100+ Most Popular Chinese Names for Boys

Choosing a name for a child is a meaningful tradition in Chinese culture, reflecting virtues, aspirations, and heritage. In this article, we explore over 100 of the most popular Chinese names for boys, highlighting their meanings and cultural significance. Whether you’re naming your own child or interested in Chinese names, this guide offers valuable insights.

100+ Most Popular Chinese Names for Boys

No. Name Chinese Equivalent Meaning
1 Jian Build, establish
2 Wei Great, mighty
3 Xiao Dawn, morning
4 Chao Surpass, exceed
5 Ming Bright, clear
6 Jun Army, military
7 Yi Righteousness
8 Tao Waves
9 Lei Thunder
10 Shan Mountain
11 Hao Vast, grand
12 Kai Triumphant
13 Zhi Ambition, will
14 Lin Forest, woods
15 Feng Sharp, pointed
16 Yang Raise, promote
17 Xuan Pavilion, balcony
18 Yuan Distant, far
19 Chen Morning
20 Liang Bright, clear
21 Hua Splendid, glorious
22 Jin Brocade, tapestry
23 Qiang Strong, powerful
24 Yong Brave, courageous
25 Xing Star
26 Zheng Upright, just
27 Bo Wave
28 Xiang Soar, fly
29 Guang Light, glory
30 Long Dragon
31 Han Inclusive, tolerant
32 Tian Sky, heaven
33 Zhen Precious, rare
34 Dong East
35 Sheng Prosperous, flourishing
36 Jiang River, large body of water
37 Zhong Middle, central
38 Yu Universe, space
39 Bing Ice
40 Xin Wealth, flourishing
41 Qing Celebrate, rejoice
42 Peng Roc, mythical bird
43 Shi World, era
44 Zong Ancestral, origin
45 Cheng Accomplish, succeed
46 Yan Swallow (bird)
47 Qin Diligent, industrious
48 Wen Culture, literature
49 Min Quick, clever
50 Ren Benevolence, kindness
51 Xue Study, learn
52 Quan Spring, fountain
53 Shu Comfortable, relaxed
54 Xun Swift, rapid
55 Zhu Pearl
56 An Peace, tranquility
57 Huan Joy, happiness
58 Xian Virtuous, worthy
59 Ziyi 子轶 Outstanding child, remarkable
60 Zhao Shine, illuminate
61 Yifan 逸凡 Outstanding, extraordinary
62 Qiu Autumn
63 Chun Spring
64 Guo Country, nation
65 Jianyu 建宇 Build the universe
66 Ling Age, years
67 Mao Luxuriant, lush
68 Nan Nanmu (a type of wood)
69 Ping Peaceful, level
70 Song Pine
71 Tai Peaceful, safe
72 Xiaolong 小龙 Little dragon
73 Yao Ancient Chinese sage
74 Zan Praise, commend
75 Zihao 子豪 Son of hero
76 Zixin 子昕 Son of the heart
77 Ziwei 子炜 Son of brightness
78 Ziyang 子洋 Son of the ocean
79 Zhixin 志鑫 Ambitious and wealthy
80 Chenglong 成龙 Accomplished dragon (Jackie Chan’s name)
81 Fang Square, upright
82 Jiahao 佳豪 Excellent hero
83 Jianjun 建军 Build the army
84 Rui Auspicious, lucky
85 Shuai Handsome, smart
86 Tianyi 天义 Just heaven
87 Xiaoyu 晓宇 Morning universe
88 Yuchen 雨晨 Rainy morning
89 Zhihao 志豪 Ambitious hero
90 Heng Balancing, steady
91 Yifeng 逸风 Outstanding wind
92 Yuxuan 宇轩 Universe and loftiness
93 Haochen 浩晨 Vast morning
94 Jiayi 嘉逸 Excellent and outstanding
95 Yiming 一鸣 Achieving fame
96 Yuwei 宇威 Universe and power
97 Ziyu 子昱 Son of the sun
98 Xiaobo 小波 Little wave
99 Shao Few, young
100 Yun Luck, fortune
101 Zhiwei 志伟 Ambitious and great
102 Yucheng 宇成 Universe and success
103 Minghao 明豪 Bright and heroic
104 Kun Earth, universe
105 Chunyu 淳远 Pure and distant
106 Zixuan 子轩 Outstanding loftiness

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In conclusion,

The names we give our children are more than just labels; they are reflections of our hopes, values, and cultural heritage. The most popular Chinese names for boys carry deep meanings and have been carefully selected for generations to embody positive qualities and aspirations. By understanding the significance behind these names, we gain insight into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and the timeless tradition of naming. Whether you choose a traditional name or a modern one, the importance of the name you give your child will always hold a special place in their identity and legacy.

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