100+ Most Popular English Names for Boys

In the fascinating tapestry of English names, the choices for boys weave a rich narrative of tradition, trends, and timeless appeal. From enduring classics to the latest favorites, let’s embark on a journey to explore the diverse and captivating world of the Most Popular English Names for Boys. Whether you seek inspiration or simply revel in the beauty of nomenclature, this exploration promises to unveil the unique stories behind the names that resonate across generations.

100+ Most Popular English Names for Boys

1 James Supplanter
2 Oliver Olive tree
3 William Resolute protector
4 Henry Ruler of the household
5 Benjamin Son of the right hand
6 Jack God is gracious
7 Ethan Strong, firm
8 Alexander Defender of the people
9 Samuel Heard by God
10 Daniel God is my judge
11 Michael Who is like God?
12 Matthew Gift of God
13 Joseph May he add, increase
14 David Beloved
15 Noah Rest, comfort
16 Andrew Manly, courageous
17 Lucas Light
18 Thomas Twin
19 Christopher Christ-bearer
20 Isaac Laughter
21 Jackson Son of Jack
22 Aiden Little fire
23 Elijah My God is Yahweh
24 Gabriel God is my strength
25 Caleb Faithful, devoted
26 Dylan Son of the sea
27 Mason Worker in stone
28 Logan Small, round hill
29 Ryan Little king
30 Nathan He gave
31 Luke Light
32 Owen Young warrior
33 Julian Youthful
34 Anthony Priceless
35 Brandon Beacon hill
36 Adam Man, earth
37 Zachary Remembered by God
38 Levi Joined, attached
39 Cameron Crooked nose
40 Hunter One who hunts
41 Christian Follower of Christ
42 Aaron High mountain
43 Jonathan Gift of God
44 Nicholas Victory of the people
45 Evan God is gracious
46 Connor Lover of hounds
47 Jeremiah God will uplift
48 Jaxon Son of Jack
49 Wyatt Brave in battle
50 Max Greatest
51 Sebastian Revered
52 Leo Lion
53 Eli Ascended, uplifted
54 Hudson Son of Hugh
55 Brayden Broad hill
56 Nolan Descendant of a chariot fighter
57 Charles Free man
58 Isaiah Salvation of the Lord
59 Josiah Fire of the Lord
60 Cooper Barrel maker
61 Dominic Belonging to the Lord
62 Austin Majestic
63 Ayden Little fire
64 Grayson Son of the steward
65 Jordan To flow down, descend
66 Carson Son of Carr
67 Ian God is gracious
68 Xavier Bright, splendid
69 Easton East town
70 Carter Cart driver
71 Chase Hunter, pursuer
72 Miles Soldier, merciful
73 Adrian Dark one
74 Justin Just, fair
75 Blake Pale, fair-haired
76 Eliott The Lord is my God
77 Ryder Knight, mounted warrior
78 Cole Victory of the people
79 Colton Coal town
80 Bryson Son of Brice
81 Landon Long hill
82 Bentley Meadow with coarse grass
83 Lincoln Lake colony
84 Wesley Western meadow
85 Kaden Fighter
86 Parker Park keeper
87 Camden Winding valley
88 Maverick Independent, non-conformist
89 Roman Citizen of Rome
90 Bennett Blessed
91 Kingston King’s town
92 Theodore God’s gift
93 Asher Happy, blessed
94 Rowan Little redhead
95 Sawyer Woodcutter
96 Declan Man of prayer
97 Brooks Water, small stream
98 Griffin Strong lord
99 Silas Man of the forest
100 Kai Sea
101 Felix Happy, fortunate
102 Axel Father of peace
103 Maxwell Great stream
104 Beckett Beehive or little brook
105 Elias Yahweh is my God
106 Holden Deep valley
107 Maddox Son of Madoc
108 Jasper Treasurer
109 Theo God-given
110 Nathaniel Gift of God
111 Everett Brave, strong boar
112 Harrison Son of Harry
113 Ezra Help, helper
114 Tyler Tile maker
115 Gavin White hawk

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of the Most Popular English Names for Boys, we’ve delved into a captivating realm where tradition harmonizes with modernity. These names not only reflect cultural legacies but also mirror evolving tastes. Whether one opts for a timeless classic or a contemporary gem, each name holds a unique story. As we celebrate the enduring charm of these names, we recognize the power they have to shape identities and leave a lasting legacy. In the world of English names for boys, the journey is as timeless as the names themselves, echoing through the corridors of history and promising an ever-continuing tale of diversity and significance.

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