70+ Most Popular Hungarian Boy Names

Hungary, a country rich in history and culture, boasts a diverse tapestry of names, each carrying its own unique charm and significance. Among these, Hungarian boy names stand out for their strength, tradition, and timeless appeal. From the classic to the modern, Hungarian parents take great pride in selecting names that not only honor their heritage but also resonate with their aspirations for their sons. Join us on a journey through the most popular Hungarian boy names, where tradition meets innovation, and each name tells a story of its own.

70+ Most Popular Hungarian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Ábel Breath
2 Ádám Man, Earth
3 András Manly, Brave
4 Bence Blessed
5 Benedek Blessed
6 Botond To strike
7 Dávid Beloved
8 Dániel God is my judge
9 Domonkos Belonging to the Lord
10 Gergő Vigilant, Watchful
11 Gábor God’s bravest man
12 István Crown
13 Levente Lion
14 Máté Gift of God
15 Márk Warlike
16 Miklós Victory of the people
17 Márton Of Mars, War-like
18 Olivér Olive tree
19 Péter Rock, Stone
20 Richárd Brave ruler
21 Sándor Defender of man
22 Tamás Twin
23 Zoltán Life, King
24 Zsolt Rule, Sovereign
25 Áron Lofty, exalted
26 Balázs Royal, Kingly
27 Csaba Shepherd
28 Csongor Black horse
29 Dömötör God’s gift
30 Ferenc Free
31 Gellért Spear, Brave
32 György Farmer
33 János God is gracious
34 József God will increase
35 Krisztián Christian
36 László To rule with glory
37 Marcell Young warrior
38 Norbert Bright north
39 Patrik Nobleman
40 Roland Famous throughout the land
41 Sebestyén Revered, Venerable
42 Szabolcs Freer
43 Tibor Of the river Tiber
44 Vilmos Will, Desire
45 Zsombor Herb
46 Ákos White falcon
47 Bálint Brave
48 Géza Oath, Pledge
49 Zsigmond Victorious protection
50 Gergely Vigilant, Watchful
51 Hunor Hungarian ancestor
52 Lehel Helper, Assister
53 Milán Gracious, Dear
54 Szilárd Resolute, Strong
55 Zalán Moonlight
56 Ármin Noble, Great
57 Barnabás Son of encouragement
58 Fülöp Lover of horses
59 Imre Ruler
60 Lajos Famous warrior
61 Ottó Wealth, Fortune
62 Soma Moon
63 Viktor Conqueror, Champion
64 Dénes Follower of Dionysus
65 Gyula Youthful
66 Róbert Bright fame
67 Kristóf Christ-bearer
68 Loránd Famous land
69 Mihály Who is like God
70 Szilveszter Wild, Untamed
71 Farkas Wolf
72 Gáspár Treasurer
73 Mátyás Gift of God

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the landscape of Hungarian boy names reflects a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation. From the enduring classics rooted in centuries of history to the emerging trends that capture the spirit of modernity, Hungarian parents have a wealth of options to choose from when naming their sons. Whether drawn to the strength and nobility of names like Árpád and István or the freshness and uniqueness of contemporary choices like Bence and Máté, the diversity of Hungarian boy names mirrors the rich cultural heritage of the nation itself. As new generations continue to shape the cultural landscape, these names serve as enduring symbols of identity, pride, and the timeless bond between tradition and innovation.

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