100+ Most Popular Norwegian Names for Boys

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Norwegian baby boy names. From timeless classics rooted in Norse mythology to modern favorites, explore the rich cultural heritage and significance behind each name. Discover the top picks that resonate with strength, resilience, and a deep connection to Norway’s fascinating history and traditions.

100+ Most Popular Norwegian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Magnus Great, mighty
2 Henrik Ruler of the home
3 Oskar Divine spear
4 Elias The Lord is my God
5 William Resolute protector
6 Mathias Gift of God
7 Noah Rest, comfort
8 Oliver Olive tree
9 Lucas Light
10 Alexander Defender of the people
11 Emil Industrious, hardworking
12 Jakob Supplanter
13 Tobias God is good
14 Aksel Father of peace
15 Isak He will laugh
16 Markus Warlike
17 Sebastian Revered
18 Sander Protector of mankind
19 Adrian From Hadria
20 Christian Follower of Christ
21 Mikkel Who is like God?
22 Lars Laurel wreath
23 Anders Brave, warrior
24 Martin Warlike
25 Fredrik Peaceful ruler
26 Kristian Follower of Christ
27 Marius Of Mars, the God of war
28 Herman Soldier
29 Theodor God-given gift
30 Johannes God is gracious
31 Simen To hear, to be heard
32 Bendik Blessed
33 Gustav Staff of the gods
34 Mats Gift of God
35 Eirik Eternal ruler
36 Daniel God is my judge
37 Filip Lover of horses
38 Viktor Conqueror
39 Nicolai Victory of the people
40 Gabriel God is my strength
41 Jon God is gracious
42 Øystein Island stone
43 Erlend Foreigner
44 Vegard Protector
45 Haakon High son
46 Espen Bear of God
47 Sigurd Guardian of victory
48 Leif Heir, descendant
49 Torstein Thor’s stone
50 Trygve Trustworthy
51 Einar Lone warrior
52 Odd Point of a spear
53 Harald Leader, ruler
54 Knut Knot
55 Gunnar Warrior
56 Per Rock
57 Bjørn Bear
58 Håkon High son
59 Ole Ancestor’s descendant
60 Johan God is gracious
61 Joakim God will establish
62 Peder Rock
63 Sindre New victory
64 Even God is gracious
65 Arne Eagle
66 Kristoffer Bearer of Christ
67 Jørgen Earth-worker
68 Aleksander Defender of mankind
69 Stian Stone
70 Tom Twin
71 Geir Spear
72 Bjørnar Bear
73 Øyvind Island warrior
74 Joar Warrior
75 Jan God is gracious
76 Pål Small, humble
77 Ola Ancestor’s descendant
78 Rune Secret
79 Kjetil Helmet
80 Tore Thor’s thunder
81 Kim Ruler
82 Trond Trusty, loyal
83 Svein Young warrior
84 Oddvar Point of a spear
85 Are Eagle
86 Asbjørn Divine bear
87 Dag Day
88 Olav Ancestor’s descendant
89 Kjell Kettle helmet
90 Ivar Archer, bow warrior
91 Petter Rock
92 Roar Famous warrior
93 Stig Path, trail
94 Sverre Wild
95 Torgeir Thor’s spear
96 Dagfinn Day, Finn
97 Eivind Island warrior
98 Frode Wise
99 Håvard High guard
100 Ingvar Guarded by Ing
101 Jarle Poet warrior
102 Jonatan God is gracious
103 Kåre Curly-haired

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the selection of the most popular Norwegian names for boys reflects the rich tapestry of Norway’s cultural heritage and traditions. From the enduring legacy of Norse mythology to the influence of modern trends, each name carries a sense of pride and identity. Whether rooted in history or embraced for their contemporary appeal, these names symbolize strength, resilience, and a deep connection to Norwegian roots. As parents seek to honor their heritage or simply find a name that resonates, these popular Norwegian names offer a timeless choice that celebrates the country’s unique heritage and spirit.

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