100+ Most Popular French Names for Boys

Embark on a journey through French culture and tradition as we delve into the world of names for boys. From the classic elegance of names like Louis and Pierre to the contemporary flair of Bastien and Mathis, French names offer a rich tapestry of history and meaning. Whether you seek timeless sophistication or modern allure, our curated collection of over 100 popular French names is sure to inspire your quest for the perfect name for your little one.

100+ Most Popular French Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Lucas Light
2 Gabriel God is my strength
3 Louis Famous warrior
4 Adam Man, humanity
5 Hugo Heart, mind, spirit
6 Léo Lion
7 Arthur Bear, noble
8 Nathan He gave
9 Jules Youthful, downy
10 Raphaël God has healed
11 Éthan Strong, firm
12 Mathis Gift of God
13 Alexandre Defender of mankind
14 Maxime The greatest
15 Antoine Priceless, worthy
16 Thomas Twin
17 Enzo Winner, conqueror
18 Théo God-given
19 Noah Rest, comfort
20 Liam Strong-willed warrior
21 Pierre Stone
22 Paul Small, humble
23 Bastien Revered, honored
24 Victor Winner, conqueror
25 Clément Mild, gentle
26 Gabin God is my strength
27 Mathéo Gift of God
28 Matteo Gift of God
29 Julien Youthful, downy
30 Axel Father of peace
31 Baptiste Baptizer
32 Timothée Honoring God
33 Quentin Fifth
34 Félix Happy, fortunate
35 Nicolas Victory of the people
36 Rayan Fragrant, favored
37 Samuel Heard by God
38 Evan Young warrior
39 Ethan Strong, firm
40 Sacha Defender of mankind
41 Yanis God is gracious
42 Noé Rest, comfort
43 Martin Of Mars, god of war
44 Diego Supplanter
45 Côme Order, beauty
46 Milan Kind, loving
47 Thibault Courageous, bold
48 Matéo Gift of God
49 Léon Lion
50 Luka Light
51 Mathieu Gift of God
52 Valentin Strong, healthy
53 Rémi Oarsman, rower
54 Corentin Hurricane
55 Gauthier Army ruler
56 Lucien Light
57 Sébastien Revered, honored
58 Augustin Great, magnificent
59 Adrien Dark, black
60 Damien To tame, subdue
61 Rémy Oarsman, rower
62 Loïc Famous warrior
63 Cédric Kind, loved
64 Florian Flowering, flourishing
65 Guillaume Will, protection
66 Romain From Rome
67 Olivier Olive tree
68 Denis Dedicated to Dionysus
69 Gaspard Treasurer
70 Anatole Sunrise
71 Benoît Blessed
72 Fabien Bean grower
73 Hippolyte Freer of horses
74 Émile Rival, challenger
75 Didier Desire, longing
76 Xavier New house
77 Fabrice Craftsman
78 Christophe Christ-bearer
79 Igor Warrior, archer
80 Laurent Laurel
81 Lionel Lion-like
82 Yannick God is gracious
83 Gaël Generous, hospitable
84 Yves Yew tree
85 François Free man
86 Jacques Supplanter
87 Régis Ruler, king
88 Yann God is gracious
89 Marius Male, virile
90 Ludovic Famous warrior
91 Grégoire Watchful, alert
92 Maxence The greatest
93 Basile Royal, kingly
94 Thibaut Courageous, bold
95 Édouard Wealthy guardian
96 Vivien Alive, lively
97 Clovis Renowned warrior
98 Kévin Handsome, beloved
99 Maël Prince, chief
100 Benjamin Son of the right hand
101 André Manly, brave
102 Étienne Crown, garland
103 Pascal Easter, child of Easter

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As we conclude our exploration of over 100 popular French names for boys, we hope you’ve found inspiration and insight into the rich cultural heritage they represent. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of traditional names or the contemporary charm of modern ones, each name carries its own story and significance. May this collection serve as a guide as you embark on the joyous journey of naming your son, celebrating the beauty and diversity of French culture along the way.

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