90+ Most Popular Lithuania Names for Girls

In Lithuania, names carry a rich cultural heritage, reflecting the nation’s history, traditions, and values. Among the diverse array of names cherished by Lithuanian families, some stand out for their enduring popularity and timeless charm. From the beautifully lyrical to the elegantly traditional, these names hold a special place in the hearts of many. Join us on a journey through the most beloved names for girls in Lithuania, where each name tells a story and celebrates the unique identity of its bearer.

90+ Most Popular Lithuania Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Austėja Devotion, divine
2 Gabrielė God is my strength
3 Rūta Rue flower
4 Emilija Rival
5 Greta Pearl
6 Ieva Life
7 Kotryna Pure
8 Laura Laurel tree
9 Jūratė Sea
10 Ugnė Fire
11 Viktorija Victory
12 Brigita Exalted one
13 Simona He (God) has heard
14 Lina Palm tree
15 Julija Youthful
16 Indrė Beautiful
17 Eglė Fir tree
18 Vaida Clairvoyant
19 Karolina Free man
20 Monika Alone
21 Viltė Desire
22 Agnė Pure, chaste
23 Evelina Hazelnut
24 Saulė Sun
25 Gabija Gift of God
26 Neringa Seacoast
27 Ingrida Hero’s daughter
28 Justina Just
29 Laima Luck, fate
30 Erika Eternal ruler
31 Daiva Divine
32 Marija Bitter or beloved
33 Deimantė Diamond
34 Giedrė Serene, clear
35 Jolanta Violet flower
36 Sonata Sonata
37 Aušra Dawn
38 Živilė Alive
39 Vilma Will, desire
40 Ona Grace
41 Aušrinė Morning star
42 Inga Guarded
43 Gražina Beautiful
44 Rasa Dew
45 Austėja Devotion, divine
46 Renata Reborn
47 Vesta Goddess of hearth
48 Sigita Victory, protection
49 Žaneta God is gracious
50 Edita Prosperous
51 Reda Happy
52 Milena Gracious, dear
53 Kristina Follower of Christ
54 Aldona Old
55 Gintarė Amber
56 Aistė Skating
57 Asta Love, star
58 Ramunė Frame
59 Rugilė Rye
60 Dalia Fate, destiny
61 Laimutė Happiness
62 Radvilė Council power
63 Medeina Goddess of forests
64 Dovilė Spirit
65 Aušrinė Morning star
66 Birutė Strong
67 Rūpinta Worrying
68 Vaiva Willow tree
69 Gilė Shout
70 Žemyna Earth
71 Milda Mild, gentle
72 Žita Grain
73 Ramintė Frame, delight
74 Žydrūnė Blue, clear
75 Jūratė Sea
76 Dainora Gift of God
77 Danguolė Heaven, sky
78 Šarūnė Evening
79 Rokaša Rest, calm
80 Raimonda Wise protector
81 Rūtila Counsel, advice
82 Živila Alive
83 Živilaitė Alive
84 Šviesa Light, brightness
85 Aušra Dawn
86 Veronika True image
87 Jurga Farmer
88 Nijolė Lily of the valley
89 Elzė Noble
90 Audronė Storm
91 Rima Rhyme
92 Daina Song

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the spectrum of popular names for girls in Lithuania reflects a tapestry of cultural influences, historical significance, and contemporary preferences. From the classic elegance of names rooted in centuries-old traditions to the modern flair of newly emerging favorites, each name carries its own distinct charm and meaning. As Lithuanian families continue to honor their heritage while embracing new trends, the landscape of popular names for girls evolves, yet remains deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage. Whether inspired by folklore, nature, or cherished family legacies, these names serve as a testament to the enduring beauty and diversity of Lithuanian culture.

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