90+ Most Popular Irish Names for Girls

In the realm of baby naming, Irish heritage shines brightly with a treasure trove of exquisite names for girls. From the timeless elegance of Aoife to the poetic allure of Niamh, Irish names captivate with their lyrical beauty and rich cultural significance. Join us on a journey through the most popular Irish names for girls, where each name carries a story of tradition, resilience, and timeless charm.

90+ Most Popular Irish Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Aoife Beautiful, radiant
2 Caoimhe Gentle, beautiful
3 Saoirse Freedom
4 Niamh Brightness, beauty
5 Aisling Dream, vision
6 Ciara Dark, black
7 Roisin Little rose
8 Eabha Life
9 Siobhan God is gracious
10 Grainne Grace
11 Maeve Intoxicating
12 Orla Golden princess
13 Clodagh River
14 Aoibhinn Radiant, beautiful
15 Sinead God is gracious
16 Fionnuala Fair shoulder
17 Aine Radiance
18 Emer Swift
19 Bronagh Sorrowful
20 Deirdre Sorrowful
21 Sorcha Bright
22 Brigid Exalted one
23 Muireann Sea, white
24 Catriona Pure
25 Aoibheann Beautiful radiance
26 Meabh Intoxicating
27 Oona Lamb
28 Riona Queenly
29 Eimear Swift
30 Blathnaid Little flower
31 Sadhbh Sweet, lovely
32 Tara Hill, tower
33 Dervla Daughter of the poet
34 Una Lamb
35 Ailbhe White
36 Liadan Grey lady
37 Oonagh Lamb
38 Ailis Noble
39 Nuala Noble
40 Orfhlaith Golden princess
41 Síle Blind
42 Ailish Noble
43 Mairéad Pearl
44 Cáit Pure
45 Eilis God is my oath
46 Gráinne Grace
47 Aibhilín Pleasant, beautiful
48 Aoibhe Radiant
49 Étaín Jealousy
50 Róisín Little rose
51 Aodhnait Little fiery one
52 Síomha Good peace
53 Nóirín Little noble one
54 Sadhbha Sweet, lovely
55 Fíona Fair, white
56 Áine Radiance
57 Clíona Shapely
58 Fiadh Wild
59 Liadh Grey
60 Aoibhín Radiant
61 Muirne Festive, rejoicing
62 Eilidh Light, sun
63 Róise Rose
64 Siún God is gracious
65 Síofra Sprite, changeling
66 Treasa Strong
67 Eithne Kernel
68 Dáiríne Fertile
69 Maolisa Servant of Jesus
70 Doireann Sullen
71 Fiachra Raven
72 Aithne Grain, kernel
73 Tadhgáin Little poet
74 Eimhir Swift
75 Orlagh Golden princess
76 Aodhamair Pleasant, joyful
77 Cíar Black
78 Sinéidín God is gracious
79 Eibhlín Beautiful, radiant
80 Naoise Mythological hero
81 Síne God is gracious
82 Bláthín Little flower
83 Ríona Queenly
84 Caoilainn Slender
85 Clíodhna Shapely
86 Íde Thirsty, eager
87 Máirín Bitter
88 Máiréad Pearl
89 Úna Lamb
90 Ríoghnach Regal
91 Órlaith Golden princess
92 Éabha Life
93 Bláthnaid Little flower
94 Fionnghuala Fair shoulder
95 Meadhbh Intoxicating

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the popularity of Irish names for girls reflects a timeless appeal and deep cultural significance. From the ancient legends of Irish mythology to the modern trends of today, these names continue to enchant parents worldwide. Whether honoring family heritage or simply drawn to the melodic cadence of Gaelic, each name holds a unique charm and resonates with a sense of Irish pride. As we celebrate the richness of Irish naming traditions, one thing remains clear: these names are not just labels, but legacies that carry the spirit of Ireland into the future, forever cherished and beloved.

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