100+ Most Popular Guatemalan Boy Names

In the vibrant tapestry of Guatemalan culture, where tradition dances with modernity, one aspect remains deeply rooted: the significance of a name. Names in Guatemala are not mere labels; they are reflections of heritage, values, and aspirations. Delving into the realm of Guatemalan boy names unveils a rich mosaic of history, spirituality, and familial pride. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, these names echo through generations, shaping identities and weaving narratives of the country’s diverse populace. Join us on a journey through the most popular Guatemalan boy names, where each name is a gateway to understanding the soul of this captivating nation.

100+ Most Popular Guatemalan Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Diego Supplanter
2 Mateo Gift of God
3 Santiago Saint James
4 Juan God is gracious
5 Carlos Free man
6 Alejandro Defender of man
7 Luis Famous warrior
8 Andrés Manly, brave
9 José God will add
10 Gabriel God is my strength
11 Daniel God is my judge
12 Manuel God is with us
13 Oscar Divine spear
14 Mario Warlike
15 Fernando Brave traveler
16 Javier New house
17 Ricardo Brave ruler
18 Jorge Farmer
19 Pablo Small
20 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
21 Roberto Bright fame
22 Kevin Gentle birth
23 Isaac He will laugh
24 Cristian Follower of Christ
25 Hector Holding fast
26 Victor Conqueror
27 Antonio Priceless
28 Esteban Crowned
29 Marco Warlike
30 Felipe Lover of horses
31 Angel Messenger
32 Miguel Who is like God?
33 Emilio Industrious
34 Pedro Rock, stone
35 Lucas Light
36 Israel Wrestled with God
37 Mauricio Dark-skinned
38 Julian Youthful
39 Ramiro Famous advice
40 Rodrigo Famous ruler
41 Salvador Savior
42 Tomas Twin
43 Gerardo Brave spear
44 Benjamin Son of the right hand
45 Omar Flourishing
46 Raul Wise wolf
47 Xavier Bright, splendid
48 Samuel Heard by God
49 Alexis Defender
50 Martin Warlike
51 Renato Reborn
52 Leonel Lion
53 Edgar Wealthy spear
54 Adolfo Noble wolf
55 Dario Upholder of the good
56 Nelson Son of Neil
57 Adán Man, earth
58 Arturo Bear
59 Efraín Fertile, fruitful
60 Elías My God is Yahweh
61 Rony Powerful ruler
62 Wilmer Desire, helmet
63 Hugo Mind, intellect
64 César Head of hair
65 Aldo Old, wise
66 Fredy Peaceful ruler
67 Rubén Behold, son
68 Ever Boar
69 Fausto Lucky, auspicious
70 Gerson Stranger, sojourner
71 Marvin Friend of the sea
72 Leonidas Lion’s son
73 Darwin Dear friend
74 Estuardo Guardian of the east
75 Geovanni God is gracious
76 Milton Mill town
77 Ortega From the nettle patch
78 Norberto Bright north
79 Edmundo Prosperous protector
80 Harold Army ruler
81 Julio Youthful
82 Leandro Lion man
83 Marlon Little hawk
84 Nery Strong, powerful
85 Oliver Olive tree
86 Ronaldo Advice, ruler
87 Tadeo Heart
88 Uriel God is my light
89 Winston Wine town
90 Yahir Enlightened
91 Zacarías God remembers
92 Abel Breath, vapor
93 Bruno Brown
94 Clemente Merciful
95 Domingo Of the Lord
96 Ezequiel God will strengthen
97 Fabricio Craftsman
98 Gaspar Treasurer
99 Heriberto Bright army
100 Ignacio Fiery
101 Jacinto Hyacinth
102 Kenji Intelligent ruler
103 Lázaro God has helped
104 Maximiliano Greatest
105 Nicanor Victor
106 Octavio Eighth
107 Plácido Calm, serene
108 Quirino Spear
109 Rafael God has healed
110 Severo Stern
111 Teodoro Gift of God
112 Ubaldo Bold, brave
113 Valentín Strong, healthy
114 Wenceslao More glory
115 Ximeno He has heard
116 Yago Supplanter
117 Zenón Zeus

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In conclusion,

Exploring the most popular Guatemalan boy names unveils not just a list of appellations, but a profound reflection of Guatemalan society itself. From names rooted in indigenous Mayan traditions to those influenced by Spanish colonial heritage, each name carries a unique story and cultural significance. Through the popularity of these names, we glimpse the dynamic interplay between tradition and modernity, the preservation of heritage alongside the embrace of change. As we conclude this exploration, it becomes evident that the names chosen for Guatemalan boys serve as more than just identifiers; they are symbols of identity, belonging, and the enduring spirit of Guatemala.

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