90+ Most Popular Belarusian Girl Names

Welcome to a journey through Belarusian culture and tradition as we delve into the most beloved girl names of this enchanting country. Each name carries a story, blending centuries-old heritage with contemporary charm. Join us in discovering the beauty and significance of these cherished Belarusian names.

90+ Most Popular Belarusian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Anastasiya Resurrection
2 Viktoryia Victory
3 Darya Possessing goodness
4 Maryna Of the sea
5 Aliaksandra Defender of mankind
6 Katsiaryna Pure
7 Natallia Born on Christmas
8 Yuliya Youthful
9 Tatsiana Queen
10 Hanna Grace
11 Alena Bright, shining
12 Volha Free
13 Sviatlana Light
14 Iryna Peace
15 Karina Pure
16 Marina Of the sea
17 Nataliya Born on Christmas
18 Veranika Spring-like
19 Palina Small
20 Zhanna God is gracious
21 Ulyana Youthful
22 Valiantsina Brave
23 Yana God is gracious
24 Larysa Cheerful
25 Anzhelika Angelic
26 Arina Peace
27 Darina Gift
28 Elena Bright, shining
29 Kseniya Hospitality
30 Margaryta Pearl
31 Polina Small
32 Sofiya Wisdom
33 Taisiya Silence
34 Yelizaveta God’s oath
35 Zinaida Daughter of Zeus
36 Raisa Easy
37 Milana Gracious
38 Svetlana Light
39 Anzhelina Angelic
40 Zoya Alive
41 Viktoryya Victory
42 Nastassia Resurrection
43 Milena Gracious
44 Yevgeniya Well-born
45 Oksana Praise be to God
46 Lyudmila People’s love
47 Valeryya Strong, valiant
48 Galina Calm
49 Yelena Bright, shining
50 Yadviga War
51 Irina Peace
52 Veronika True image
53 Lyubov Love
54 Tatyana Fairy queen
55 Inna Strong
56 Yaroslava Glory of the spring
57 Ludmila Beloved of the people
58 Mariya Bitter, sea of bitterness
59 Lidziya Divine power
60 Alina Noble
61 Yulianna Youthful
62 Stanislava Glory of the family
63 Marharyta Pearl
64 Lyudmilla Beloved of the people
65 Inessa Pure
66 Anastasi Resurrection
67 Khrystyna Follower of Christ
68 Tatyanka Fairy queen
69 Evdokiya Good luck
70 Sviatava Holy
71 Vasilisa Queen
72 Yevdokiya Good luck
73 Yadvizha War
74 Yaryna Spring
75 Yakaterina Pure
76 Zlata Golden
77 Zoryana Dawn
78 Yuliana Youthful
79 Nadezhda Hope
80 Olga Holy
81 Yarina Spring
82 Yelyzaveta God’s oath
83 Yevpraksiya Overcoming
84 Yuliyana Youthful
85 Zarya Sunrise
86 Zhaklina Supplanter
87 Yuliyetta Youthful
88 Yelisaveta God’s oath
89 Yekaterina Pure
90 Yelzaveta God’s oath
91 Yevfrosinya Joy
92 Yevlaliya Praise
93 Yevlampiya Torch
94 Yevlaxiya Glory
95 Yevstafiya Crowned
96 Yevdoksiya Good luck
97 Yevfimiya Praise

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Belarusian girl names, we’re reminded of the enduring legacy and cultural richness they embody. These names not only reflect the country’s history but also celebrate its vibrant spirit. Whether honoring tradition or embracing modernity, each name carries a unique charm, leaving an indelible mark on Belarusian identity. May this journey inspire appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Belarusian culture for generations to come.

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