100+ Most Common Paraguayan Girl Names

In Paraguay, a country brimming with cultural diversity, names carry profound significance, often reflecting the nation’s rich history, traditions, and values. From indigenous Guarani roots to Spanish colonial influences, the plethora of names bestowed upon Paraguayan girls showcases a blend of heritage and modernity. Exploring the most common Paraguayan girl names provides a captivating glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of identities that define Paraguayan society.

100+ Most Common Paraguayan Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 María Beloved or wished-for
2 Ana Grace
3 Laura Laurel
4 Gabriela God is my strength
5 Elizabeth God is my oath
6 Valeria Strong, healthy
7 Sofia Wisdom
8 Camila Attendant
9 Daniela God is my judge
10 Natalia Christmas Day
11 Veronica True image
12 Patricia Noble, patrician
13 Leticia Joy, gladness
14 Fernanda Adventurous, bold
15 Carolina Free person
16 Antonia Priceless
17 Alejandra Defender of mankind
18 Isabel God is my oath
19 Andrea Manly
20 Juliana Youthful
21 Victoria Victory
22 Rosa Rose
23 Clara Bright, clear
24 Brenda Sword
25 Celeste Heavenly
26 Paola Small
27 Viviana Full of life
28 Adriana Dark
29 Mariana Of the sea
30 Raquel Ewe (female sheep)
31 Luciana Light
32 Marta Lady
33 Priscila Ancient
34 Estela Star
35 Sandra Defender of mankind
36 Sonia Wisdom
37 Tatiana Fairy queen
38 Estefania Crowned with laurels
39 Lorena Laurel
40 Giselle Pledge
41 Romina From Rome
42 Beatriz Voyager or traveler
43 Miriam Wished-for child
44 Erika Eternal ruler
45 Silvia From the forest
46 Yesenia Flowering plant
47 Julieta Youthful
48 Graciela Grace
49 Marina From the sea
50 Cynthia Moon
51 Pamela All sweetness
52 Rosalía Rose
53 Vanessa Butterfly
54 Marisol Sea and sun
55 Regina Queen
56 Estrella Star
57 Ivonne Yew
58 Noelia Christmas
59 Clarissa Bright, clear
60 Yolanda Violet flower
61 Adrianna Dark
62 Renata Reborn
63 Emilia Rival
64 Jazmin Jasmine
65 Elisa God is my oath
66 Ximena Hearkening
67 Lucía Light
68 Marcela Warlike
69 Bianca White
70 Nataly Birthday
71 Xiomara Ready for battle
72 Eliana God has answered
73 Karina Pure
74 Fiorella Little flower
75 Ariana Holy
76 Brisa Breeze
77 Denisse Dedicated to Dionysus
78 Fabiana Bean grower
79 Agustina Majestic
80 Pilar Pillar
81 Milagros Miracles
82 Paloma Dove
83 Antonella Priceless
84 Abril April
85 Marlene Combination of Mary and Magdalene
86 Yanina God is gracious
87 Angelica Angelic
88 Consuelo Consolation
89 Alma Soul
90 Jimena Listener
91 Gabriella God is my strength
92 Larissa Cheerful
93 Isabela God is my oath
94 Ingrid Beautiful
95 Adrienne Dark
96 Catalina Pure
97 Esmeralda Emerald
98 Fabiola Bean grower
99 Georgina Farmer
100 Heidi Of noble birth
101 Isabella God is my oath
102 Jacinta Hyacinth
103 Kiara Dark-haired
104 Lourdes Reference to the Virgin Mary
105 Maribel Wonderful
106 Nerea Mine
107 Olimpia From Mount Olympus
108 Paulina Little
109 Roxana Dawn
110 Sabrina From the river Severn
111 Tania Fairy queen
112 Ursula Little bear
113 Wendy Friend
114 Zulema Peace
115 Abigail Father’s joy
116 Belinda Pretty
117 Claribel Bright, clear
118 Delfina Dolphin
119 Estefani Crowned with laurels
120 Flavia Golden
121 Giovanna God is gracious
122 Hilary Cheerful, happy
123 Irina Peace
124 Jessenia Flowering plant
125 Karla Strong
126 Lisbeth God is my oath
127 Mabel Lovable
128 Nilda Battle maiden
129 Ondina Little wave
130 Priscilla Ancient
131 Querida Beloved
132 Rosario Rosary
133 Sindy Abbreviation of Cynthia
134 Tamara Palm tree
135 Valentina Brave, strong
136 Xandra Defender of mankind
137 Yesica Wealthy
138 Zaira Princess
139 Ada Noble
140 Bruna Brown-haired

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most common Paraguayan girl names unveils a captivating fusion of cultural heritage and historical narratives. From indigenous Guarani names steeped in tradition to Spanish-influenced appellations echoing the country’s colonial past, each name embodies a unique story. As Paraguay continues to evolve, these names serve as enduring symbols of the nation’s rich cultural tapestry and the diverse identities that shape its society. Whether honoring ancestral roots, embracing contemporary trends, or celebrating individual uniqueness, the names bestowed upon Paraguayan girls reflect the dynamic and vibrant essence of the country’s past, present, and future.

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