100+ Most Popular Finnish Names for Boys

In the journey of choosing a name for a baby boy, Finnish names offer a rich tapestry of diversity and meaning. Exploring the most popular Finnish names provides a glimpse into this vibrant cultural landscape. Join us as we delve into the list of names that have captured the hearts of many parents seeking the perfect name for their little ones.

100+ Most Popular Finnish Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Akseli Father of Peace
2 Antti Manly
3 Eetu Wealthy Guardian
4 Elias The Lord is My God
5 Emil Industrious, Striving
6 Eero Eternal Ruler
7 Eino Only
8 Aaro High Mountain, Exalted
9 Aleksi Defender of the People
10 Arttu Bear Man
11 Onni Happiness, Luck
12 Otto Wealth, Fortune
13 Oskari Divine Spear Warrior
14 Väinö Of Unknown Meaning, Possibly related to “vaino”, meaning persecution
15 Vilho Will, Desire
16 Vili Resolute Protector, Determined Guardian
17 Veeti Prosperity, Wealth
18 Ilmari Air, Breath, Finnish form of Hilmar, meaning “helmet of will”
19 Iiro Bows
20 Joona Dove
21 Juho God is gracious
22 Joonas Dove
23 Johannes The Lord is Gracious
24 Jere Exalted, High Mountain
25 Mikael Who is like God?
26 Matias Gift of God
27 Niklas Victory of the People
28 Nestori Homecoming, To Return Home
29 Nooa Rest, Comfort
30 Samuli Heard by God
31 Sakari God remembers
32 Sauli Asked for, Prayed for
33 Santeri Helper of Mankind
34 Tapio God of the Forest
35 Taneli God is my Judge
36 Tarmo Energy, Vigor
37 Topias God is Good
38 Eemeli Industrious, Striving
39 Henri Ruler of the Home
40 Henrik Ruler of the Home
41 Lauri Laurel, Crowned with Laurel
42 Lenni Brave Lion
43 Luukas From Lucania, Bright, Shining
44 Jalmari Helmet Protection
45 Jonne God is Gracious
46 Konsta Steadfast
47 Kaapo Brave, Bold
48 Kaarlo Free Man, Strong
49 Kasper Treasure
50 Kristian Follower of Christ
51 Konrad Bold Counselor
52 Leevi Joined, Attached
53 Mauri Dark-skinned, Moor
54 Niko Victory of the People
55 Oliver Olive Tree
56 Perttu Rock, Stone
57 Paavo Small
58 Rasmus Beloved
59 Roope Famous Wolf
60 Risto Christ-bearer, One who Carries Christ
61 Sampo Mythological Treasure
62 Santtu God has heard
63 Severi Severe, Stern
64 Tapani Crown of thorns
65 Taavi Beloved
66 Tero Man of the Earth
67 Tomi Twin
68 Tuomas Twin
69 Tuukka Gift of God
70 Urho Brave, Courageous
71 Valtteri Army Ruler
72 Verneri Alder
73 Yrjö Earth-worker, Farmer
74 Aapo Father of many nations
75 Aksel Father of Peace
76 Eemil Industrious, Striving
77 Erkki Peaceful Ruler
78 Eelis My God is the Lord
79 Hermanni Army Man
80 Ilari Cheerful, Joyful
81 Jaakko Supplanter, Heel Grabber
82 Jani God is Gracious
83 Jukka God is Gracious
84 Jarmo Appointed by God
85 Kasperi Treasurer
86 Kustaa Great, Magnificent
87 Lennart Lion Strong
88 Luka Light, Illumination
89 Mauno Strong, Brave
90 Mikko Who is like God?
91 Niilo Victory of the People
92 Olli Ancestor’s Descendant
93 Pekka Rock, Stone
94 Pentti Blessed
95 Rainer Wise Army
96 Simo Heard, Listener
97 Timo Honoring God
98 Tino Little Warrior
99 Toivo Hope
100 Urmas Guardian
101 Urpo Gentle, Mild
102 Vesa Dweller by the Aspen Tree
103 Ville Determined Protector
104 Voitto Victory

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As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Finnish names for boys, it’s evident that each name carries a unique story and cultural significance. From timeless classics to modern favorites, Finnish names offer a plethora of options for parents seeking a name that resonates with meaning and tradition. May this journey inspire you to find the perfect name for your little one, a name that encapsulates love, hope, and the beauty of Finnish heritage.

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