90+ Most Popular Hungarian Girl Names

In the heart of Hungary’s rich cultural heritage lies a treasure trove of girl names, each imbued with a blend of tradition and modernity. From the timeless elegance of names like Anna and Katalin to the vibrant allure of contemporary choices such as Zsófia and Lili, Hungarian parents have long celebrated the diversity and beauty of their daughters’ names. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of the most popular Hungarian girl names, where history meets innovation, and each name whispers a story of its own.

90+ Most Popular Hungarian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Eszter Star
2 Anna Grace, Mercy
3 Luca Light, Bringer of light
4 Lili Lily
5 Zsófia Wisdom
6 Hanna Grace
7 Boglárka Buttercup
8 Réka Peaceful Ruler
9 Petra Rock, Stone
10 Dóra Gift
11 Kinga Brave ruler
12 Viktória Victory
13 Emese Motherly love
14 Csenge Wind chime
15 Mira Wonderful
16 Bianka White
17 Flóra Flower
18 Szonja Wisdom
19 Evelin Life
20 Noémi Pleasantness, Sweetness
21 Zita Little girl
22 Adrienn Dark
23 Laura Laurel, Honor
24 Katalin Pure
25 Nóra Light
26 Ágnes Pure, Chaste
27 Renáta Reborn
28 Szilvia Forest
29 Sára Princess
30 Judit Woman from Judea
31 Veronika True image
32 Evelina Light, Life
33 Melinda Gentle, Sweet
34 Virág Flower
35 Szabina Sabine
36 Enikő Honorable
37 Lilla Lily
38 Orsolya Little bear
39 Gréta Pearl
40 Emília Rival
41 Vivien Alive
42 Nikolett Victory of the people
43 Ágota Good, Virtuous
44 Dalma Battle
45 Brigitta Exalted one
46 Ramóna Wise protector
47 Adél Noble, Kind
48 Rebeka Captivating, Enchanting
49 Tímea Honor, Respect
50 Léna Light
51 Zsuzsanna Lily
52 Csilla Star
53 Hajnalka Dawn
54 Zselyke Sweet, Blissful
55 Ibolya Violet
56 Diána Divine
57 Bernadett Brave as a bear
58 Eszti Star
59 Mercédesz Mercy
60 Lívia Blue, Envious
61 Franciska Free
62 Mária Bitter, Sea of bitterness
63 Rita Pearl
64 Rozália Rose
65 Zsanett God is gracious
66 Julianna Youthful, Downy
67 Sarolta Bright, Shining
68 Mariann Bitter, Sea of bitterness
69 Angéla Messenger, Angel
70 Rózsa Rose
71 Tünde Fairy
72 Andrea Manly, Brave
73 Erzsébet God is my oath
74 Zoltána Life, King
75 Annamária Grace, Mercy
76 Kíra Sunbeam
77 Blanka White, Shining
78 Ivett Archer
79 Borbála Stranger, Foreigner
80 Dorka Gift
81 Anikó Gracious
82 Márta Lady, Mistress
83 Helga Holy, Blessed
84 Szandra Defender of man
85 Hajnal Dawn
86 Ildikó Battle
87 Panna Lily
88 Dorottya Gift of God
89 Kamilla Free-born
90 Viola Violet
91 Kitti Pure
92 Jázmin Jasmine

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In conclusion,

In summary, Hungarian girl names offer a captivating glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage. Whether rooted in centuries-old traditions or reflecting modern influences, these names hold a special place in the hearts of parents across Hungary. From the enduring charm of classics like Eszter and Anna to the fresh appeal of contemporary favorites like Zsófia and Lili, each name carries its own unique story and significance. As new generations continue to shape the cultural landscape, Hungarian girl names serve as timeless symbols of identity, pride, and the enduring bond between tradition and innovation.

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