100+ Most Popular Trinidad and Tobago Girl Names

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago exude a rich cultural tapestry woven from diverse influences. One of the most enchanting aspects of this twin island nation is its tradition of naming, where each name carries a story, a legacy, and a connection to the vibrant heritage of its people. Join us on a journey through the captivating world of Trinidad and Tobago girl names, where we explore the timeless classics and modern favorites that grace this beautiful archipelago.

100+ Most Popular Trinidad and Tobago Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Aaliyah Exalted, sublime
2 Amaya Night rain
3 Arielle Lion of God
4 Brianna Strong, virtuous
5 Chelsea Chalk landing place
6 Danica Morning star
7 Destiny Fate, fortune
8 Gabrielle God is my strength
9 Hannah Grace
10 Isabella Devoted to God
11 Jade Precious stone
12 Janelle God is gracious
13 Jasmine Gift from God
14 Jayla Combination of Jay and La
15 Kaitlyn Pure
16 Kayla Crown
17 Kelsey Brave
18 Kiara Dark-haired
19 Layla Night
20 Leah Weary
21 Makayla Who is like God?
22 Maya Illusion, water
23 Mia Mine
24 Nadia Hope
25 Natalia Born at Christmas
26 Natasha Christ’s birthday
27 Nevaeh Heaven spelled backwards
28 Olivia Olive tree
29 Paige Young servant
30 Peyton Fighting man’s estate
31 Rebecca Captivating, knotted cord
32 Sabrina From the River Severn
33 Samantha Listener
34 Sarah Princess
35 Savannah Open plain
36 Serenity Peace
37 Shakira Thankful
38 Skye Cloud
39 Sofia Wisdom
40 Summer Hot season
41 Sydney Wide island
42 Talia Morning dew
43 Tamara Palm tree
44 Tiana Fairy queen
45 Trinity Threefold
46 Vanessa Butterfly
47 Victoria Victory
48 Whitney White island
49 Ximena Hearkening
50 Zoey Life
51 Amara Grace, eternal
52 Amira Princess, leader
53 Aniyah Caring, affectionate
54 Ayana Beautiful flower
55 Camila Free-born, noble
56 Eliana God has answered
57 Elise Pledged to God
58 Emilia Industrious
59 Evangeline Bringer of good news
60 Faith Trust, belief
61 Gianna God is gracious
62 Harmony Unity, concord
63 Isla Island
64 Jada Wise, knowing
65 Kiera Dark-haired
66 Laila Night beauty
67 Leila Night beauty
68 Liana To bind
69 Liliana Lily
70 Lucia Light
71 Luna Moon
72 Mariana Beloved
73 Marielle Bitter, sea
74 Mila Gracious
75 Mya Great
76 Nyla Champion
77 Ophelia Help
78 Penelope Weaver
79 Raegan Little ruler
80 Raina Queen
81 Rylee Courageous
82 Sariyah Princess
83 Selena Moon
84 Sierra Saw-like
85 Stella Star
86 Tatiana Fairy queen
87 Valentina Brave, strong
88 Veronica True image
89 Violet Purple
90 Willow Slender, graceful
91 Yara Small butterfly
92 Zara Princess
93 Zendaya To give thanks
94 Zuri Beautiful
95 Aria Air
96 Aurora Dawn
97 Bianca White
98 Delilah Delicate
99 Amiyah Night rain
100 Anaya Look up to God
101 Anika Gracious, sweet
102 Annabelle Graceful, beautiful
103 Asha Hope, desire
104 Aspen Quaking tree
105 Autumn Season of harvest
106 Camille Perfect, unblemished
107 Celeste Heavenly
108 Dahlia Valley flower
109 Danika Morning star
110 Elena Shining light
111 Eliza Consecrated to God
112 Esme Esteemed, beloved
113 Farah Joy
114 Giselle Pledge, hostage
115 Imani Faith
116 Indigo Deep blue color
117 Ivy Faithfulness, constancy
118 Jaida Precious stone
119 Jazmin Jasmine flower
120 Journey Trip, voyage
121 Kiana Divine
122 Leilani Royal child
123 Lennox Elm grove
124 Makena Happy one
125 Malia Calm, peaceful
126 Marley Boundary field
127 Melody Song
128 Mikayla Who is like God?
129 Naomi Pleasant
130 Noelle Christmas
131 Octavia Eighth
132 Phoenix Mythical bird
133 Rayna Queen
134 Sage Wise
135 Selah Pause, reflect
136 Shayla Fairy palace
137 Sienna Orange-red
138 Simone Heard
139 Solana Sunshine
140 Tahlia Morning dew
141 Tia Aunt
142 Valeria Strong, healthy
143 Vienna From wine country
144 Viviana Full of life
145 Wren Small bird
146 Zariah Princess

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Trinidad and Tobago girl names, we are reminded of the rich cultural mosaic that defines this captivating Caribbean nation. From names rooted in African, Indian, European, and indigenous traditions to modern favorites inspired by global influences, each name reflects the pride, resilience, and diversity of Trinidadian and Tobagonian heritage. Let us cherish these names as symbols of the strength and beauty of the women who bear them, honoring their legacies and celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Trinidad and Tobago’s naming traditions.

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