100+ Most Popular Tunisian Names for Boys

Choosing the perfect name for a baby boy is an important decision for parents. In Tunisia, popular names often reflect the country’s rich culture and traditions. This article explores over 100 of the most popular Tunisian names for boys, highlighting their meanings and cultural significance. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or interested in Tunisian heritage, this guide provides a fascinating insight into the names that are cherished in Tunisia.

100+ Most Popular Tunisian Names for Boys

No. Name Tunisian Equivalent Meaning
1 Ahmed أحمد Praiseworthy, commendable
2 Ali علي Elevated, sublime
3 Amine أمين Trustworthy, faithful
4 Anis أنيس Intimate, friendly
5 Aymen أيمن Right-handed, blessed
6 Aziz عزيز Beloved, dear
7 Bassem باسم Smiling
8 Chaker شاكر Grateful
9 Chamseddine شمس الدين Sun of the faith (Islam)
10 Farid فريد Unique, matchless
11 Firas فراس Perspicacious, insightful
12 Habib حبيب Beloved, dear
13 Hatem حاتم Decisive, determined
14 Hedi هادي Calm, serene
15 Imed عماد Pillar, support
16 Ismail إسماعيل God hears
17 Karim كريم Generous, noble
18 Khaled خالد Eternal, immortal
19 Lotfi لطفي Gentle, kind
20 Maher ماهر Skilled, proficient
21 Majdi مجدي Glorious, praiseworthy
22 Marwen مروان Pearl
23 Mehdi المهدي Guided one (Islam)
24 Mohamed محمد Praiseworthy
25 Moncef منصف Just, fair
26 Mourad مراد Desired, wished for
27 Nader نادر Rare, precious
28 Nizar نزار Glowing, radiating
29 Oussama أسامة Lion-like
30 Rafik رفيق Friend, companion
31 Rami رامي Archer
32 Ridha رضا Satisfaction, contentment
33 Riad رياض Gardens
34 Saber صابر Patient, persevering
35 Saif سيف Sword
36 Sami سامي Elevated, sublime
37 Seifeddine سيف الدين Sword of the faith (Islam)
38 Slim سليم Safe, sound
39 Sofiane سفيان Pure, sincere
40 Tarek طارق Morning star, visitor in the night
41 Walid وليد Newborn, young
42 Wassim وسيم Handsome, attractive
43 Wissem وسام Medal, decoration
44 Yassine ياسين Fragrance, Jasmine
45 Youssef يوسف God will add (increase)
46 Zied زياد Growth, increase
47 Zoubeir زبير Small, little
48 Chahine شاهين Falcon
49 Fadel فاضل Excellent, virtuous
50 Yahya يحيى Alive, living
51 Adel عادل Just, fair
52 Ayoub أيوب Job (biblical figure)
53 Fawzi فوزي Triumphant, victorious
54 Ghassen غسان Youthful, vigorous
55 Hichem هشام Generous
56 Ilyes إلياس Elijah (prophet’s name)
57 Jalel جلال Majesty, grandeur
58 Nabil نبيل Noble, generous
59 Nasreddine نصر الدين Victory of the faith (Islam)
60 Nouri نوري Radiant, luminous
61 Othman عثمان Wise, intelligent
62 Radhouane رضوان Acceptance, contentment
63 Salah صلاح Righteousness, goodness
64 Sofiene سفيان Charming, captivating
65 Taoufik توفيق Success, prosperity
66 Yacine ياسين Variant of Yassine
67 Zouhair زهير Bright, shining
68 Atef عاطف Affectionate, emotional
69 Dhaker ذاكر Remembering, thoughtful
70 Emir أمير Prince, commander
71 Faouzi فوزي Successful, victorious
72 Ghazi غازي Conqueror, warrior
73 Hassen حسن Good, handsome
74 Iheb إيهاب Gift, grant
75 Jamel جمال Beauty, grace
76 Khalil خليل Close friend, confidant
77 Moez معز Supporter, helper
78 Naceur نصر Victory
79 Noureddine نور الدين Light of the faith (Islam)
80 Ramzi رمزي Symbolic, emblematic
81 Sabri صبري Patient
82 Selim سليم Safe, sound
83 Tahar طاهر Pure, clean
84 Wael وائل Protector, defender
85 Yassin ياسين Variant of Yassine
86 Ziyad زياد Growth, increase
87 Adnen عدنان Ancient, old
88 Ayman أيمن Variant of Aymen
89 Fadi فادي Savior, redeemer
90 Hatim حاتم Variant of Hatem
91 Ihsen إحسان Benevolence, kindness
92 Jihed جهاد Struggle, striving (Islam)
93 Kamel كامل Perfect, complete
94 Lamine لمين Safe, secure
95 Mounir منير Radiant, shining
96 Nadhir ناظر Observer, overseer
97 Omar عمر Long-lived, flourishing
98 Raouf رؤوف Compassionate, tenderhearted
99 Riadh رياض Variant of Riad
100 Sahbi صاحبي Friend, companion
101 Salim سالم Safe, sound
102 Samir سمير Entertaining companion
103 Skander إسكندر Alexander
104 Sofian سفيان Variant of Sofiane
105 Yacoub يعقوب Jacob (biblical figure)
106 Ziad زياد Variant of Zied
107 Abdallah عبد الله Servant of Allah
108 Amin أمين Variant of Amine
109 Fadil فاضل Variant of Fadel
110 Ghayth غيث Rain
111 Hamza حمزة Strong, steadfast
112 Ines إيناس Companion, friend
113 Jasser جاسر Brave, courageous
114 Kais قيس Measure, gauge
115 Lutfi لطفي Variant of Lotfi

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In conclusion,

The names most popular among Tunisian boys are a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. Each name carries with it a unique meaning and a connection to Tunisia’s history, making the process of choosing a name a deeply personal and meaningful experience. Whether you are selecting a name for your own child or simply exploring Tunisian culture, understanding these names offers valuable insight into the values and stories that shape Tunisian identity. We hope this guide has provided inspiration and a deeper appreciation for the beautiful names that are cherished in Tunisia.

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