100+ Most Popular Armenian Names for Boys

Choosing the perfect name for a baby boy is a joyful task for parents. Armenian names, rich in history and meaning, offer a unique selection. This article features over 100 popular Armenian names for boys, providing inspiration rooted in the beautiful culture of Armenia.

100+ Most Popular Armenian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Armen Armenian
2 Arman Ideal, aspirant
3 Hayk Armenian patriarch
4 Levon Lion
5 Vartan Flourishing
6 Tigran Of Armenian origin
7 Ara Kingly
8 Aram Quiet, calm
9 Narek A mountain in Armenia
10 Sargis Resurrection
11 Samvel God has heard
12 Vahagn God of fire and war
13 Ararat Legendary mountain
14 Antranig First-born
15 Hovhannes Gift of God
16 Harutyun Resurrection
17 Artur Noble, courageous
18 Karapet Precious stone
19 Hrach Prosperous
20 Varoujan Spring
21 Andranik Fighter, warrior
22 Ashot Defender, guardian
23 Gevorg Farmer
24 Garabed Forerunner
25 Grigor Watchful, vigilant
26 Vazgen Strong
27 Vahan Shield
28 Hovsep He will add
29 Ruben Behold, a son
30 Mikayel Who is like God
31 Stepan Crown
32 Azat Free, liberated
33 Davit Beloved
34 Raffi God heals
35 Zareh Morning light
36 Karekin Precious, beloved
37 Shant Peaceful
38 Araik Noble, exalted
39 Babken Splendid
40 Norayr New, fresh
41 Serop Dignified
42 Arakel Messenger of God
43 Vrej Victory
44 Manuk Gift of God
45 Paruyr Bright, shining
46 Sarhat Knight, warrior
47 Movses Drawn out of the water
48 Bagrat Blessed
49 Petros Rock, stone
50 Mher Brave, valiant
51 Haykaz Armenian hero
52 Arsen Virile, potent
53 Hagop Supplanter
54 Arshak Good ruler
55 Vigen Alive, lively
56 Vahe One who talks a lot
57 Hovik Smiling, cheerful
58 Artashes Strong as an eagle
59 Vartkes Great hunter
60 Garen To become worthy
61 Norik Light
62 Arlen Promise, oath
63 Hrant Joyful
64 Arto Bear
65 Vardan To be victorious
66 Khachik Cross
67 Artin Sunbeam
68 Garo Warrior
69 Arsenik Strong as a bear
70 Norair My light
71 Torkom Gift of God
72 Hovanes Gift of God
73 Dikran King
74 Arbi Ploughman
75 Taron Thunder
76 Artak Courageous
77 Arpi Sun
78 Arsham Reddish
79 Sevan Black-haired
80 Artoosh Brave
81 Aslan Lion
82 Aramayis Of the race of Armenians
83 Sasun Mythological hero
84 Aren Eagle
85 Arno Sun
86 Hamazasp Strong arm
87 Arushan Bright, radiant
88 Artavazd Given by God
89 Tavros Brave
90 Tsovinar Armenian goddess of water
91 Arus Bride
92 Hovhannos Gift of God
93 Arben Raven
94 Artun Unicorn
95 Yervand Of Armenian origin
96 Martiros Warrior
97 Gagik Made of stone
98 Gegham Black
99 Arvin Friend of the people
100 Lernik Smart

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In conclusion,

Selecting an Armenian name for your baby boy is a wonderful way to honor heritage and embrace a name with deep cultural significance. The 100+ names featured in this article offer a blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring that there is a perfect choice for every family. May these names inspire you and help you find the ideal name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations.

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