90+ Most Popular Finnish Names for Girls

In Finland, like in many cultures, names hold significant meaning and cultural importance. Finnish names often reflect nature, mythology, and Christian influences, resulting in a diverse array of beautiful and meaningful names for girls. Whether inspired by the serene landscapes of Finland’s forests and lakes or rooted in ancient folklore, Finnish names carry a sense of heritage and tradition. Let’s explore some of the most popular Finnish names for girls and delve into their rich meanings and origins.

90+ Most Popular Finnish Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Aino Only one
2 Aada Noble
3 Ella Short form of Eleanor, meaning “light” or “torch”
4 Sofia Wisdom
5 Emma Whole or universal
6 Venla Meadowsweet has small, delicate white flowers and is known for its pleasant fragrance.
7 Helmi Pearl
8 Emilia To strive or excel
9 Lotta Free man or warrior
10 Olivia Olive tree
11 Sara Princess
12 Siiri Victory or peace
13 Nea Unknown
14 Amanda Lovable
15 Matilda Battle-mighty
16 Alma Soul
17 Saara Princess
18 Elli Torch
19 Iida Hardworking
20 Viivi Line or stroke.
21 Linnea Lime tree
22 Hilla “Hilla” refers to the bilberry fruit
23 Aava Open, wide
24 Aurora Dawn
25 Veera Faith or truth
26 Mila Gracious or dear
27 Nelli Torch
28 Selma Fair
29 Iiris Rainbow
30 Inka Unknown
31 Kerttu Beloved
32 Lumi Snow
33 Minttu Mint
34 Nella Grace or favor
35 Oona Lamb
36 Pinja Pine tree
37 Reetta Pearl
38 Ronja Strength, independence, and adventure
39 Sanni Unknown
40 Satu Fairy tale
41 Sini Blue
42 Suvi Summer
43 Tiia Unknown
44 Tilda Battle-mighty
45 Tuuli Wind
46 Unna Love
47 Vilma Will helmet
48 Wilma Will helmet
49 Noora Light
50 Anni Grace
51 Anniina Grace
52 Ilona Light
53 Jonna Unknown
54 Katariina Pure
55 Petra Rock
56 Susanna Lily
57 Eveliina Vitality and youthfulness
58 Hannele God’s grace
59 Janina God is gracious
60 Kaarina Pure
61 Marika Bitter or sea of bitterness
62 Riikka Ruler
63 Salla Permission, acceptance
64 Tanja Variant of the name Tatiana
65 Virpi Unknown
66 Essi Star
67 Anneli Grace
68 Elina Torch
69 Johanna God is gracious
70 Kaisa Pure
71 Marja Bitter or sea of bitterness
72 Paula Small
73 Riina Purity or innocence
74 Sirpa Unknown
75 Tarja Birch tree
76 Riitta Pearl
77 Leena Light
78 Marjatta Pearl
79 Päivi Day
80 Soile Light
81 Henna Red
82 Meri Sea
83 Evelina Life or living one
84 Hanna Grace
85 Katri Pure
86 Maija Bitter or sea of bitterness
87 Anu Grace
88 Elisa God is my oath
89 Heidi Noble or kind
90 Mirja Wished-for child
91 Sari Princess
92 Kirsi Cherry
93 Tiina River
94 Marjo Unknown
95 Minna Love
96 Outi Unknown
97 Auli Gold

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In conslution,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Finnish names for girls, it’s evident that each name carries its own unique charm and significance. From timeless classics to more contemporary choices, Finnish names offer a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and symbolism. Whether parents seek a name rooted in tradition, inspired by nature, or reflecting modern trends, Finnish names provide a wealth of options to suit every preference. By embracing these names, families not only celebrate Finnish culture but also instill a sense of pride and connection to their heritage in their daughters. With each name carrying its own story and meaning, the tradition of naming remains a cherished aspect of Finnish identity.


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