100+ Most Popular Panamanian Names for Girls

In the heart of Panama’s cultural mosaic lies a treasure trove of names, each imbued with tradition, significance, and beauty. From the bustling streets of Panama City to the tranquil shores of its coastal towns, Panamanian parents carefully select names for their daughters that honor heritage and evoke a sense of pride. Join us on a journey through the most popular Panamanian names for girls, where every name tells a story and reflects the rich diversity of this enchanting country.

100+ Most Popular Panamanian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Maria Beloved, wished-for child
2 Ana Grace, favor
3 Isabel God is my oath
4 Sofia Wisdom
5 Valentina Brave, strong
6 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
7 Gabriela God is my strength
8 Daniela God is my judge
9 Laura Laurel tree
10 Andrea Manly, brave
11 Natalia Christmas Day
12 Alejandra Defender of mankind
13 Victoria Victory
14 Carolina Free man
15 Marta Lady
16 Fernanda Journey, venture
17 Paula Small
18 Elena Bright, shining light
19 Clara Bright, clear
20 Juana God is gracious
21 Rosa Rose
22 Lucia Light
23 Estefania Crowned in victory
24 Paola Small
25 Adriana Dark
26 Beatriz Bringer of joy
27 Veronica She who brings victory
28 Teresa Harvester
29 Lorena Laurel
30 Patricia Noble, patrician
31 Catalina Pure, clear
32 Diana Divine
33 Antonia Priceless
34 Mariana Combination of Mary and Anna, bitter grace
35 Sandra Defender of mankind
36 Priscilla Ancient, venerable
37 Vanessa Butterfly
38 Raquel Ewe
39 Miriam Rebellion
40 Liliana Lily
41 Marisol Sea and sun
42 Belen Bethlehem
43 Aleida Noble, nobility
44 Silvia From the forest
45 Lourdes Famous warrior
46 Emilia Rival
47 Claribel Bright, clear
48 Leticia Joy, gladness
49 Graciela Grace, favor
50 Valeria Strong, healthy
51 Yvette Yew tree
52 Zenaida Of Zeus
53 Adriela From Hadria
54 Belinda Pretty, attractive
55 Carina Beloved
56 Dalia Dahlia flower
57 Esmeralda Emerald
58 Fatima Captivating
59 Hilda Battle
60 Ivonne Yew, archer
61 Jocelyn Joyous, happy
62 Karina Pure
63 Lissette Consecrated to God
64 Marjorie Pearl
65 Noemi Pleasantness
66 Otilia Wealthy
67 Pamela Honeyed sweet
68 Queenie Queen
69 Raissa Rose
70 Sarai My princess
71 Thalia To flourish
72 Ula Wealthy
73 Valencia Brave
74 Wendy Friend
75 Xara Princess
76 Yvonne Yew, archer
77 Zara Princess
78 Aida Helper
79 Berenice Victorious
80 Clarissa Bright, clear
81 Danitza God is my judge
82 Estela Star
83 Floriana Flower
84 Gilda Sacrifice
85 Heidy Noble, kind
86 Isabela Devoted to God
87 Jazlyn Jasmine
88 Kassandra Helper of men
89 Lisbeth God is my oath
90 Maribel Lovely
91 Nataly Christmas Day
92 Odelia Wealthy
93 Quiana Graceful
94 Rocio Dew
95 Sonia Wise
96 Tanya Fairy queen
97 Maritza Bitter
98 Ximena Hearkening
99 Julieta Youthful
100 Estrella Star
101 Giselle Pledge
102 Adrienne Dark
103 Brenda Sword
104 Celeste Heavenly
105 Delia Delicate
106 Esperanza Hope
107 Fabiola Bean grower
108 Georgina Farmer
109 Haydee Noble, kind
110 Iris Rainbow
111 Jazmin Jasmine
112 Karen Pure
113 Lisette Consecrated to God
114 Naomi Pleasantness
115 Odette Wealthy
116 Paloma Dove
117 Rebeca To tie, to bind
118 Tatiana Fairy queen
119 Ursula Little bear
120 Violeta Violet
121 Xiomara Ready for battle
122 Yolanda Violet
123 Zulema Peace
124 Abigail Father’s joy
125 Brisa Breeze
126 Celia Heaven
127 Damaris Calf
128 Evelin Uncertain
129 Flor Flower
130 Genesis Beginning
131 Heidi Of noble birth
132 Ingrid Beautiful
133 Jessica Wealthy, foresighted
134 Kiara Dark
135 Lila Dark beauty
136 Marlene Of Magdala
137 Nelly Light
138 Olga Holy
139 Perla Pearl
140 Quetzal Precious
141 Roxana Dawn
142 Sabrina From the river Severn
143 Tamara Palm tree

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Panamanian names for girls reveals a tapestry of tradition, diversity, and cultural pride. From names rooted in indigenous languages to those influenced by Spanish colonial history, each name carries its own unique story and significance. As we celebrate these names, we honor the heritage and identity of Panamanian families, showcasing the beauty and richness of Panama’s cultural landscape. Whether inspired by nature, history, or family legacy, these names reflect the enduring spirit and vibrant essence of Panama’s daughters.

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