100+ Most Popular Chilean Boy Names

Chilean culture is rich with vibrant traditions and influences from diverse backgrounds, and this is reflected even in the names chosen for their children. From the majestic Andes Mountains to the stunning coastline, Chile offers a tapestry of inspiration for naming their sons. In this article, we explore the most popular Chilean boy names, each carrying a unique story and cultural significance. Whether you’re drawn to names steeped in history or those that capture the essence of modern Chile, there’s something here for every parent seeking inspiration for their son’s name. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Chilean boy names.

100+ Most Popular Chilean Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Matías Gift of God
2 Lucas Light
3 Santiago Saint James
4 Benjamín Son of the right hand
5 Tomás Twin
6 Nicolás Victory of the people
7 Joaquín God will establish
8 Sebastián Revered
9 Ignacio Fiery
10 Felipe Lover of horses
11 Diego Supplanter
12 Alonso Noble and ready
13 Maximiliano Greatest
14 Gabriel God is my strength
15 Andrés Manly
16 Javier New house
17 Cristóbal Christ-bearer
18 Alejandro Defender of mankind
19 Francisco Free man
20 Vicente Conqueror
21 Agustín Majestic
22 Rafael God has healed
23 Pablo Small
24 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
25 Mauricio Dark-skinned
26 Martín Warlike
27 Emilio Industrious
28 Leonardo Brave lion
29 Manuel God is with us
30 Bruno Brown-haired
31 Daniel God is my judge
32 Antonio Praiseworthy
33 Isidoro Gift of Isis
34 Fernando Brave journey
35 Raimundo Wise protector
36 Valentín Strong, healthy
37 Alberto Noble, bright
38 Gaspar Treasurer
39 Hugo Mind, intellect
40 Gonzalo Battle, war
41 Arturo Noble, courageous
42 Renato Reborn
43 Ezequiel God will strengthen
44 Víctor Winner, conqueror
45 Ernesto Serious, determined
46 Óscar Divine spear
47 Luciano Light
48 Alexis Defender
49 Roberto Bright fame
50 Ariel Lion of God
51 David Beloved
52 Marco Warlike
53 Samuel Heard by God
54 Israel Wrestles with God
55 Cristian Follower of Christ
56 Mario Warlike
57 Rodrigo Famous ruler
58 Nicolao Victory of the people
59 Juan God is gracious
60 González Son of Gonzalo
61 Esteban Crowned
62 Carlos Free man
63 Alfredo Wise counselor
64 Oscar Divine spear
65 Martin Warlike
66 Jose God will increase
67 Joaquin God will establish
68 Alvaro Guard of all
69 Benjamin Son of the right hand
70 Matias Gift of God
71 Nicolas Victory of the people
72 Ricardo Brave ruler
73 Miguel Who is like God?
74 Cristobal Christ-bearer
75 Victor Winner, conqueror
76 Raul Wolf counsel
77 Pedro Rock
78 Sergio Attendant
79 Marcos Warlike
80 Alvaro Guard of all
81 Augusto Great, venerable
82 Leonel Young lion
83 Angel Messenger of God
84 Baltazar God protect the king
85 Boris Fighter, warrior
86 Camilo Free-born, noble
87 César Hairy, head of hair
88 Claudio Lame
89 Constantino Constant, steadfast
90 Dante Enduring
91 Demetrio Devoted to Demeter
92 Dionisio Dedicated to Dionysus
93 Efraín Fruitful
94 Elías My God is Yahweh
95 Eliseo God is salvation
96 Eloy Chosen, elite
97 Enzo Ruler of the household
98 Eugenio Well-born
99 Evaristo Pleasant, good
100 Fausto Lucky, fortunate
101 Fermín Strong, firm
102 Genaro Noble, well-born
103 Gerardo Brave spear
104 Gilberto Bright, shining pledge
105 Héctor Holding fast
106 Heraclio Glory of Hera
107 Hermes Messenger
108 Hilario Cheerful, merry
109 Hiram Exalted brother
110 Homero Hostage
111 Horacio Timekeeper
112 Isaac He will laugh
113 Ismael God will hear
114 Iván God is gracious
115 Jacobo Supplanter
116 Jeremías God will uplift

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In conclusion,

Exploring the most popular Chilean boy names offers a fascinating glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse influences. From names rooted in indigenous languages to those honoring historical figures and modern trends, Chilean parents have a wealth of options to choose from when naming their sons. Each name carries its own unique story and significance, reflecting the values, traditions, and aspirations of Chilean families. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless classics or the more contemporary choices, the names on this list serve as a testament to the beauty and diversity of Chilean culture. As new generations continue to embrace their heritage while also embracing global influences, these names will undoubtedly continue to evolve, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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