80+ Most Popular Croatian Names for Girls

Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Croatian names for girls. From timeless classics steeped in tradition to modern favorites brimming with elegance, Croatian names carry stories of heritage and pride. Join us as we explore the most popular Croatian names for girls, each one a testament to the beauty and richness of Croatian culture.

80+ Most Popular Croatian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Ana Grace
2 Mia Mine or Bitter
3 Petra Rock or Stone
4 Ivana God is gracious
5 Marija Bitter or wished-for child
6 Lucija Light
7 Lana Rock or peaceful
8 Sara Princess
9 Marta Lady or mistress of the house
10 Katarina Pure
11 Dora Gift
12 Lea Weary or meadow
13 Nika Victory
14 Tena Fiery
15 Antonia Priceless
16 Ema Whole or universal
17 Iva Willow
18 Nikolina Victory of the people
19 Kristina Follower of Christ
20 Elena Bright, shining light
21 Magdalena From the high tower
22 Maja Great
23 Tea Gift of God
24 Karla Free woman
25 Ivona Archer
26 Nina Little girl
27 Anja Graceful
28 Ana-Marija Combination of Ana and Marija
29 Helena Bright, shining light
30 Valentina Strong, healthy
31 Renata Reborn
32 Zrinka Precious
33 Sanja Dream
34 Jelena Shining light
35 Luka Light
36 Jana God is gracious
37 Marijana Bitter or wished-for child
38 Nives Snow
39 Monika Advisor
40 Matea Gift of God
41 Vesna Spring
42 Vanja God is gracious
43 Marina From the sea
44 Irena Peace
45 Branka Protector
46 Anita Grace
47 Mirjana Peace
48 Dunja Quince
49 Danijela God is my judge
50 Ana-Maria Combination of Ana and Maria
51 Veronika Bringer of victory
52 Sonja Wisdom
53 Ines Chaste or pure
54 Ljubica Love
55 Tamara Palm tree
56 Jasminka Jasmine
57 Mila Gracious or dear
58 Brigita Strength
59 Lidija Woman from Lydia
60 Margareta Pearl
61 Vedrana Clear
62 Sandra Defender of mankind
63 Anamarija Combination of Ana and Marija
64 Melita Honey-sweet
65 Ksenija Hospitality
66 Viktorija Victor
67 Anica Grace
68 Snježana Snow
69 Tanja Fairy queen
70 Zora Dawn
71 Andreja Manly or brave
72 Kata Pure
73 Dijana Divine
74 Dubravka Oak tree
75 Mira Peace
76 Mirela Admirable
77 Karmen Vineyard
78 Marijeta Pearl
79 Marica Bitter or wished-for child
80 Martina Warlike
81 Milica Industrious
82 Nevenka Marigold
83 Ružica Rose
84 Senka Shadow
85 Vlasta Ruler
86 Zlata Golden

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In conclusion,

As we come to the end of our exploration into the “Most Popular Croatian Names for Girls,” we are reminded of the profound beauty and cultural significance encapsulated within each name. From historical figures to nature-inspired appellations, these names reflect the rich tapestry of Croatian heritage. Whether honoring ancestors or embracing modern trends, these names serve as a timeless connection to Croatia’s past and a beacon of hope for its future generations. May the journey of naming be a celebration of tradition, identity, and the enduring spirit of Croatian women everywhere.

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