80+ Most Popular Swedish Names for Girls

Sweden, a country known for its picturesque landscapes, innovative design, and progressive values, also boasts a rich tapestry of names that reflect its cultural heritage. In the realm of naming, Swedish names for girls exude elegance, charm, and a timeless allure. From traditional Scandinavian names rooted in Norse mythology to modern choices inspired by global trends, the spectrum of popular Swedish names for girls is as diverse as it is captivating. Join us on a journey through this exploration of the most beloved Swedish names for girls, where each name carries a story, a legacy, and a touch of Scandinavian grace.

80+ Most Popular Swedish Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Elsa Noble
2 Astrid Beautiful, loved
3 Freja Lady, noblewoman
4 Saga Tale, story
5 Ebba Strength of an animal
6 Alice Noble, kind
7 Olivia Olive tree
8 Maja Great
9 Lilly Lily
10 Alma Soul, spirit
11 Ellen Bright, shining light
12 Nova New
13 Elin Torch
14 Isabelle God is my oath
15 Nora Honor
16 Emilia Industrious, striving
17 Linnea Lime tree
18 Vera Faith
19 Signe New victory
20 Lovisa Renowned warrior
21 Selma Helmet of will
22 Agnes Pure, chaste
23 Julia Youthful, downy
24 Sara Princess, lady
25 Stella Star
26 Wilma Will, desire
27 Ingrid Beautiful
28 Amanda Worthy of love
29 Matilda Battle-mighty
30 Klara Bright, clear
31 Tilda Mighty in battle
32 Molly Star of the sea
33 Ida Industrious
34 Hannah Grace
35 Sofia Wisdom
36 Alva Elf, supernatural being
37 Tuva Small hill
38 Lova Shield of faith
39 Filippa Lover of horses
40 Ronja God’s joy
41 Emelie Industrious
42 Ester Star
43 Johanna God is gracious
44 Hedda Battle, fight
45 Lina Torch
46 Elvira White, fair
47 Siri Beautiful victory
48 Vilma Will, desire
49 Iris Rainbow
50 Svea Swedish
51 Thea Goddess
52 Tilde Battle-mighty
53 Isabella God is my oath
54 Hilda Battle
55 Liv Life
56 Felicia Lucky, successful
57 Nellie Light
58 Ines Pure
59 Esther Star
60 Livia Blue
61 Majken Pearl
62 Märta Lady, mistress
63 Thyra Strength, might
64 Agneta Chaste, holy
65 Embla Elm tree
66 Greta Pearl
67 Vendela Wanderer
68 Märtha Lady, mistress
69 Hedvig Battle, fight
70 Edith Rich, blessed
71 Rut Compassionate friend
72 Erika Eternal ruler
73 Ellinor Shining light
74 Sanna Lily
75 Inez Chaste, pure
76 Noomi Pleasant, delightful
77 Sonja Wisdom, skill
78 Gunhild Battle
79 Ingeborg Guarded by Ing
80 Tindra Sparkle, twinkle
81 Malin Tower
82 Joline God will add
83 Karin Pure
84 Gunilla Battle maiden
85 Kerstin Follower of Christ
86 Vilda Wild, untamed

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In conslution,

In conclusion, the world of Swedish names for girls offers a delightful array of options that capture the essence of Sweden’s rich cultural heritage and contemporary spirit. Whether you’re drawn to classic names like Elsa and Astrid or prefer modern choices like Saga and Nova, each name embodies a unique blend of tradition, elegance, and sophistication. As we celebrate the most popular Swedish names for girls, we honor the enduring legacy of Scandinavian naming traditions while embracing the diversity and creativity of modern naming trends.

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