100+ Most Popular Serbian Boy Names

Serbia, a country steeped in rich history and cultural diversity, boasts a plethora of names that reflect its vibrant heritage. When it comes to naming their sons, Serbian parents often seek names that carry tradition, significance, and sometimes a touch of modern flair. In this exploration of the most popular Serbian boy names, we delve into a tapestry of timeless classics, revered saints’ names, and contemporary favorites that resonate with the spirit of this dynamic nation. Join us as we uncover the stories behind these beloved names that have stood the test of time in Serbian households.

100+ Most Popular Serbian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Aleksandar Defender of men
2 Nikola Victory of the people
3 Stefan Crown
4 Marko Warlike
5 Filip Lover of horses
6 Luka Light
7 Jovan God is gracious
8 Ivan God is gracious
9 Petar Rock
10 Milos Lover of glory
11 Vuk Wolf
12 Andrija Manly
13 Nemanja Without possessions
14 Bogdan Gift of God
15 Dejan To be active
16 Uros Lord
17 Dusan Soul
18 Vladimir Ruler of the world
19 Dragomir Precious peace
20 Mihailo Who is like God?
21 Aleksa Defender of men
22 Lazar God has helped
23 Bojan Battle
24 Pavle Small
25 Vasilije Royal
26 Danilo God is my judge
27 Srdjan Honor
28 Zoran Dawn
29 Darko Gift
30 Nebojsa Fearless
31 Branko Glorious defender
32 Goran Mountain man
33 Milovan Gracious
34 Predrag Precious glory
35 Dalibor Faraway battle
36 Milan Gracious
37 Zlatan Golden
38 Janko God is gracious
39 Rade Happy
40 Dragan Precious
41 Zdravko Healthy
42 Nenad Peaceful
43 Radovan Joy
44 Stevan Crown
45 Ognjen Fiery
46 Mladen Young
47 Vojislav Soldier of glory
48 Rastko Growth
49 Slobodan Free
50 Igor Warrior
51 Miroslav Glory and peace
52 Zeljko Desiring peace
53 Milenko Gracious
54 Dusko Soul
55 Zlatko Golden
56 Velimir Great peace
57 Ljubomir Lover of peace
58 Radomir Peaceful joy
59 Vidosav Lively
60 Ranko Joyful
61 Zarko Gold
62 Vlado Ruler
63 Slavko Glorious
64 Maksim Greatest
65 Veljko Great
66 Radoslav Happy glory
67 Dragoslav Beloved glory
68 Dragutin Dear
69 Radivoje Joy of the world
70 Zvonko Sound
71 Sreten Radiant
72 Dobrivoje Good warrior
73 Duro Strong
74 Voislav Glorious ruler
75 Budimir Battle of peace
76 Sava Saint
77 Zivko Alive
78 Davor Toil
79 Mile Merciful
80 Bratislav Glorious brother
81 Slavoljub Love of glory
82 Tihomir Peaceful
83 Tomislav Peace of the twin
84 Radenko Joyous peace
85 Vukasin Wolf
86 Zelimir Desiring peace
87 Slavisa Glorious glory
88 Dragisa Beloved glory
89 Radisa Joyful
90 Cedomir Peace
91 Borislav Glorious battle
92 Zivorad Life’s joy
93 Bozidar God’s gift
94 Miodrag Dear and peaceful
95 Milorad Gracious
96 Radoje Joyous
97 Milomir Gracious peace
98 Ratomir Peaceful council
99 Vukota Little wolf
100 Rajko Paradise
101 Milutin Gracious ruler
102 Ratko War
103 Gojko Mountain king
104 Miljan Beloved
105 Vladan To rule

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In conclusion,

The landscape of Serbian boy names is as diverse and fascinating as the country itself. From names rooted in centuries-old traditions to those inspired by modern trends, Serbian parents have a wealth of options to choose from when naming their sons. Whether honoring family legacies, paying homage to beloved saints, or simply embracing contemporary favorites, the names on this list reflect the rich tapestry of Serbian culture and identity. As these names continue to be passed down through generations, they serve as a testament to the enduring pride and heritage of the Serbian people.

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