100+ Most Popular Honduran Boy Names

Enter the vibrant cultural tapestry of Honduras as we unveil the most beloved boy names of this captivating nation. From the lush rainforests to the azure Caribbean coast, Honduras’ natural beauty is mirrored in the names bestowed upon its sons. Join us on a journey to discover the stories behind the 100+ most popular Honduran boy names, each echoing the rich heritage, resilience, and spirit of this Central American gem.

100+ Most Popular Honduran Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Carlos Strong and manly
2 Juan God is gracious
3 José God will increase
4 Luis Famous warrior or renowned fighter
5 Daniel God is my judge
6 Mario Warlike
7 Alejandro Defender of mankind
8 David Beloved
9 Miguel Who is like God?
10 Jorge Farmer or earth worker
11 Manuel God is with us
12 Oscar God’s spear
13 Javier New house
14 Fernando Bold voyager
15 Roberto Bright fame
16 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
17 Ricardo Powerful ruler
18 Rafael God has healed
19 Cristian Follower of Christ
20 Kevin Handsome
21 Alexis Defender
22 Gabriel God is my strength
23 William Will helmet
24 Francisco Free man
25 Angel Messenger of God
26 Bryan Noble
27 Christopher Christ-bearer
28 Samuel Heard by God
29 Denis From Dionysus, meaning “follower of Dionysus”
30 Nelson Son of Neil
31 Henry Ruler of the home
32 Victor Conqueror
33 Adrián Dark one
34 Marvin Friend of the sea
35 Andy Brave
36 Jonathan God has given
37 Josué God is salvation
38 Pablo Small
39 Marco Warlike
40 José Luis Combination of José and Luis, meaning “God will increase” and “renowned fighter”
41 Emilio Industrious
42 Omar Flourishing
43 Alex Defender
44 Juan Carlos Combination of Juan and Carlos, meaning “God is gracious” and “strong and manly”
45 Franklin Free landowner
46 Freddy Peace ruler
47 Carlos Daniel Combination of Carlos and Daniel, meaning “strong and manly” and “God is my judge”
48 Josue God is salvation
49 Leonardo Brave lion
50 José Manuel Combination of José and Manuel, meaning “God will increase” and “God is with us”
51 Ronaldo Strong counselor
52 Mauricio Dark-skinned
53 Jorge Luis Combination of Jorge and Luis, meaning “farmer” and “renowned fighter”
54 Hector Holding fast
55 Wilmer Will-helmet
56 Joselito Diminutive of José, meaning “God will increase”
57 Juan Pablo Combination of Juan and Pablo, meaning “God is gracious” and “small”
58 Ronald Ruler’s counselor
59 Luis Fernando Combination of Luis and Fernando, meaning “renowned fighter” and “bold voyager”
60 René Reborn
61 Orlando Famous land
62 Marcos Warlike
63 Ramón Wise protector
64 Marcelo Young warrior
65 Gustavo Royal staff bearer
66 Esteban Crowned
67 Gerardo Brave spearman
68 Geovanny God is gracious
69 Rolando Famous throughout the land
70 Carlos José Combination of Carlos and José, meaning “strong and manly” and “God will increase”
71 Felipe Lover of horses
72 Dario Upholder of the good
73 Juan José Combination of Juan and José, meaning “God is gracious” and “God will increase”
74 Federico Peaceful ruler
75 Ruben Behold, a son
76 Victor Manuel Combination of Victor and Manuel, meaning “conqueror” and “God is with us”
77 Hugo Mind, intellect
78 Junior Younger
79 José Antonio Combination of José and Antonio, meaning “God will increase” and “worthy of praise”
80 Ángel Messenger of God
81 Renato Reborn
82 Cesar Hairy
83 Diego Supplanter
84 Ernesto Earnest, serious
85 Fabio Bean grower
86 Gerson Son of Gerhard
87 Harold Army ruler
88 Israel Wrestled with God
89 Jeison Variant of Jason, meaning “healer”
90 Leandro Lion man
91 Roger Famous spearman
92 Sergio Attendant
93 Tomas Twin
94 Ulises Wrathful
95 Vladimir Ruler of the world
96 Xavier Bright
97 Yasser Easy-going
98 Zayn Grace, beauty
99 Adrian Dark one
100 Bladimir Famous ruler
101 Cristopher Christ-bearer
102 Edgar Wealthy spear
103 Fabian Bean grower
104 Isaac He will laugh
105 Julio Downy-bearded
106 Kenny Handsome
107 Leonel Young lion
108 Nicolas Victory of the people
109 Osmar Divinely beautiful
110 Pedro Rock
111 Santos Saints
112 Tadeo Gift of God
113 Uriel God is my light
114 Victor Conqueror
115 Walter Army ruler
116 Xavi New house
117 Yahir He will enlighten
118 Zenon Gift of Zeus
119 Alan Handsome
120 Bruno Brown-haired

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Honduran boy names, we are reminded of the diverse tapestry of culture and tradition that defines this beautiful nation. From the majestic mountains to the vibrant cities, each name carries with it a sense of pride and heritage. Whether rooted in indigenous languages or influenced by Spanish colonial history, these names reflect the resilience and spirit of Honduran people. As we celebrate these beloved names, we also celebrate the rich mosaic of Honduran identity and the generations of families who continue to cherish and pass down these timeless treasures.

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