100+ Most Popular New Zealand Names for Boys

Choosing the right name for your baby boy is important, and in New Zealand, many parents seek names that reflect both cultural heritage and modern trends. This guide offers over 100 of the most popular New Zealand names for boys, providing a mix of traditional Maori names and contemporary choices to inspire your decision.

100+ Most Popular New Zealand Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Oliver Olive tree
2 Noah Rest, comfort
3 Leo Lion
4 Jack God is gracious
5 Lucas Light
6 George Farmer
7 William Resolute protector
8 James Supplanter
9 Charlie Free man
10 Thomas Twin
11 Elijah Yahweh is God
12 Arlo Hill
13 Hunter Hunter
14 Luca Light
15 Hudson Hugh’s son
16 Henry Ruler of the home
17 Mason Worker in stone
18 Max Greatest
19 Theodore Gift of God
20 Finn Fair
21 Oscar God spear
22 Alexander Defender of the people
23 Archie Truly brave
24 Levi Joined, attached
25 Ezra Help
26 Ethan Strong, firm
27 Jackson Son of Jack
28 Harry Army ruler
29 Liam Strong-willed warrior
30 Arthur Bear man
31 Cooper Barrel maker
32 Benjamin Son of the right hand
33 Beau Beautiful
34 Isaac He will laugh
35 Jacob Supplanter
36 Jaxon Son of Jack
37 Joshua God is salvation
38 Logan Little hollow
39 Samuel Heard of God
40 Kai Sea
41 Asher Happy, blessed
42 Felix Fortunate, happy
43 Daniel God is my judge
44 Blake Black or pale
45 Ryder Horseman, knight
46 Hugo Intellect, mind
47 Carter Cart driver
48 Lachlan From the fjord land
49 Xavier Bright, splendid
50 Aiden Fiery
51 Ryan Little king
52 Caleb Dog, loyal
53 Jordan To descend
54 Dylan Son of the sea
55 Tyler Tile maker
56 Riley Courageous
57 Sebastian Revered, honored
58 Louis Famous warrior
59 Jayden Thankful
60 Alex Defender of mankind
61 Aaron High mountain
62 Harvey Battle worthy
63 Jesse Gift
64 Gabriel God is my strength
65 Flynn Son of the red-haired one
66 Connor Lover of wolves
67 Lincoln Lake colony
68 Zachary Remembered by God
69 Patrick Nobleman
70 Joel Yahweh is God
71 Elliott The Lord is my God
72 Dominic Belonging to the Lord
73 Edward Wealthy guardian
74 Angus One strength
75 Jude Praised
76 Nathaniel Gift of God
77 Callum Dove
78 Spencer Steward, dispenser
79 Toby God is good
80 Marcus Warlike
81 Austin Majestic
82 Hamish Supplanter
83 Rowan Little redhead
84 Harley Hare’s meadow
85 Jasper Treasurer
86 Ashton Ash tree town
87 Brody Ditch
88 Cody Helpful
89 Mitchell Who is like God?
90 Christian Follower of Christ
91 Rhys Enthusiasm
92 Tristan Tumult, outcry
93 Declan Full of goodness
94 Seth Appointed
95 Sonny Son
96 Finnegan Fair, white
97 Rocco Rest
98 Nate Gift of God
99 Kian Ancient
100 Jamie Supplanter
101 Zacharias God has remembered

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a significant and personal decision. The most popular names in New Zealand reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage and modern influences. We hope this list of over 100 names has provided you with inspiration and guidance in choosing a name that holds special meaning for your family. Whether you opt for a traditional Maori name or a contemporary favorite, your choice will be a cherished part of your son’s identity.

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