90+ Most Popular Belarusian Boy Names

Belarusian culture is rich with history, tradition, and a deep sense of identity. One integral part of this cultural tapestry is the naming of children, with each name often carrying significance and heritage. In Belarus, as in many cultures around the world, the choice of a child’s name is a matter of great importance to parents. Whether honoring family traditions, cultural roots, or simply seeking a name with a pleasant sound, Belarusian parents put careful thought into selecting the perfect name for their newborn sons. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Belarusian boy names, exploring their meanings, origins, and enduring popularity in Belarusian society. From timeless classics to modern favorites, join us on a journey through the most beloved and sought-after names for boys in Belarus.

90+ Most Popular Belarusian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Andrei Manly, brave
2 Dmitri Follower of Demeter, earth-lover
3 Ivan God is gracious
4 Mikhail Who is like God?
5 Sergei Servant, protector
6 Alexander Defender of mankind
7 Yaroslav Bright and glorious
8 Pavel Small, humble
9 Vladislav Glorious rule
10 Anton Priceless, inestimable
11 Maxim Greatest
12 Nikita Unconquerable
13 Artyom Safe, sound, whole
14 Kirill Lordly, masterful
15 Denis Dedicated to Dionysus
16 Timofei Honoring God
17 Vitali Vital, life-giving
18 Roman Citizen of Rome
19 Egor Farmer
20 Viktor Conqueror, victor
21 Igor Warrior, archer
22 Evgeni Well born
23 Oleg Holy, blessed
24 Boris Battle, fight
25 Leonid Lion-like
26 Daniil God is my judge
27 Alexei Defender, helper
28 Konstantin Constant, steadfast
29 Grigori Watchful, alert
30 Fyodor God’s gift
31 Valentin Strong, healthy
32 Anatoly Sunrise, east
33 Vyacheslav Glorious rule
34 Nikolai Victory of the people
35 Vasily Kingly, royal
36 Stanislav Glory of the state
37 Dmitry Follower of Demeter, earth-lover
38 Arkady Of Arcadia
39 Lev Lion
40 Semyon Heard, listened to
41 Maksim Greatest
42 Bogdan Gift of God
43 Yevgeny Well born
44 Sviatoslav Glorious, holy
45 Rostislav Glory of growth
46 Yuri Farmer, earth worker
47 Matvei Gift of God
48 Arseni Masculine, virile
49 Ilya The Lord is my God
50 Anatoliy Sunrise, east
51 Danila God is my judge
52 Artem Safe, sound, whole
53 Vitaly Vital, life-giving
54 Gleb Kind, amiable
55 Evgeniy Well born
56 Fedor God’s gift
57 Aleksei Defender, helper
58 Stepan Crown, garland
59 Dmitriy Follower of Demeter, earth-lover
60 Grigory Watchful, alert
61 Vadim To know
62 Andrey Manly, brave
63 Vlad Rule
64 Timur Iron
65 Yegor Farmer
66 Aleksandr Defender of mankind
67 Sergey Servant, protector
68 Alexey Defender, helper
69 Aleksander Defender of mankind
70 Evgeny Well born
71 Anatoli Sunrise, east
72 Arseniy Masculine, virile
73 Vladimir Ruler of the world
74 Arkadiy Of Arcadia
75 Grigoriy Watchful, alert
76 Pyotr Rock, stone
77 Yevgeni Well born
78 Matvey Gift of God
79 Vitaliy Vital, life-giving
80 Yury Farmer, earth worker
81 Aleksey Defender, helper
82 Arsen Masculine, virile
83 Artemiy Safe, sound, whole
84 Nikolay Victory of the people
85 Ruslan Lion, hero
86 Yaromir Great and peaceful
87 Leon Lion
88 Yulian Youthful, downy-bearded
89 Mark Warlike, martial
90 Taras From Taranto
91 Aleks Defender of mankind
92 Vsevolod Great ruler
93 Yevsey Fierce, sharp
94 Georgiy Farmer, earth worker
95 Danil God is my judge

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the exploration of the most popular Belarusian boy names reveals not only the diverse linguistic heritage of Belarus but also the cultural significance attached to naming traditions. From names rooted in Slavic mythology to those influenced by religious beliefs and historical figures, each name tells a story and carries a sense of pride for Belarusian families. As we celebrate the rich tapestry of Belarusian culture, we recognize that the choice of a name for a child is a deeply personal and meaningful decision, reflecting the values, aspirations, and connections of the family. Whether embracing tradition or embracing modernity, the popularity of Belarusian boy names underscores the enduring importance of cultural identity and heritage in shaping the lives of future generations in Belarus.

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