100+ Most Popular Chinese Names for Girls

Choosing a name for a child is a cherished tradition in Chinese culture. In this article, we explore over 100 popular Chinese names for girls, highlighting their meanings and cultural significance. Whether you’re naming your daughter or interested in Chinese names, this guide offers valuable insights.

100+ Most Popular Chinese Names for Girls

No. Name Chinese Equivalent Meaning
1 Mei Beautiful
2 Xia Summer
3 Li Jasmine
4 Yan Swallow (bird)
5 Hua Splendid, flowery
6 Yue Moon
7 Jing Quiet, still
8 Qing Blue, green, young
9 Fang Fragrant
10 Xiu Elegant, beautiful
11 Xin Heart, mind
12 Wei Fern
13 Ying Brave, hero
14 Yuan Beautiful, graceful
15 Ping Peaceful, level
16 Xiang Fragrant
17 Lan Orchid
18 Xue Snow
19 Rong Hibiscus
20 Jin Ferry, ford
21 Yun Rhyme, charm
22 Hui Intelligent, wise
23 Yu Jade
24 Qian Elegant, beautiful
25 Xiao Dawn, daybreak
26 Jia Good, fine
27 Min Quick, clever
28 Juan Graceful
29 Zhen Precious
30 Ling Tinkling of jade
31 Xuan Daisy, carefree
32 Xiaoyan 小燕 Little swallow
33 Yanling 燕玲 Swallow and jade
34 Xiaoling 小玲 Little tinkling jade
35 Xiaoqian 小倩 Little elegant
36 Yaqi 雅琪 Elegant and jade
37 Meifen 美芬 Beautiful and fragrant
38 Meng Dream
39 Jiayi 嘉怡 Good and joyful
40 Mingmei 明美 Bright and beautiful
41 Xiaohui 小慧 Little wise
42 Yaqing 雅琴 Elegant and stringed instrument
43 Xiaohong 小红 Little red
44 Meiling 美玲 Beautiful tinkling jade
45 Jiaying 嘉莹 Good and bright
46 Meiying 美英 Beautiful and heroic
47 Qiu Autumn
48 Yueying 月英 Moon and hero
49 Yanmei 艳梅 Beautiful plum
50 Lanfen 兰芬 Orchid and fragrant
51 Xiaomei 小美 Little beauty
52 Yanli 燕丽 Swallow and beautiful
53 Liling 丽玲 Beautiful tinkling jade
54 Jingyi 静怡 Quiet and pleasant
55 Xiaolin 小林 Little forest
56 Qianyu 倩玉 Elegant jade
57 Xinyi 欣怡 Joyful and happy
58 Yanxi 燕西 West swallow
59 Xiaoxue 小雪 Little snow
60 Yanxiu 艳秀 Beautiful and elegant
61 Xiaoli 小丽 Little beautiful
62 Qingyi 清怡 Clear and pleasant
63 Xiaolan 小兰 Little orchid
64 Xiaojie 小洁 Little clean
65 Lanxi 兰溪 Orchid stream
66 Meixiang 美香 Beautiful fragrance
67 Yanxiang 燕香 Swallow fragrance
68 Lanmei 兰美 Orchid and beautiful
69 Xiaoying 小英 Little hero
70 Xiaowen 小文 Little literature
71 Yuanyuan 圆圆 Round and cute
72 Yanrong 燕蓉 Swallow and hibiscus
73 Meixia 美霞 Beautiful clouds
74 Yuexin 月心 Moon heart
75 Xiaohua 小花 Little flower
76 Yanfang 燕芳 Swallow and fragrant
77 Yanping 燕平 Swallow and peace
78 Yunyun 云云 Cloudy
79 Xiaojing 小静 Little quiet
80 Yingying 营营 Bright and beautiful
81 Xiaoxiao 小小 Tiny, small
82 Jingjing 静静 Quiet and gentle
83 Meimei 美美 Beautiful
84 Qingqing 清清 Clear and fresh
85 Xiaoxuan 小萱 Little daisy
86 Yujie 玉洁 Jade and clean
87 Xinyue 心悦 Joyful heart
88 Xiaoyun 小云 Little cloud
89 Yanhong 燕红 Red swallow
90 Xiaofang 小芳 Little fragrant
91 Meizhen 美珍 Beautiful and precious
92 Xiaorong 小荣 Little glory
93 Qianqian 倩倩 Graceful
94 Yulan 玉兰 Jade orchid
95 Xiaodi 小娣 Little beauty
96 Yingzi 萤子 Firefly
97 Lixue 丽雪 Beautiful snow
98 Yuwei 玉薇 Jade and fern
99 Xiaojun 小君 Little lord
100 Xiaoyi 小怡 Little joy
101 Yueting 月婷 Moon and graceful
102 Lanlan 兰兰 Orchid
103 Xiaoxin 小欣 Little joy
104 Xiaomin 小敏 Little clever
105 Xiaodan 小丹 Little red

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for a girl in Chinese culture is a thoughtful process filled with meaning and tradition. The most popular Chinese names for girls embody virtues, beauty, and hopes for the future. By understanding these names, we gain a deeper appreciation for Chinese cultural heritage. Whether you choose a traditional or modern name, the significance behind it will always play a crucial role in shaping your child’s identity and legacy.

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