100+ Most Popular Mexican Girl Names

In Mexico, the tradition of naming girls carries a deep cultural significance, blending indigenous roots with Spanish influences and contemporary trends. “Most Popular Mexican Girl Names” invites you to embark on a journey through the diverse landscape of names that reflect the country’s rich heritage and the timeless beauty of its naming traditions. From ancient goddesses to modern-day icons, these names resonate with grace, strength, and the spirit of Mexico. Join us as we explore the captivating world of Mexican girl names, where each name tells a story of tradition, identity, and pride.

100+ Most Popular Mexican Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 María From the Virgin Mary
2 Guadalupe From the Virgin of Guadalupe
3 Ana Grace, favor
4 Juana God is gracious
5 Rosa Rose
6 Carmen Garden or orchard
7 Josefina God will increase
8 Margarita Pearl
9 Laura Laurel tree
10 Patricia Noble
11 Adriana From Hadria, dark
12 Gabriela God is my strength
13 Alejandra Defender of mankind
14 Verónica True image
15 Diana Divine
16 Elizabeth God is my oath
17 Vanessa Butterfly
18 Sandra Defender of mankind
19 Paola Small
20 Fernanda Journey
21 Andrea Brave
22 Brenda Sword
23 Ana Karen Grace, favor
24 Carolina Free man
25 Daniela God is my judge
26 Estefanía Crowned with laurels
27 Isabel God is my oath
28 Itzel Rainbow
29 Mariana Bitter grace
30 Natalia Christmas Day
31 Pamela All sweetness
32 Reyna Queen
33 Samantha Listener
34 Valeria Strong, healthy
35 Ximena Listener
36 Alma Soul, spirit
37 Beatriz Voyager through life
38 Cecilia Blind
39 Denisse Devotee of Dionysos
40 Esmeralda Emerald
41 Florencia Flowering
42 Graciela Graceful
43 Hortensia Garden or orchard
44 Irene Peace
45 Julieta Youthful
46 Karla Free woman
47 Leticia Joy
48 Mónica Advisor
49 Norma Pattern, rule
50 Olivia Olive tree
51 Renata Reborn
52 Romina Roman
53 Selena Moon
54 Sofía Wisdom
55 Teresa Harvester
56 Uziel God is my strength
57 Valentina Strength, health
58 Wendy Friend
59 Xochitl Flower
60 Yolanda Violet
61 Zaira Princess
62 Abril April
63 Adela Noble
64 Aurora Dawn
65 Blanca White
66 Carla Free woman
67 Dalia Dalia flower
68 Dulce Sweet
69 Erika Ruler of all
70 Fabiola Bean grower
71 Giselle Pledge
72 Heidi Of noble kin
73 Irlanda Ireland
74 Jasmine Jasmine flower
75 Kenya Animal horn
76 Lourdes French town
77 Miranda Admirable
78 Nayeli I love you
79 Odette Wealthy
80 Perla Pearl
81 Quetzal Precious feather
82 Rosalinda Pretty rose
83 Silvia Forest
84 Tania Fairy queen
85 Uriela God is my light
86 Wanda Wanderer
87 Yesenia Flower of God
88 Zulema Peaceful
89 Amalia Hardworking
90 Berenice Bringer of victory
91 Celeste Heavenly
92 Dalila Delicate
93 Frida Peaceful
94 Gilda Sacrifice
95 Hermelinda Shield of power
96 Ingrid Fair, beautiful
97 Jazmin Jasmine flower
98 Kiara Bright, famous
99 Lorena Laurel tree
100 Marisol Sea and sun
101 Nidia Nest
102 Ophelia Help
103 Paloma Dove
104 Quetzalli Precious feather
105 Rebeca Tied, joined
106 Salma Safe
107 Urania Heavenly
108 Yareli Water lady
109 Aida Reward
110 Bianca White
111 Claudia Lame
112 Estrella Star
113 Fatima Captivating
114 Ines Pure
115 Jimena Listener
116 Karen Pure
117 Lilia Lily
118 Mayra Bitterness
119 Priscila Ancient
120 Rosario Rosary
121 Sonia Wisdom
122 Uxue Dove
123 Violeta Violet
124 Yaretzi You will always be loved
125 Zayra Princess
126 Belen Bethlehem
127 Camila Perfect
128 Estefania Crowned with laurels

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In conclusion,

The spectrum of most popular Mexican girl names illuminates the cultural tapestry of Mexico, blending ancient roots with contemporary flair. These names not only reflect the country’s rich heritage but also embody the strength, grace, and resilience of Mexican women throughout history. From traditional choices honoring goddesses and saints to modern names inspired by literature, music, and art, each name carries a story and a legacy. As we celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Mexican naming traditions, we recognize the enduring significance of these names in shaping identity and fostering pride among generations of Mexican families.

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