100+ Most Popular Australian Names for Boys

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting decision. In Australia, names reflect a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary trends. Our list of the most popular Australian names for boys offers a mix of traditional and modern favorites, capturing the essence of Australian identity. Explore these top choices to find the perfect name for your little one.

100+ Most Popular Australian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Oliver Olive tree
2 Noah Rest, comfort
3 Leo Lion
4 Jack God is gracious
5 Henry Ruler of the household
6 William Resolute protector
7 Charlie Free man
8 Lucas Light-giving
9 James Supplanter
10 Thomas Twin
11 Ethan Strong, firm
12 Liam Strong-willed warrior
13 Alexander Defender of the people
14 Elijah The Lord is my God
15 Archie Genuine, bold
16 Mason Worker in stone
17 Harrison Son of Harry
18 Levi Joined, attached
19 Hunter One who hunts
20 Theodore God-given, gift of God
21 Isaac He will laugh
22 Sebastian Revered, respected
23 Hudson Son of the hooded man
24 Oscar God’s spear
25 Luca Light, brightness
26 Xavier Bright, splendid
27 Samuel Heard by God
28 George Farmer, earthworker
29 Max Greatest
30 Finn Fair, white
31 Arthur Bear
32 Benjamin Son of the right hand
33 Harry Home ruler
34 Logan Small, hollow
35 Lachlan From the fjord-land
36 Kai Sea
37 Arlo Fortified hill
38 Theo God-given, divine gift
39 Hugo Mind, intellect
40 Joshua God is salvation
41 Matthew Gift of God
42 Gabriel God is my strength
43 Nathan He gave
44 Lincoln Lake colony
45 Jacob Supplanter
46 Edward Wealthy guardian
47 Riley Courageous
48 Jasper Treasurer
49 Beau Handsome
50 Ryan Little king
51 Zachary Remembered by God
52 Connor Wolf lover
53 Felix Happy, fortunate
54 Harvey Battle-worthy
55 Ashton Ash tree town
56 Jaxon Son of Jack
57 Jayden Jehovah has heard
58 Michael Who is like God?
59 Dylan Son of the sea
60 Tyler Tile maker
61 Blake Pale, fair-haired
62 Patrick Nobleman, patrician
63 Rory Red king
64 Declan Full of goodness
65 Caleb Faithful, devoted
66 Aiden Little fire
67 Carter Cart driver
68 Jordan To flow down
69 Roman Of Rome
70 Jesse God’s gift
71 Vincent Conquering
72 Mitchell Who is like God?
73 Marcus Warlike
74 Brody Ditch
75 Angus Unique choice
76 Leon Lion
77 Dominic Belonging to the Lord
78 Louis Renowned warrior
79 Austin Majestic
80 Remy Oarsman
81 Reuben Behold, a son
82 Alfie Counselor, advisor
83 Louie Renowned warrior
84 Tommy Twin
85 Hamish Supplanter
86 Darcy Dark one
87 Adam Man, earth
88 Owen Well-born, noble
89 Alex Defender of the people
90 Byron From the barns
91 Nathaniel Gift of God
92 Koa Brave, bold
93 Spencer Steward, dispenser of provisions
94 Flynn Red-haired one
95 Aaron High mountain
96 Cooper Barrel maker
97 Daniel God is my judge
98 Luke Light-giving
99 Toby God is good
100 Aidan Little fire
101 Nate Gift of God

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a special and meaningful process. The most popular Australian names for boys reflect a rich blend of tradition, modernity, and cultural diversity. Whether you choose a name that honors your heritage or one that feels fresh and contemporary, each name on this list carries a unique charm. We hope this collection has provided you with inspiration and helped you find a name that perfectly suits your little one, celebrating the vibrant spirit of Australia.

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