97 Ingri Protected by Ing
98 Grete Pearl
99 Torunn Secret, hidden love
100 Gudrun God’s secret counsel
101 Trude Spear
102 Laila Night
103 Signe New victory
104 Bjørg Protection
105 Wenche Joy
106 Hege Protective, defensive

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the selection of the most popular Norwegian names for girls showcases the rich cultural heritage and diverse influences of Norway. From traditional names rooted in Norse mythology to modern choices reflecting global trends, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. Whether honoring family traditions or embracing contemporary favorites, these names symbolize the beauty, strength, and resilience of Norwegian girls. As parents seek to bestow a name upon their daughters, this curated list offers a glimpse into the timeless and ever-evolving world of Norwegian naming traditions.

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