100+ Most Popular Belgian Names for Girls

Choosing the perfect name for a baby girl is an exciting and meaningful journey for any parent. In Belgium, a country known for its rich cultural diversity and historical significance, both traditional and contemporary names carry a unique charm. This article delves into the most popular Belgian names for girls, showcasing a blend of timeless classics and modern favorites. Whether you seek a name with deep historical roots or one that captures contemporary elegance, this list offers a comprehensive guide to some of the most cherished and beautiful names in Belgium today.

100+ Most Popular Belgian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Whole or universal
2 Sarah Princess
3 Julie Youthful
4 Lisa God is my oath
5 Charlotte Free woman
6 Marie Bitter or sea of bitterness
7 Laura Laurel
8 Sofie Wisdom
9 Elise God is my oath
10 Anne Grace
11 Eva Life
12 Lotte Free woman
13 Louise Famous warrior
14 Hannah Favor or grace
15 Amber Jewel
16 Fien Crown
17 Lise God is my oath
18 Nina Little girl
19 Jana God is gracious
20 Astrid Beautiful, loved
21 Lena Light
22 Celine Heaven
23 Anouk Grace
24 Olivia Olive tree
25 Ella Beautiful fairy or goddess
26 Zoe Life
27 Jill Youthful
28 Clara Bright, clear
29 Lien Lotus
30 Ines Pure
31 Manon Bitter
32 Camille Servant for the temple
33 Aline Noble
34 Els God is my oath
35 Hanne God is gracious
36 Elodie Marsh flower
37 Lies God is my oath
38 Tine Strong, warlike
39 Silke Blind
40 Noor Light
41 Yara Small butterfly
42 Jade Green gemstone
43 Margot Pearl
44 Nele Victory
45 Ingrid Ing’s beauty
46 Tessa Harvester
47 Eline Torch
48 Maïté Loved one
49 Aurore Dawn
50 Amélie Hardworking
51 Axelle Peaceful
52 Esmée Loved
53 Miriam Wished-for child
54 Romane Woman from Rome
55 Yasmine Jasmine
56 Fleur Flower
57 Léa Weary
58 Pauline Small
59 Salomé Peaceful
60 Maud Battle-mighty
61 Amandine Lovable
62 Noémie Pleasantness
63 Léonie Lion
64 Lucie Light
65 Marguerite Pearl
66 Eléonore Shining light
67 Aurélie Golden
68 Mathilde Mighty in battle
69 Mélanie Black, dark
70 Valentine Strong
71 Natacha Birthday
72 Carine Dear one
73 Audrey Noble strength
74 Sylvie From the forest
75 Thérèse Harvester
76 Françoise Free
77 Sandrine Defender of mankind
78 Claudine Lame
79 Renée Rebirth
80 Ghislaine Pledge
81 Lorraine From Lorraine
82 Jacqueline Supplanter
83 Sabine From the Sabine tribe
84 Florence Flourishing, prosperous
85 Roxane Dawn
86 Delphine Dolphin
87 Isabelle God is my oath
88 Antoinette Priceless
89 Estelle Star
90 Isolde Ice ruler
91 Clarisse Clear, bright
92 Thais Band, bond
93 Odette Wealthy
94 Irène Peace
95 Béatrice Bringer of joy
96 Eliza God is my oath
97 Marianne Bitter grace
98 Brigitte Strength, exalted one
99 Colette Victory of the people
100 Justine Fair, righteous
101 Sabrina From the Severn
102 Céline Sky or heaven
103 Laurence Laurel
104 Diane Divine
105 Lucienne Light
106 Eveline Life, living
107 Elvire White, fair
108 Hélène Torch, bright one
109 Isabeau God is my oath
110 Élodie Marsh flower
111 Roxanne Dawn
112 Victoire Victory
113 Lysiane Lily
114 Séverine Severe, stern
115 Priscilla Ancient
116 Giselle Pledge
117 Solange Solemn, dignified
118 Adèle Noble
119 Émilie Industrious
120 Yvonne Yew
121 Annette Grace
122 Marcelline Little warrior
123 Angélique Angelic
124 Bénédicte Blessed
125 Églantine Wild rose
126 Adrienne Dark
127 Dominique Belonging to the Lord
128 Clémence Merciful
129 Christelle Follower of Christ
130 Marjorie Pearl
131 Daphné Laurel
132 Mireille Admirable
133 Fabienne Bean grower
134 Géraldine Rule of the spear
135 Honorine Honor
136 Odile Wealthy
137 Lucille Light
138 Viviane Alive

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In conclusion,

Choosing a name for a baby girl is a deeply personal and joyous decision, and Belgium offers a plethora of beautiful and meaningful options. The names featured in this article reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity. Whether you are drawn to names with historical significance or those with contemporary appeal, this list provides a valuable resource for finding the perfect name. Ultimately, the best name is one that resonates with your heart and holds special meaning for your family, creating a cherished identity for your little girl.

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