80+ Most Popular Cypriot Names for Boys

Step into the captivating realm of Cypriot culture as we unveil the most popular names for boys. From cherished classics to modern favorites, these names encapsulate the essence of Cyprus’ rich heritage and vibrant identity. Join us on a journey through the cultural tapestry of Cypriot boy names, each one a testament to tradition and significance.

80+ Most Popular Cypriot Names for Boys

No. Name Cypriot Equivalent Meaning
1 Andreas Ανδρέας Manly, Brave
2 Yiannis Γιάννης God is gracious
3 Christos Χρήστος Christ-bearer
4 George Γιώργος Farmer, Earth-worker
5 Michalis Μιχάλης Who is like God?
6 Panagiotis Παναγιώτης All-Holy
7 Antonis Αντώνης Priceless, Highly Prized
8 Costas Κώστας Constant, Steadfast
9 Kyriakos Κυριάκος Of the Lord
10 Constantinos Κωνσταντίνος Constant, Steadfast
11 Dimitris Δημήτρης Earth-lover
12 Savvas Σάββας Sabbath
13 Spyros Σπύρος Spirit
14 Stavros Σταύρος Cross
15 Marios Μάριος From Mars, Warlike
16 Charalambos Χαράλαμπος Shining with joy
17 Petros Πέτρος Rock, Stone
18 Charis Χάρης Grace
19 Theodoros Θεόδωρος God-given
20 Ioannis Ιωάννης God is gracious
21 Alexandros Αλέξανδρος Defender of the people
22 Yiorgos Γιώργος Farmer, Earth-worker
23 Nikos Νίκος Victory
24 Angelos Άγγελος Messenger, Angel
25 Efstathios Ευστάθιος Stable, Steady
26 Eleftherios Ελευθέριος Free, Liberated
27 Filippos Φίλιππος Lover of horses
28 Haris Χάρης Grace
29 Kostas Κώστας Constant, Steadfast
30 Lefteris Λευτέρης Liberator
31 Manolis Μανώλης God with us
32 Markos Μάρκος Warlike
33 Nikolas Νικόλας Victory of the people
34 Pantelis Παντελής All-Gifted
35 Paris Πάρις From Paris, France
36 Pavlos Παύλος Small, Humble
37 Polys Πολύς Much, Many
38 Sotiris Σωτήρης Savior
39 Stephanos Στέφανος Crown
40 Takis Τάκης Short for Dimitris
41 Thanasis Θανάσης Immortal
42 Vasilis Βασίλης King
43 Adonis Άδωνις Lord
44 Athanasios Αθανάσιος Immortal
45 Christodoulos Χριστόδουλος Christ’s slave
46 Damianos Δαμιανός To tame
47 Dionysis Διονύσιος Of Dionysus, God of wine
48 Fanis Φάνης Manifestation
49 Fotis Φώτης Light
50 Gabriel Γαβριήλ God is my strength
51 Iason Ιάσων Healer, Jason
52 Konstantinos Κωνσταντίνος Constant, Steadfast
53 Leonidas Λεωνίδας Lion-like
54 Loukas Λουκάς From Lucania, Italy
55 Lysandros Λυσάνδρος Freeing man
56 Marinos Μαρίνος Of the sea
57 Miltiadis Μιλτιάδης Soldier, Warrior
58 Nestoras Νέστορας Homecoming
59 Odysseas Οδυσσέας Wrathful
60 Pambos Πάμπος All
61 Phoebus Φοίβος Bright, Pure
62 Polykarpos Πολύκαρπος Much fruit
63 Rafael Ραφαήλ God has healed
64 Simeon Συμεών God has heard
65 Sofoklis Σοφοκλής Wise glory
66 Themistocles Θεμιστοκλής Glory of the law
67 Theophilos Θεόφιλος Loved by God
68 Timotheos Τιμόθεος Honoring God
69 Titos Τίτος Title of honor
70 Vangelis Βαγγέλης Bearer of good news
71 Vasilios Βασίλειος Royal, Kingly
72 Xenophon Ξενοφών Foreign voice
73 Zinon Ζήνων Zeus
74 Agathangelos Αγαθάγγελος Good angel
75 Aggelos Άγγελος Messenger, Angel
76 Christakis Χριστάκης Christ-bearer
77 Christoforos Χριστόφορος Christ-bearer
78 Demetrios Δημήτριος Earth-lover
79 Dionysios Διονύσιος Of Dionysus, God of wine
80 Evangelos Ευάγγελος Bearer of good news
81 Gavriel Γαβριήλ God is my strength
82 Ioakim Ιωάκειμ Raised by God
83 Iordanis Ιορδάνης Descending
84 Lazaros Λάζαρος God has helped
85 Neofytos Νεόφυτος Newly planted
86 Sergios Σέργιος Keeper, Watcher

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Cypriot names for boys offers a fascinating glimpse into the island’s cultural heritage and identity. From names steeped in ancient traditions to those embracing modern trends, each name carries with it a story, a legacy, and a sense of belonging. Through this journey, we’ve discovered the enduring significance of these names, reflecting the past, present, and future of Cyprus. As we celebrate the diversity and richness of Cypriot culture, let these names serve as a reminder of the island’s vibrant spirit and the timeless bonds that unite its people.

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