80+ Most Popular Croatian Names for Boys

Croatian culture boasts a rich tapestry of tradition and heritage, reflected even in the names bestowed upon its sons. From timeless classics to modern favorites, Croatian names for boys carry stories of ancestry and pride. In this exploration of “Most Popular Croatian Names for Boys,” we delve into a diverse array of names that not only resonate with the beauty of the Croatian language but also encapsulate the spirit of its people. Join us on this journey through a hundred names that symbolize strength, resilience, and a deep-rooted connection to Croatian identity.

80+ Popular Croatian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Matej Gift of God
2 Luka Light
3 Ivan God is gracious
4 Marko Warlike
5 Filip Lover of horses
6 David Beloved
7 Antonio Priceless
8 Josip God will add
9 Petar Rock
10 Karlo Free man
11 Marin Of the sea
12 Nikola Victory of the people
13 Kristijan Follower of Christ
14 Dominik Belonging to the Lord
15 Mario Warlike
16 Dario Upholder of the good
17 Tomislav Glorious in battle
18 Mihael Who is like God
19 Damir To give peace
20 Stjepan Crown
21 Andrija Manly
22 Zvonimir Peaceful
23 Boris Battle glory
24 Aleksandar Defender of the people
25 Lovro Famous warrior
26 Fran Free man
27 Denis God of wine
28 Igor Warrior
29 Renato Reborn
30 Zoran Dawn
31 Mislav Famous glory
32 Hrvoje Peaceful
33 Slaven Glorious
34 Vedran Joyous
35 Mateo Gift of God
36 Kristian Follower of Christ
37 Dalibor Far away battle
38 Domagoj Home lord
39 Bojan Battle
40 Roko Fame
41 Stipe Crown
42 Zlatko Golden
43 Dragan Dear, beloved
44 Velimir Great peace
45 Krešimir Ruler, lord of peace
46 Alen Handsome
47 Zdravko Healthy, strong
48 Marinko Of the sea
49 Božidar Gift of God
50 Željko Wish, desire
51 Dražen Precious
52 Mladen Youthful
53 Miljenko Gracious, dear
54 Ante Priceless
55 Emil Industrious
56 Eduard Wealthy guardian
57 Silvio Wood, forest
58 Branko Glorious defender
59 Miroslav Peaceful glory
60 Nenad Hope
61 Goran Highlander
62 Valentino Strong, healthy
63 Vjekoslav Glory of time
64 Šime Listener, obedient
65 Drago Precious, beloved
66 Zdenko Of modesty, humility
67 Patrik Noble, patrician
68 Darko Gift
69 Mirko Peace
70 Ivo Yew, archer
71 Slavko Glorious, famous
72 Radovan Joyous, happy
73 Milorad Gracious, dear
74 Danko God is my judge
75 Dušan Soul, spirit
76 Zlatan Golden
77 Leon Lion
78 Miro Peace
79 Mato Gift of God
80 Saša Defender of man
81 Žarko Bright, fiery
82 Zrinko Gold
83 Tihomir Peaceful ruler

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of “Popular Croatian Names for Boys,” we are reminded of the rich cultural tapestry woven into each name. From the traditional to the modern, these names carry with them the essence of Croatian heritage and identity. Whether inspired by historical figures, natural elements, or cherished traditions, each name holds a story waiting to be discovered. As parents seek to honor their roots and instill a sense of pride in their children, these names offer a timeless connection to Croatia’s past, present, and future. May the journey of naming be a celebration of culture, family, and the enduring spirit of the Croatian people.

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