100+ Most Common Paraguayan Boy Names

In Paraguay, a country rich in cultural diversity, names hold profound significance, often reflecting the nation’s history, traditions, and values. From indigenous Guarani roots to Spanish colonial influences, the array of names bestowed upon Paraguayan boys showcases a blend of heritage and modernity. Exploring the most common Paraguayan boy names provides insight into the country’s vibrant tapestry of identities.

100+ Most Common Paraguayan Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Juan God is gracious
2 José God will add
3 Carlos Strong and manly
4 Miguel Who is like God?
5 Luis Famous warrior
6 Manuel God is with us
7 Antonio Priceless
8 Diego Supplanter
9 Pedro Rock
10 Gabriel God is my strength
11 Fernando Brave traveler
12 Mario Warlike
13 Ramón Wise protector
14 Javier New house
15 Ignacio Fiery
16 Roberto Bright fame
17 Víctor Conqueror
18 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
19 Emilio Industrious
20 Francisco Free man
21 Andrés Brave
22 Alejandro Defender of mankind
23 Ricardo Powerful ruler
24 Daniel God is my judge
25 Federico Peaceful ruler
26 Bruno Brown
27 Hugo Mind, intellect
28 Gonzalo Battle
29 Nicolás Victory of the people
30 Leonardo Brave lion
31 Lucas Bringer of light
32 Sebastián Revered
33 Esteban Crowned
34 Jorge Farmer
35 Raúl Wise ruler
36 Omar Flourishing
37 Oscar God’s spear
38 Alberto Noble, bright
39 Guillermo Resolute protector
40 Martín Warlike
41 Sergio Attendant
42 Pablo Small
43 Ernesto Serious, determined
44 Felipe Lover of horses
45 Héctor Holding fast
46 Iván God is gracious
47 Leandro Lion man
48 Marcelo Young warrior
49 Ángel Messenger of God
50 Rubén Behold, a son
51 Mateo Gift of God
52 Adrián Rich, dark
53 Nelson Son of the champion
54 Matías Gift of God
55 Rodrigo Famous ruler
56 César Hairy
57 Máximo Greatest
58 Ángel Messenger of God
59 Ismael God listens
60 Simón Listener
61 Juan Pablo God is gracious
62 Enzo Ruler of the house
63 Marcos Warlike
64 Álvaro Guarded by elves
65 Juan José God is gracious
66 Braulio Shining with glory
67 Félix Fortunate
68 Julio Downy-bearded
69 Ariel Lion of God
70 Osvaldo Divine power
71 Alan Handsome
72 Camilo Attendant
73 Bernardo Brave as a bear
74 Lorenzo Laurel crown
75 Mauricio Dark-skinned
76 León Lion
77 Alexis Defender
78 Leonel Lion
79 Damián To tame, to subdue
80 Víctor Hugo Conqueror, intelligent
81 Israel Wrestles with God
82 David Beloved
83 Abel Breath, vapor
84 Elías My God is Yahweh
85 Simón Listener
86 Emiliano Industrious
87 Raúl Wise ruler
88 Miguel Ángel Who is like God?
89 Renato Reborn
90 Samuel God has heard
91 Joaquín God will establish
92 Elías My God is Yahweh
93 Armando Soldier, army man
94 Mariano Of the sea
95 Adriano Dark, rich
96 Joel God is willing
97 Kevin Handsome birth
98 Marcelino Young warrior
99 Rafael God has healed
100 Victoriano Conqueror, triumphant
101 Rubén Behold, a son
102 Gustavo Staff of the Goths
103 Luciano Light
104 Fabricio Craftsman
105 Alfonso Noble and ready
106 Cristian Follower of Christ
107 Salvador Savior
108 Agustín Majestic
109 Dionisio Dedicated to Dionysus
110 Fausto Lucky, fortunate
111 Ezequiel God will strengthen
112 Genaro January-born
113 Isidro Gift of Isis
114 Jeremías God will uplift
115 Justo Just, fair
116 Moisés Drawn out of the water
117 Néstor Traveler
118 Oliver Olive tree
119 Orlando Famous land
120 Patricio Noble, patrician

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In conclusion,

Delving into the most common Paraguayan boy names reveals a fascinating mosaic of cultural influences and historical legacies. From indigenous Guarani names rooted in centuries-old traditions to Spanish-influenced appellations reflecting the country’s colonial past, each name carries a story of its own. As Paraguay continues to evolve, these names serve as a testament to the enduring richness of its cultural heritage and the diverse identities that shape its society. Whether honoring ancestors, embracing modern trends, or celebrating unique identities, the names bestowed upon Paraguayan boys reflect the dynamic tapestry of the nation’s past, present, and future.

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