100+ Most Popular French Names for Girls

Step into the enchanting world of French names for girls, where elegance and sophistication intertwine with timeless charm. From classic beauties like Sophie and Isabelle to contemporary darlings such as Léa and Manon, French names offer a treasure trove of options for your daughter. Join us as we explore over 100 of the most popular French names, each carrying its own story and allure, sure to captivate and inspire you on your journey to finding the perfect name for your little princess.

100+ Most Popular French Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Whole, universal
2 Chloé Blooming, verdant
3 Léa Weary or meadow
4 Manon Bitter
5 Inès Pure, holy
6 Camille Young ceremonial attendant
7 Sarah Princess, noblewoman
8 Clara Bright, clear
9 Jade Precious stone
10 Zoé Life, alive
11 Louise Famous warrior
12 Eva Life, living one
13 Anna Grace
14 Juliette Youthful, downy
15 Alice Noble, kind
16 Lina Tender, delicate
17 Charlotte Free, feminine
18 Léna Torch, light
19 Maëlys Gracious, favor
20 Lucie Light
21 Margaux Pearl
22 Lola Sorrows
23 Lilou Lily
24 Ambre Amber
25 Louna Moon
26 Éléna Bright, shining light
27 Elise Pledged to God
28 Romane From Rome
29 Elsa Noble, exalted
30 Agathe Good, kind
31 Amélie Hardworking
32 Mathilde Strength in battle
33 Éva Life, living one
34 Salomé Peaceful
35 Lila Night
36 Océane Ocean
37 Mélanie Black, dark
38 Anaïs Gracious, merciful
39 Célia Heaven
40 Élise Pledged to God
41 Margot Pearl
42 Noémie Pleasantness, charm
43 Audrey Noble strength
44 Justine Just, fair
45 Valentine Strong, healthy
46 Solène Solemn, dignified
47 Capucine Nasturtium flower
48 Axelle Father of peace
49 Elodie Foreign riches
50 Eléonore Light, sun
51 Maëlle Chief, prince
52 Ophélie Help, aid
53 Apolline Of Apollo
54 Anaïse Gracious, merciful
55 Olympe Heavenly
56 Clarisse Bright, clear
57 Fleur Flower
58 Gaëlle Generous, hospitable
59 Hélène Light, torch
60 Jeanne God is gracious
61 Léonie Lion-like
62 Marguerite Pearl
63 Thaïs Band, bond
64 Hortense Gardener
65 Angèle Messenger, angel
66 Amandine Worthy of love
67 Delphine Dolphin
68 Gabrielle God is my strength
69 Isabelle God is my oath
70 Joséphine God will increase
71 Laetitia Joy, happiness
72 Marianne Bitter, grace
73 Sabine Sabine
74 Sandrine Defending men
75 Stéphanie Crown, garland
76 Virginie Maiden, virgin
77 Yvonne Yew tree
78 Aurore Dawn, morning
79 Cécile Blind, sixth
80 Colette Victory of the people
81 Emmanuelle God is with us
82 Francine Free man
83 Ghislaine Pledge, oath
84 Jacqueline Supplanter
85 Lucille Light
86 Madeleine Woman from Magdala
87 Nathalie Born on Christmas Day
88 Perrine Rock
89 Renée Reborn
90 Simone Heard
91 Victoire Victory
92 Clémence Merciful
93 Élodie Foreign riches
94 Émilie Rival
95 Lucile Light
96 Mireille To admire
97 Rosalie Rose
98 Solange Solemn, dignified
99 Aline Noble
100 Céline Sky, heaven
101 Élisabeth God is my oath
102 Isabeau God is my oath
103 Jocelyne Joy, rejoice
104 Lorraine From Lorraine region
105 Marceline Dedicated to Mars
106 Priscille Ancient, venerable
107 Régine Queenly
108 Sidonie From Sidon
109 Thérèse Harvester
110 Véronique True image
111 Yvette Yew tree
112 Zélie Solemn oath
113 Aurélie Golden
114 Béatrice Bringer of joy
115 Daphné Laurel tree
116 Églantine Wild rose
117 Fabienne Bean grower
118 Gisèle Pledge, hostage
119 Héloïse Healthy, wide
120 Isolde Ice, iron
121 Joëlle God is willing
122 Katell Pure, chaste
123 Léonne Lion-like
124 Manette God is with us
125 Ninon Grace
126 Ondine Little wave
127 Pélagie Sea, ocean
128 Rosine Rose
129 Sibylle Prophetess
130 Tiphaine Epiphany
131 Ursule Little bear
132 Yolande Violet flower
133 Zéphyrine West wind
134 Adèle Noble, serene
135 Blanche White

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As we draw the curtains on our exploration of over 100 popular French names for girls, we hope you’ve been enchanted by the timeless beauty and cultural richness they embody. Whether you’re drawn to the grace of traditional names or the allure of modern ones, each name holds a piece of French heritage and elegance. May this diverse collection serve as a guiding light in your quest to bestow upon your daughter a name as beautiful and unique as she is, celebrating the enduring legacy of French culture and tradition along the way.

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