100+ Most Popular Greek Names for Boys

In the vast tapestry of Greek culture, names for boys hold a special significance, reflecting a legacy of mythology, history, and tradition. From the iconic figures of ancient Greece to the contemporary choices embraced by modern parents, Greek names captivate with their timeless appeal and rich symbolism. Join us as we delve into the realm of the most popular Greek names for boys, where each name carries its own story and resonates with the enduring spirit of Greek heritage.

100+ Most Popular Greek Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Alexander Defender of the people
2 Andreas Manly, brave
3 Antonios Priceless
4 Athanasios Immortal
5 Christos Christ
6 Constantinos Constant
7 Damianos To tame
8 Dimitrios Follower of Demeter (goddess of agriculture)
9 Eleftherios Free
10 Evangelos Good news
11 Georgios Farmer
12 Ioannis God is gracious
13 Kostas Constant
14 Kyriakos Belonging to the Lord
15 Leonidas Lion-like
16 Michalis Who is like God
17 Nikolaos Victory of the people
18 Panagiotis All-holy
19 Pavlos Small
20 Petros Rock
21 Spyridon Spirit
22 Stavros Cross
23 Theodoros Gift of God
24 Vasilios Royal
25 Yannis God is gracious
26 Zacharias God has remembered
27 Adonis Lord
28 Agapios Beloved
29 Akakios Innocent
30 Anaximandros Unknown
31 Aristos Best
32 Dionysios Of Dionysus (god of wine and fertility)
33 Efstathios To be established
34 Ermis Messenger
35 Evripidis Well-versed
36 Fanis Manifestation
37 Gerasimos Old
38 Iason Healer
39 Lysandros Liberator
40 Marios From Mars (god of war)
41 Nektarios Carried
42 Nestor Traveler
43 Odysseus Wrathful
44 Panteleimon All-compassionate
45 Pericles Surrounded by glory
46 Socrates Of sound mind
47 Thanasis Immortal
48 Theophilos Friend of God
49 Xenophon Foreign voice
50 Zephyros West wind
51 Achilles Pain
52 Alkaios Strength
53 Aristides Best
54 Callisto Most beautiful
55 Cosmas Order, decency
56 Demetrios Follower of Demeter
57 Dion Of Dionysus
58 Eros Love
59 Gideon Feller of trees
60 Hector To hold
61 Hermes Interpreter
62 Icarus To try
63 Jason Healer
64 Lazarus God has helped
65 Linus Flaxen-haired
66 Lycurgus Wolf-work
67 Morpheus Shaper of dreams
68 Orpheus Dark
69 Paris Unknown
70 Pegasus Strong
71 Phoebus Bright
72 Prometheus Forethought
73 Pythagoras Unknown
74 Silas Man of the forest
75 Solon Wise
76 Theseus Unknown
77 Triton Unknown
78 Typhon Unknown
79 Zephyrus West wind
80 Aeneas Praiseworthy
81 Aristarchus Best ruler
82 Atticus From Attica
83 Cadmus Unknown
84 Castor Unknown
85 Damon To tame
86 Diomedes Godlike cunning
87 Euphemios Well-spoken
88 Evander Good man
89 Heracles Glory of Hera
90 Leander Lion-man
91 Menelaus To persist
92 Orestes Unknown
93 Panos Unknown
94 Perseus Destroyer
95 Achilleas Pain
96 Agamemnon Resolute
97 Alexios Defender
98 Aristophanes Best appearance
99 Chariton Dear
100 Cleon Glorious
101 Darius Possesses well
102 Dionysius Of Dionysus
103 Euphrates Good leader
104 Evgenios Well-born
105 Haralambos To shine
106 Iphigenios Born strong
107 Lysander Liberator
108 Miltiades To seek glory
109 Nereus Wet
110 Odysseas Wrathful
111 Ptolemy Warlike
112 Soterios Savior
113 Theodosius Given by God
114 Xanthos Yellow

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Greek names for boys offers a fascinating glimpse into the cultural heritage and timeless appeal of Greek naming traditions. From the revered heroes of mythology to the contemporary choices embraced by parents worldwide, these names carry with them a sense of history, strength, and beauty. As we celebrate the richness of Greek culture through these names, we are reminded of the enduring legacy and influence of ancient Greece on modern society.

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